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Disasters Predicted by the Codes of Fate over 25 years

July 2013
The Codes of Knowing
Lac Megantic and Asiana 214
March 2013
Russian Asteroid Strike
August  2012
Delete All and Anders Breivik.
An Executive Summary
The Parable of Lion Rock
May 2011
The latest Cassandra puzzle. Truly Apocalyptic Japan and the Second Coming
March 2011
Cassandra Jigsaw puzzles and why the Second Christchurch Earthquake.
December 2010
Earthquakes, Volcano,  BP Oil Spill,      Mine Disasters,  Diana William and Kate More End Times Signs
August 2009
Airbus Crashes &
 Judgement on Death

May 2008
The Apocalypse Codes
Disasters in Burma and China
July 2007
Prophecy, Destiny the English Floods

.....and the English Crown
June 2007
Dawkins God Delusion
Oxford and the Last Days
December 2006
Patterns in Destiny

Inspiration and Design
July 2006
Angels or Demons
September 2005
Hurricane Katrina
February 2005
Dan Brown Inspiration  and Coincidence
May 2004
The da Vinci Code
The Real Passion of Christ
February 2003
Destruction of Space Shuttle Columbia
September 2001
 World Trade Centre Attack
August 1997
Princess Diana's Assassination
July 1990
Mecca Tunnel Disaster
December 1988
Lockerbie Disaster
March 1987
Sinking of the Herald of Free Enterprise


What Do People Believe And Why?

My name is Brian Cocksey. I have studied the paranormal now for 29 years. You could say that I stumbled upon what has turned out to be my life's work by chance. But the evidence is now absolutely overwhelming that it was all a matter of design, incredibly precise intelligent design.

Light Eternal Publishing produces material concerning real phenomena at the edge of human consciousness. The two primary phenomena are meaningful coincidence and apparent communication with the human mind from 'external sources'.

From the earliest times 'mediums' of one form or another have claimed to hear messages from the spirits of the dead or gods of one kind or another.  But in fact  these two apparently unrelated areas of human experience are in fact intricately connected. 

The former can authenticate the latter.  The latter gives a purpose for the former.   The strange phenomenon of meaningful coincidence is also known variously as synchronicity, a term coined by the psychologist Carl Jung in the 1920s or serendipity, a much older term which originated with Horace Walpole in 1754.

The more general term of meaningful coincidence is used exclusively on our sites. Many dispute that coincidences do have any objective meaning. Like beauty, any meaning in coincidence lies in the eye of the beholder. Of course any such meaning is an illusion. This is the prevalent view in the academic world, held by such experts on risk and probability as Professor David Speigelhalter at Cambridge. Although he did only start looking at coincidence at the end of 2010, so he has a long way to go.

My wife Jenny and I set up Lux Aeterna Publishing in 1997 but I subsequently changed the name to Light Eternal Publishing in 2011. Our aim was to bring to a wider public the results of our research since 1984. Atheists and sceptics now exercise total control both in the universities and the media at least to the extent that the Christian church controlled acceptable belief in mediaeval times.

Update 2015
See The Seventh Sign for the latest update.  Air Asia QZ8501 really was the Seventh Sign.  It was the one destined to crash as a precise sign to mankind that he is smack on course for the Apocalypse.  And it is not the fantasy of ISIS either.  But those fanatics are a significant element in the Doomsday Enigmas as is the identification of their god.  (6th March 2015)
See the latest update of our Codes of Fate site   8th May 2014 325002009BS 
Updates 2013

Lac Megantic and Asiana Flight 214
The latest prophecy codes interweave these two disasters, which came within 11 hours of each other on 6th July, 2013, predicted in part via a minor railway accident in New Zealand on 5th July, 2013.  More coincidences predicted 'Quebec' and 'Design Impact' just 15 minutes before the train began to run away  See
Lac Megantic and Asiana  (9:06:26 16/7/13)

For more on Inspiration and the film Knowing see
The Codes in Knowing  (19:49:14 17/07/13)

Do you believe in 'science', God or UFOs?

To read about the latest example of how meaningful coincidence authenticates one belief rather than another, see Let There be Light on our Codes of F8 website It's about all the events surrounding the Russian asteroid strike of 15/2/13.

For dyed-in-the-wool sceptics, 'rationalists' as they imagine themselves to be, there is nothing but the material world of space and time. If you cannot touch it, taste it, see it, smell it or feel it, it is not real. The laws of science explain all there is to know about reality. So for the believers in scientism, there is only one explanation for coincidence and that is chance. And anyone who imagines they can be in contact with the spirits of the dead are deluded. As for hearing the voice of God, it has been the preserve of lunatics for centuries, indeed millennia.

But what if these ‘rationalists’ are wrong? What if there is a reality too subtle for the conventional techniques of science to study, something that really does lie beyond our dimensions of space and time, one that is not amenable to direct scientific investigation at all?

Meaningful coincidence seems to fall into that category. Strange coincidences have on over 50 occasions in the past 24 years predicted the future in the manner of a kind of coded language. It is perhaps the first real scientific evidence that the vast Mind, which the French scientist and mathematician Pierre-Simon Laplace postulated in 1814, really does exist.

The second vital aspect of meaningful coincidence is that it has been used to authenticate messages from the spirits of the dead. And meaningful coincidence also carries across into a third area, a  fascinating aspect of human experience, that of the much mis-used word inspiration. These are the topics which are discussed at length on our extensive network of sites. But another aspect which has become more prominent as the years have passed is the warning from this great Mind that the time of man's tenure of this planet is drawing to a close. The lease is about to expire.

So the Light Eternal sites are concerned with scientific evidence derived from the study of meanings in coincidence, communication from the spirits of the dead and the reality of inspiration from a Source which would appear to lie outside space and time; but this is a Source which would appear to know the future in absolutely precise detail and which would seem to choose to interact with this world in the manner of its choosing.. All of these concepts are anathema to the custodians of right-thinking’ the intelligentsia who so dominate the western world.

Religious Beliefs
The sad fact is the vast majority of the world’s people will believe anything. Critical thinking is the exception, not the norm. Only about 11% of the world's population are either atheists or have no religion.  That leaves nearly 90%  believing in Something, even if the vast majority are not very clear what that is and don't even particularly care most of the time.  For more details of the numbers supposedly adhering to the various religions see Beliefs of the World

Belief in Aliens
There are probably more people today in this world who believe in aliens than who really believe in God, especially in the west, if only thanks to Hollywood. You will certainly find more supposed ‘Evidence’ for aliens, or at least claims for aliens, on the internet than you will find actual evidence for the existence of God. Certainly that would appear to be the case in the so-called Christian world. However the evidence put forward for aliens could hardly be called primary evidence. The various sites all refer to one another in a circular manner quoting mysterious reports and lots of hearsay.

But people believe what they want to believe.  People are happy with the idea of aliens, particularly in the popular concept now that aliens are trying to save us from ourselves. The idea of a real God, not the cosy Jesus your ever-loving and forgiving mate, one to whom everyone ultimately will be answerable is not a popular concept at all.  But there is far more primary scientific evidence for such a God, at least on the balance of probabilities than there is evidence for the existence of aliens.

Is there really something there?
Our sites produce evidence that there really is an Intelligence beyond space and time; it is just not little green men from Venus, or mankind’s helpers from the galaxy of Andromeda, which was very fashionable on the Internet recently. Even far away at the World’s End in the Land of the All Black Cloud, Auckland and Christchurch have groups who go out hunting for ghosts with cameras, electrical meters and night vision equipment. They are sadly deluded if they think they will discover anything of value, even in this world, let alone evidence of the next. I can think of a few better ways to spend a night.

Proof of the paranormal, something that really does lie beyond space and time does not come when it is convenient for you; it comes spontaneously at a time and in a place when it is meant to. This is one of the great challenges of real research into these phenomena. And this is why they are so anathema to the academic world. They do not come between 9am and 5pm in a cosy laboratory so you can write up the results and present a paper to some learned academic body at a conference in some exotic location, another notch to enable you to progress up the greasy pole of success in the academic world. I am reminded of Arthur Koestler’s book ‘The Call Girls’. No, no one can replicate our results, but that does not detract from their validity. To begin with, no one has the patience or the dedication. But it is not their destiny either.

And destiny is an element which has become ever more prominent in the last three years and it is being emphasised once again now with the death of Paul Holmes, a broadcaster well-known if only in New Zealand, tied in so closely in time with the abdication of the false god of 1.2 billion Catholics. 14th February, 2013 - Valentines Day !!  Appropriate for a 'god of love'  Published 9:47:44pm.

If you want to learn more about scientific evidence for higher reality, a deeper world view, read on:

Background to Lux Aeterna Publishing

ver the past five years, the Lux Aeterna Publishing site became a complex network of five separate sites and interconnected pages. The complexity has had a tendency to increase, in common with the developments in the phenomena  covered on these sites, the interconnected phenomena of meaningful coincidences, psychic communication, life after death, inspiration, prophecy and destiny.  A summary of the various sites can now be found on  The Manifold Connections.   11th May 2008

For a variety of reasons, on 26th May 2011, I changed the domain name to and then on 3rd June changed our publishing company name to Light Eternal Publishing. The exercise taught me a lot about the evils of the internet, doubtless as was intended.

Our objects remain unchanged.  The evidence that we are right in everything we say continues to pour in particularly with respect to the disasters in Japan on 11th March 2011, Joplin, Missouri  on 23rd May 2011 and then the third earthquake sequence in Christchurch, New Zealand on 13th June, 2011.   The Cassandra  Disaster Calendar traces our site updates back to 2005

Light Eternal Publishing
Light Eternal Publishing  produces
websites, papers and books devoted to the study of paraphysics, based on  the results of our twenty eight years' of original scientific research in this difficult area.  I use the term paraphysics because we are concerned with phenomena which appear to be elements of reality beyond any current theories of space and time. Our research is primarily concerned with proof of life after death and the use of meaningful coincidence by an external Source in conveying information to us about world events before they happen. 

Our books discuss examples of strange coincidence, particularly in respect of major world events such as the Herald of Free Enterprise disaster in March 1986, the Lockerbie air disaster of December 1988, the Gulf War of 1991, the Windsor Castle Fire of 1992, the Jupiter comet collision of 1994, the convenient death of Princess Diana in 1997, the Twin Towers attack of 2001, and the disastrous Iraq war in 2003. 

Strange coincidences either predicted or surrounded these events. In fact the codes warned very specifically the the planned Iraq invasion was a big mistake.   That was the purpose of the Columbia shuttle disaster.

These coincidences raise questions as to foreknowledge of the future, in other words, prophecy, and the question of destiny. Where does this foreknowledge reside? What does this evidence of ‘intelligent design’ tell us about a Designer?

This site had a major update on 14th April, 2003.  But there is always more as time goes by.  Again and again events have merely served to confirm all our theories.  Many later developments are referenced in The Cassandra Puzzle Disaster Calendar .........  And our producing draft initial copies of later books has taken precedence over producing the final production editions of earlier ones.... But they are all inter-connected. Indeed the later books serve to additionally authenticate the validity of the early ones.   It is all powerful evidence of Design and a Designer.  There are precise patterns in space and time.

Other topics covered on this site are inspiration in music, in art and in a  growing number of novels over the past century., particularly in recent years, Dan Brown's 'symbologist' novels, Angels and Demons, The da Vinci Code and The Lost Symbol

Life After Death
Our experiences suggest that there is a strange interlinking of coincidence with psychic information, each cross-correlating and supporting both the authenticity and the relevance of the other.  The unique combination of meaningful coincidence and psychic information can give us insights, both into the past and into the future, about the survival of the spirit, life after death and our future here on earth.

We will be publishing a book on the Egyptian pharaoh Akhenaten, an account given by the spirit of his daughter Ankhsoun-pa-Aten in June 1986, and another book which is the true story of the life of Christ which came to us through the spirit of Mary Magdalen in April 1986.  Both of these women have been caused to communicate across time, mind to mind.  The time had to be now because we live in the Latter Days.  Both women are intricately connected to these troubled times..... in a  totally unexpected way, a way I only came finally to understand in April 2010........ And this is one of the main reasons for the series of devastating Christchurch earthquakes in New Zealand between September 2010 and June 2011.

The truth of Ankhsoun’s story is borne out by the wealth of archaeological data available from ancient Egypt and makes sense of a period about which the Egyptologists have so many conflicting theories, all of them wrong to lesser or greater degrees. The Egyptologists erroneously transliterate her name as Ankhesen, as in both her later name of Ankhesenamun, and her original name, before her father's death, of Ankhesen-pa-aton.

Mary Magdalen’s story, her real Gospel of the life of Christ and his purpose is authenticated by cross-connecting coincidences in our modern world of space and time. There is so little we can be certain of from the life of Christ as handed down to us. We have conflicting accounts in the four Gospels, with far more confusion heaped on by St. Paul. There is virtually no information about the existence of Christ let alone his real purpose to be found from contemporaneous historical sources. To say the least, solid archaeological evidence is very thin on the ground.

The authenticity of the accounts given to us is supported by meaningful coincidences and strange connections in the physical world, in a complex series of cross-correspondences over space and time.  But both Ankhsoun and Mary have stories which bear a great relevance to the times in which we now live. The spirits of these two women have been sent to warn us. Their stories and the strangely interconnected coincidences of the modern disasters have cast light on the Enigma Codes of Space and Time which, taken all together, form a coherent whole.

The Latter Days
The inescapable conclusion is that we are living in the End Times. The time of the Apocalypse is not far off.   [Note  added on 2-28-05.  It has now begun - see our davincicode site. We have been warned strongly over the years since these stories came to us in 1986. We have attempted to put across the messages contained in the stories and in the meaningful coincidences which surround them and flow out into a twinkling sea of stars, across space and time.

Design in Disasters?
We have staged four comprehensive exhibitions of Jenny's Egyptian paintings- in Dundee in November/December 1987, in Edinburgh between February and May 1988, in Melrose in December 1988/January 1989, and finally, here in New Zealand in Papakura in July 1996. It was a strange coincidence that our Melrose exhibition opened on the day of the Lockerbie air disaster and that the next American jumbo jet disaster , flight TWA800, crashed as we printed our exhibition posters for our next exhibition in Papakura   five days before our exhibition opened. The first was a Pan Am Boeing 747, the second a TWA 747.

We refer to the intricate interconnections between meaningful coincidence, prophecy, destiny and psychic information as The Alpha and Omega Codes. Sometimes incoming information may be less obviously psychic. It could then be termed inspired. A significant number of novels fit into this category, as well as the works of various artists and composers. But meaningful coincidences both within and surrounding these various works embed them firmly in the Codes of Destiny

The Enigma  Codes of Destiny are internally self-consistent. The basic message has not changed over these last nineteen years. It has merely got stronger as the world, and personal morality with it  has rapidly decayed in the iron grip of market forces.  (Of late the alternative title The Codes of Fate has come to me as the realisation that everything is already known, precisely pre-determined has become ever stronger with me- Note added 5'35pm 8th May 2013 - Code 508 - Too late for man. Few heeded the warnings over ten millennia - 16th October, 2012)

God Must Exist
The results of our research, which these books describe, lead to the conclusion that there is a Creator, an Orchestrator, both of Coincidence and of the Alpha and Omega Codes. What else can it be but God who has warned us so strongly that there is little time left. What other entity could weave such a precise and intricate threads of destiny through space and time over not just days or weeks but years, decades even centuries? What else could have inspired the minds of men over millennia?

An Exercise in Futility
But i
t has proved impossible to get anyone to take these messages seriously. They do not fit with the prevalent materialist world view that mankind is answerable to no one, not even himself.  Let us all worship at the altar of mass consumption, consumerism and unbridled market forces.

Nor do these messages fit with the treacly love messages of the modern Christian priests and priestesses, falling over themselves to forgive everybody and everything.   But they themselves understand so little of their own religion.  For it is not Christianity they promote but Paulianity.  His was the doctrine of Salvation, a so-much more saleable commodity than the truth ie that there is Judgement on death. Even worse, homosexuality is now an officially accepted norm in the Anglican Church, at least in the United States of America, the Episcopalian Church. How much lower can the churches  sink?

We have tried to convey the received message ‘Heed or Perish!’ since July 1994. The precision around the impact of Shoemaker Levy 9 with the planet Jupiter was quite astonishing.  No one has heeded - not a single person!  We have spoken personally to hundreds of people. A few listened for a while, but in the end, turn to others with more comfortable messages.

So Read On.....
Now if you care to read about the Books in our series  'Enigmas of Space and Time'.........we hope you find something of interest to you.

Publication dates of the various  books have yet to be determined. It will be as God so wills.  For the last few years as I think back and see how we seem to have been almost prevented from publishing our books, I have come to the realisation that  are the open books depicted on the Oxford University crest , the books intended to be opened at the End of Time

Read more about our research aims
You can, if you wish, now read more about the Enigmas . This will give you an overview of the topics which are of particular significance in The Alpha and Omega Codes  and you can then follow the Books link from the Enigmas page to get a slightly more 'in depth view'.

Alternatively you can  look at the colour coded Site Map

 You can the choose to look at  examples of coincidence, prophecy, destiny, life after death, or inspiration. Or you can read one of the longer articles.

Some of the articles are ( Some are from later sites cross-linked from here for the convenience of readers

Problems with Probability
A discussion of the eerie coincidences surrounding and linking two air disasters, Pan Am Flight 103 at Lockerbie, Scotland in December 1988 and Ansett Flight 703 at Palmerston North in New Zealand in June 1996.

A Warning to America
An Open Letter of warning sent to various individuals, magazines and newspapers between 18th and 20th February 2003, warning of the ultimate consequences of the coming  attack on Iraq.

The Lost Chord
A discussion of why people reactions to the strange phenomena of the paranormal are so different, ranging from credulity to total hostility. Open mindedness is relatively rare.

A Columbia Shuttle Disaster Prophecy - from Alpha to Omega

An account of the odd coincidences which four months beforehand appeared to warn of the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster to come on 2nd February 2003, and a discussion of the omens and warnings to be seen in the disaster itself.

The Sacrifice
A discussion of three deaths, which most people would consider totally unrelated, but which are intimately interlinked through The Alpha and Omega Codes. These three deaths are those of Ankhsoun pa Aten, Christ and Diana, The Princess of Wales. Ankhsoun, the 'lost' Queen of Egypt, was the daughter of the Egyptian pharaoh Akhenaten, wife of Tutankhamun.

The Da Vinci Code
This is a discussion of the element of destiny in Dan Brown's novel being so popular now, relating as it does to codes and Mary Magdalen. But this novel is about codes devised by the mind of man. The true story of Mary Magdalen relates to the real Alpha and Omega Codes. And these are codes which were devised by the Mind of God. They authenticate Mary Magdalen's story and warn of the approaching end times, beginning with America in 2005.
  There is also a linked site which compares elements in Dan Brown's novel with the real life Alpha and Omega Codes. 

See also our  davincicode site for an examination in much more detail of the links between three of  Brown's best-selling novels and our real life experiences.  That he was externally inspired with his plots codes and locations seems an inescapable conclusion.

The Real Passion of the Christ
This article discusses the real passion of Christ, the one that brought his death.

Intelligent Design and Hurricane Katrina
This page describes some of the developments in the Alpha and Omega Codes between March 2005 and July 2006

The Perpignan Airbus crash, 2008
How we can be sure there really is Judgement on death for all.  The warning is very clear and that the atheists are totally wrong.  The whole thing is intended as a reply from God to the atheists advertising campaign on London's buses at the start of 2009.

The Chosen Ones
Then there were the many disasters of 2010 - At best we are actors on a stage

Japan and the 3 in 1 - Apocalypse now?
Is this a foretaste of what is to come.  Natural disaster brings technological disaster. This could be seen as God's reply to the Dean and High Priestess  of Christchurch who both claimed that 'God doesn't cause earthquakes; God is love'. Or could it really all be just chance?  The precision of the timing of Christchurch and Japan events suggests otherwise.  Was the 17 day interval not a pointer forward to another Chosen one - the destructioon of MH17, very much a 'Star of 17'

And that black tidal wave of death could be thought of as a kind of Neptune's revenge for the nation which is the greatest pillager of the world's oceans.  Its all back to Greek myths - remember Cassiopeia,  Cassandra... and the Fates

Is modern man really more advanced than those people of old with their fables and stories, stories which often conveyed a deeper truth..  I for one do not believe that to be so.  The people of old were often deeper than the shallow plastic people of today - So many in the West today are so busy .......5hrs a day being entertained in front of TV or computers ... dying minds... awash with so much utter trivia  - time-poor is the euphemism... its not just time-poor either.  Peoples of the past often had beliefs in things greater than themselves.... But of course modern man knows he is the very pinnacle of evolution. In mankind you have the greatest minds in creation......Well that is what they like to imagine.

Why Nuclear War is Inevitable
 Futility (1898) was only a novel.... but it  described with stunning accuracy, the loss of the Titanic in 1912.  Down to a Sunless Sea too (1979) was only a novel.   Or was it more?  There are more and more references in strange coincides in 2013 and 2014 which lead be to be certain that nuclear war is coming.  It is only a question of time.  And that time is already known, if not to us.  Malaysian flight MH370 is one of the latest reminders

We hope you find something of interest on our sites. Please tell us what you think  at Contact Us

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