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This article was circulated with the open letter  'A Warning for America'  to various individuals, magazines and newspapers between 18th and 20th February 2003.

A big problem for people in examining my work is that the concepts of orchestrated coincidence and a real source of intelligence beyond space and time are so far outside anything most people could consider possible. They live in a world of so-called rationalism and materialism where the only concession to religion is on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday depending on whether they are a Moslem, Jew or Christian. And even that is more a social ritual with no external reality.

That was really my situation in 1984 - a conventional scientist in a management career, with a vague belief in God but a God who did not impinge on my daily life. The idea of God being a real entity, an active Intelligence, would have been hard to swallow, but very slowly, over the last nineteen years, I have come to the conclusion that that is the only complete answer to the problem of meaningful coincidence.

So, before you dismiss it all as nonsense because you have no personal experience that relates to the things I describe, remember I started from a position similar to yours nearly 20 years ago. But I tried to make sense of what was happening to me. I didn' t put on the standard blinkers of " I cannot account for this according to my scientific or technical background. Therefore, it cannot be. There is nothing really there. " I decided from the evidence of my own senses that it must be and that it was up to me to investigate what was really there, as its presentation to my senses appeared to have some coherence and, indeed, purpose.

Even if what I say does not strike any chords with you in your experience, it will echo in the experiences of many others, for many people experience strange coincidences which appear to them to have a meaning, often a very profound meaning for them personally.

As the word chord came into my mind, I am reminded of 'The Lost Chord' a Victorian sacred song. A series of coincidences surrounding my discovering that song proved very meaningful to me.  The theme of the song is inspiration. It related to my joining a church choir and a subsequent series of experiences that seemed totally orchestrated, not by me but by something 'outside' of me.

These are the words of the song   The Lost Chord

or see this link for contemporary illustrations  :

But people are afraid to take such experiences seriously or consider them to have a real deeper level of meaning. They do not want to feel they are being irrational or for others to consider them so. The net result is that  they tend not to discuss such experiences openly. They push them to the back of their minds. There is always the sarcastic skeptic around, the closed mind, who has never had such an experience and never will. Such a person is always willing, from the depths of their ignorance, to ridicule the experiences of others. Few people seek ridicule, so they say nothing of things which seem meaningful to them but which they cannot explain to others in our logical, scientific and materialist age. During my lecture course " The Significance of Coincidence" at Auckland University in the department of Continuing Education in 1999, several people said to me " I' ve never discussed this with anyone  before, but......"

But I am hardened to ridicule. To me it is just a sign of ignorant people who know little, but who perhaps have a sneaking fear that there may be something in all of this. And the more it disturbs them, the more rude they are. The skeptics will calculate probabilities of trivial situations for you in order to show how human beings are bad at estimating probabilities, but the examples they pick are always simple, trivial, and ultimately irrelevant.  Frequency distributions of birthdays of people at parties are a favourite with them. They try to show that human beings are almost wrongly programmed. They claim that people look for patterns  and seek meaning where there is none. The reverse is almost certainly true. There is a deeper level of meaning than the materialist world and there seems to be something innate in human beings which seeks this out. It appears to be innate but it can be 'educated' out of them so they come to embrace the ways of the arid materialist world. Because of their fear of ridicule for being thought 'irrational' or perhaps because of things that have happened personally to them they conclude that there cannot be anything but the material world. Sometimes parents react in this way to the loss of a child.

Skeptics prefer to stick to problems that are mathematically well-defined to prove their case against the irrationality of people taking notice of coincidences, but sadly, the real world is not 'well defined' .  It involves people who do not necessarily behave as they should or even as they say they would. Then there are the uncertainties in materials pushed further and further to their limits. In addition there are political and profit considerations too, some overt and others known only to the inner circle of the few. So probabilities in the real world in situations that really matter are notoriously difficult to calculate, once you get past birthdays of people at parties, games in casinos, or scores with Zener cards. Take the space shuttle, for example. NASA initially estimated the chance of a total loss of a vehicle at 1 in 100,000. After the 'Challenger' disaster the estimate was revised to 1 in 148, although 1 in 25 was probably closer, as 'Challenger' was the 25th launch.  Maybe they have been lucky. Now with the loss of 'Columbia', the probability now stands at 2 in 113 or roughly 1 in 57.

You can apply statistics as much as you like to my coincidences. The mathematicians have a cop-out, in any case. My situations are ' not well-defined' either, i.e. no one can really put meaningful estimates to the various elements of the coincidences. So as NASA didn' t do much of a job at putting meaningful numbers to their probability calculations, how realistic are the nuclear reactor safety probability calculations? A 'maximum credible accident' is one that can be managed. But what of those that can't? What about Wash 740?

It is strange how sometimes when I have the most abject despair over ever making any progress, something happens to encourage me. That was exactly how I felt on Saturday, 1st February. It was a really depressing day for me. I often question why I can never get anyone to listen, or even take the slightest hint of notice. I despaired also of the lack of significant 'Enigma Code' events over the past eighteen months. The last really clear example had been the death of Princess Diana in August 1997 which the Coincidence Codes had given me two weeks previously. The ' Twin Towers' was more complicated and there had been nothing really major since.

I often ask my self " Why? Could I be wrong?" I was really quite depressed when I went to bed in the early hours of Sunday morning. Two hours later, Columbia made a sign in the skies over Texas. When I discovered this the next morning, I was greatly encouraged as, once again, I found I already had many of the key pieces of the jigsaw in front of me and I could now see where to place them. I had been given indications of a space shuttle disaster on 6th October 2002. I just hadn't had time to put all the elements of the warning together.

Yes, it was a sad day for the families of the astronauts, but the hypocrisy of the coverage merely provoked anger in me. They talk a lot of nonsense about the astronauts dying in the service of all humanity. As I write this, I am reminded of a ' Squadron Briefing' I attended one Thursday in the summer of 1992 at RAF Chicksands. The British MoD employees were loosely attached to a USAF civil engineering ' squadron' . The Colonel told us all to remember the Mission Statement of the US Air Force. It was ' to maintain the supremacy of the United States, through the exploitation of air and space' . Just remember those words when you hear the nonsense talked about America spending thousands of millions of dollars ' for the good of humanity' .

There is something real in all these coincidences. They are not the hand of man, nor the fabrication of my mind. I can link them in a way others cannot, but to a much deeper picture than can be expressed in a brief article. There is something there. There is something intangible in all the coincidences but, nevertheless, something real. The overall message of the Enigma codes of Destiny is " Heed or Perish!" The question now is how many must perish before anyone heeds? If things carry on as they are, the deaths of seven or seventy astronauts will seem trivial compared with what is to come.


Dr. Brian Cocksey




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