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The contents of this page have been removed from the site. They can be found in a chapter of Volume 2 of Enigmas of Easter, The Alpha and Omega Codes.  Volume I is Mary Magdalen' s own story Mary, Daughter of Elohim. A website does not lend itself to the sequential approach necessary for the reader to properly comprehend the Enigma Codes. So The Alpha and Omega Codes has been written to illustrate the way the Codes have developed since 1986 and shows how the many themes have been drawn together with such precision between Easter and Christmas 2004.

This book describes powerful meaningful coincidences of such precision and complexity that no novelist would dare to include them in a work of fiction. They would simply be dismissed as too improbable. But then, truth has been described as stranger than fiction.

Volume II provides authentication of the truth of Mary= s story which is contained in Volume I of Enigmas of Easter, because it derives precisely the same message totally independently, through the meaningful coincidences of the Enigma Codes.

The Alpha and Omega Codes elaborate the intricate web of meaningful coincidences woven around our lives in Britain between 1988 and 1994 and particularly in New Zealand between 1995 and 2004. The frequency and intensity of the meaningful coincidences have reached an astonishing level in recent months. We are being warned that the End Times have begun.

But it is not as the fundamentalist Christians expect. For Mary' s story exposes the lies and misinformation upon which the Church has built its edifice of Salvation through the blood of the sacrificial lamb.

The Codes reveal that the beginning of the End is not far off. The trailer for the End Times Movie begins in the home of celluloid, the USA. It is interesting to note that the film that triggered the Code for us was a Tinseltown product The Seventh Sign. Although a box office flop, it had considerable depth but was perhaps ' too intellectual= for many Perhaps more important in these decadent times, it had no sex and no violence. But it did have powerful elements of inspiration for its writers were somehow caused to write a story around elements of the Alpha and Omega Codes.

But the Source of Intelligence that caused them to do so has taken the last sixteen years to elaborate the full complexity of these Codes around our lives in Britain and New Zealand, repeatedly emphasising Easter, year upon year, upon year.

Mary' s story is the real story of Easter. There is much furore amongst Christians about the Dan Brown novel The Da Vinci Code because too many people have taken it to be a true story, just as many people imagined The Celestine Prophecies, too, was a true story. This latter book took the well-established phenomena of meaningful coincidence and then wove a story around a trail of fictional meaningful coincidences to put across a fable of New Age vision, albeit a false vision. But it served the purpose of the New Age. It was very comfortable to many. What does truth matter when instead you can have comfort.   People are not becoming more spiritual. If anything, the reverse is the case. People crave material success and material security.  Brown's fictional story and our real life experience have so many parallels as illustrated on our davincicode site.  But whereas Brown' has his characters mock the beliefs concerning the End Times, our experiences warn of them.

Our books take real meaningful coincidences in our lives and in the real world and extract the messages being presented to us by the Orchestrator of meaningful coincidence which, it would seem, can only be God Himself. What else can weave between past, present and future with such precision and unerring accuracy, to a precision of minutes in a century, for instance?

But our books will not make comfortable reading, for they warn not only about the End being not far off in this world, but also of what happens to each of us when we die. The images presented are not the free-and-easy, choose-your-own-reincarnation platform of the New Age, the certainty of salvation for the hypocritical Christians, or the Paradise for the Moslem, rich or poor, who has paid lip service to his religion by enslaving women, killing in the name of a false god or seeking his own material comfort. Nor is it a reward for the devotees of Lakshmi

Read about the Alpha and Omega Codes to understand their message and the existence of the Web of Destiny. Read about the intricate and beautiful web of meaningful coincidences which has been created by some Invisible Hand to try to warn man of his fate as he rushes headlong to his doom. The purpose of life is not to get rich and be happy, although that is the American way. And thanks to Hollywood, it is being sold to the world as the purpose of life, but in a strange admixture of a certain amount of sex and a large amount of violence to ensure the product appeals to the lowest nature in man.

The purpose of life is to determine what your fate will be when you leave it. The British medium, Robert Brown, features in our experiences of the Alpha and Omega Codes although he does most of his work now in the USA. He published his autobiography last year under the title We are Eternal. But mediums do not choose to look at the full picture - or are they are unable to do so for a variety of reasons? The title is almost certainly true. But where will your eternity be? Will it be in Heaven or will it be in Hell?

Colin Fry is visiting New Zealand in November 2004, performing to packed theatres. But what are these showmen really doing? Do you really think God gives the secrets of the afterlife to showmen preying on the vulnerable and certainly collecting the easy dollar? A ballet or an orchestra has high production costs so $70-90 NZ per seat is reasonable. A medium can hardly claim the same costs for large numbers of performers, costumes, etc. I have been told that Colin Fry is not even going to do any Spiritualist Church services during his stay in New Zealand, unlike most visiting mediums - but they would be free, so what is the value in that?  There are only expensive theatre performances for the believers - or the desperate.  God's Judgement is not a theatre charade. Take what you like from what these mediums give. Comfort they may provide - but it is a false comfort.

Perhaps more relevant than mediums in theatres is the approach of the key date in the Alpha and Omega Codes - Code 229 from The Seventh Sign. How can Code 229 be understood in the context of the world today? For many reasons explained in the book, it has become clear that it is the year of America. It is the year when the End begins for America. The 229th year of its existence as an independent nation begins on 4th July 2005. America is leading the world to destruction. And it will begin in America.

God has destroyed mankind before. Millennia ago, He led a man to build a boat. The man was mocked, but it was the mockers who eventually drowned. Millennia later, He sent another man, this time a king, to try to make man change his ways. Although Akhenaten tried, despite his power, despite his authority, despite his position, he could not prevail either against the greed, the stupidity, or the arrogance of man. 1300 years later, God sent another. They called him King to mock. His message, in a very short time, was totally distorted and within 300 years the leaders of the new Christian Church had elevated him, posthumously, not merely to king but to god.

Almost two thousand years later, the same Source of Intelligence sent the spirits of two women to set the record straight, to tell the true story of these last two Sons of God, Akhenaten and Christ. And it is these stories which are set forth in the two books Mary, Daughter of Elohim and Ankhsoun, Daughter of Ra.

Then this Source of Intelligence has chosen to authenticate the stories of these two women by weaving the Web of Destiny of The Alpha and Omega Codes around our own personal lives. This was done by interconnecting us through myriad meaningful coincidences with key world events such as the Lockerbie air disaster, the Gulf War, Princess Diana' s death, 9-11, the Iraq War and the destruction of the space shuttle Columbia.

The Alpha and Omega Codes illustrates the power and precision of the Source of Intelligence which inspired Akhenaten and Christ and, indeed, other men to varying degrees over the millennia. Read the chapter Divine Inspiration in The Alpha and Omega Codes for a very powerful meaningful coincidence which occurred just after I had written this page and while I was in the middle of reading it to Jenny for the first time.

We have tried since 1987 to put across both Mary' s story and Ankhsoun' s story to an unheeding and indeed uncaring world. We have tried to explain the Codes of Destiny in exhibitions, advertisements, booklets, book fairs, mystic fairs - but all to no avail. No one has seen the opportunity to get rich in what we say. No one has told the unthinking sheep that this is a ' must buy' product which every consumer worthy of the name must have. Our works are not key fashion accessories to improve the outward appearance of only too ephemeral bodies. Our works are concerned with the health and destiny of the soul. These are not areas which the advertising world or the world of market forces target with any great regularity.

Now the warnings from the Codes have risen to a crescendo. Some years ago, when I was a member of the New Zealand Society of Authors, I attended a workshop on ' Getting Published' . Much of the advice did not sit well with me. One contributor advised members to look around bookshops, see what was selling, do some research and write about that. The idea that one might write from conviction or knowledge about a particular topic seemed totally alien.  But the emphasis was generally on how to write fiction of one kind or another - romance, children's, general.....etc. The hidden goal it seemed was really the lottery win of a 'best seller'.

Ironically, the wheel has gone full circle. The bookshops are now selling books on the topics around which our books revolve. The No.1 book on the New York Times best-seller list for hardback fiction is Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code. It has been on the list for over 70 weeks. It is also No. 1 in New Zealand, albeit as a paperback. Publishers in New Zealand tend only to offer paperbacks, trade or small. The Da Vinci Code is a fictional novel about Mary Magdalen, hidden codes and secret societies. Enigmas of Easter is the real story of Mary Magdalen but the Codes are devised not by men in secret societies, but by God Himself.

Mary's book and Ankhsoun's book were given to us in 1986. The Alpha and Omega Codes emerged between 1987 and 2004 and the book was put together as an entry for an unpublished manuscript award in New Zealand under the 'mind, body, spirit' genre. But The Alpha and Omega Codes could not be completed in time for the closing date of 31st May 2004. I can see now why I was made to delay. And it was not, as it was put to me by one New Age writer recently, that this was an excuse for my own personal failure, or that I was scared of success. Nor was it a case of not having ' got off my butt' . It was because there is a right time and a right place for everything in the Web of Destiny (As I mentioned earlier, only this morning, just after I had written this piece, Jenny read the first sentence from the lead article in the Careers Section of the New Zealand Herald under the headline 'DIVINE INSPIRATION' - 'Being in the right place at the right time can set people on their career path' ).

There were two chapters to finish of The Alpha and Omega Codes by the time of the closing date of the competition. But since 31st May, although those two chapters still remain to be written, another twenty chapters have been added to the book. The later events re-echo Mary' s warning with even greater power. The theme of Divine Justice becomes ever plainer, and the theme of the Seven Seals of the Book of Revelation emerges strongly.

Make no mistake, the threads of the Web are being drawn together now. Year 229 of America will be a critical year for mankind - an in particular for America. But whatever year 229 brings for you, ultimately, whatever your belief system, you will come face to face with the Judge of All the Earth, at a time of His choosing.

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Page reset 915pm 13th May 2013.  Note the significant time and date lat edited.  9:47pm  Too late Hammer of God for America  1776 Freedom tower finished just days ago.  Code 946 only emerged in September 2006 as I began to write the Diagrams of Truth, proving that 9-11 was the Hammer of God for America.  It is now very clear that everything is known The Future is precisely predetermined.  Man has but 685 days left now.  Screen capture a few minutes ago is shown below.

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