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I am led to the conclusion that as  coincidence is so intricately interwoven into such fascinating and important areas of human experience as  prophecy, destiny, inspiration and the survival of death itself, it cannot be chance. It is meaningful indeed. Is it indeed designed so to be? If so, there must be a designer. Who can be the designer?  I am left with no alternative but God.  There is too much precision in the vary many examples which I give on this site and which you can read if you are so minded.

Many people talk in terms of Jung's theory of synchronicity as if it were an explanation. But it is merely a recognition that there is a real phenomenon here. At best it is a classification. It does not explain the origins of meaningful coincidence.  In fact, some very curious coincidences occurred one weekend on the beach, when I was reading Jung's book  'An Acausal Connecting Principle' I had at the time in March 1999, just began  a series of lectures at Auckland University  under the general title 'The Significance of Coincidence'. In fact the whole six week period of my lectures was marked by an astronomical increase in both the frequency and intensity coincidences in my life. This suggest some intelligence is interacting with me in my situation and magnifying the effects as though in an experiment.

Probably the real importance of  coincidence on its deepest levels appears to be to cause  us to think, to wonder.  Is there really nothing but the material world, after all?  Cannot meaningful coincidence when linked either directly through psychic communication or indirectly through inspiration not give us knowledge which is denied to conventional scientific techniques?  Could it be that meaningful coincidence is  a modern form of hieroglyphics, a kind of sacred language through which God chooses to communicate?

We have found that meaningful coincidence often appears  to be a kind of authentication by God of the words that come into our minds independently of the coincidence, sometimes before, sometimes afterwards.

But as we pursue things, as we commit ourselves to trusting in coincidences as being real and designed to assist us in sometimes difficult decisions in our lives, then things seem to progress to a higher level. The coincidences become ever stronger. It is perhaps a little like Christian and Hopeful as they finally came to cross the  river which separates them from the Celestial City in John Bunyan's Pilgim's Progress.  They discovered that the depth of the river was in inverse proportion to  faith. The more shallow the faith of the pilgrim the greater was the depth of the river. With meaningful coincidence the correlation is direct rather than inverse. The greater the faith that coincidence is indeed meaningful guidance and not random chance, the greater is the extent of the interaction,  in frequency, intensity and usually complexity.  Incidentally that novel figured prominently in the Chicksands episodes in 1992. Coincidences there revolved around the reasons for the Lockerbie disaster which had been and the Twin Towers disaster which was yet to come. The nearest town to Chicksands was Bedford. Bunyan wrote Pilgrim's Progress while he was in Bedford jail.  And by coincidence Radio 4 in its 10am morning religious slot, having read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation over the previous year or so, started on a new 'religious book' whilst I was working at Chicksands in August 1992.  It was Pilgrim's Progress  and the opening tune was He who would valiant be.....

More and more we seem to be presented with evidence which can only be explained on the hypothesis that there must be something beyond the material world.

God appears to communicate with us  more and more.   Our faith in God is repaid by His keeping faith with us and talking to us - at first through inspiration, then a little more directly through symbols in coincidences and then, perhaps finally, directly mind to mind.

Perhaps meaningful coincidence is the missing key.  It can guide us. Myers and Sidgewick were very close to the truth that night in the Fellows Garden at Trinity College , Cambridge, in 1869.  Psychical research is indeed the way to a certainty of  the existence of God. Victorian science had destroyed the old certainties of the Bible. For good or ill, it is science that has since given us the world we know today. But the wheel comes now full circle. For meaningful coincidence allied to psychic information destroys the certainties of science. There must be more to the universe than the physical world of space and time.   For more see Fragments of an Outer Mind

Conventional science cannot account for the kinds of experiences which I discuss on this site, without falling back on the trusted standbys of chance or fraud.  I know that it is not fraud. My research is fully recorded and documented. But what  is most astonishing is that any thinking logical person, anyone with any kind of open, enquiring mind can accept  that it is just chance.

To understand more about the intricate webs of coincidence which have brought me to my conclusions, see Meaningful Coincidence.  See also the later sites linked below if you have time or inclination, if you really want to understand more about the phenomena of coincidence.  This is the most comprehensive series of websites you will find anywhere on the internet.  No one in the world has studied coincidence as thoroughly as have I over the past quarter of a century or been more successful in coming to understand its basis and its purpose.

For a later summary written in 2012 see An Executive Summary

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