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Futility, or the Wreck of the Titan

March 2013 Update
This page, originally published in 1999, is all about inspiration in a novel, Morgan Robertson's 'vision of the future' in which he unwittingly described the sinking of the Titanic. This web page compares the facts in the 1898 novel with the reality to come in 1912.  This strange phenomenon  happens often enough to have been given a name.   Some call it 'life imitating art'.  But there is a very simple explanation. Morgan Robertson was inspired by Something that already knows the future. ( Laplace's daemon is real.  But that is a very poor name for God). I first saw this parallel 'knowledge of the future' in early 1989 after coincidence codes had predicted for us the Lockerbie air disaster.  Then I came across a reference to Morgan Robertson's novel.  (As I type this I am suddenly reminded that he died in poverty in an Atlantic City hotel room in 1915. Is it just chance that Hurricane Sandy came ashore at that very point on 29th October, 2012?)

 Later I came to discover many other examples of inspiration in novels, especially in the writings of Arthur C Clarke and Dan Brown( See Opposite).

These writers were caused to pen stories which had encoded elements of the future.  They had no idea they were actors in a drama.  That idea comes across in the 2006 film ExistenZ when computer gamers end up in their own computer game. But Clarke never knew his vital role in the Codes of F8.  He didn't want to.  I doubt Brown does either. But his first inspired novel Angels and Demons is very topical now.

By strange coincidence, pure chance, as the sceptics would have,  inspiration in the film Knowing in 2009 contained many elements of my work, cracking codes on a list that predicts the future.  The Fox TV series Touch likewise was even close with an autistic child seeing numbers in the everyday world which predict the future.  But you don't need to be autistic.  You need be brighter than most.  In episode 6 come The Amelia Codes which contain key parts of the Codes of F8 deciphered by us 24 years before.  But I don't just see numbers in the world around.  I think of it as a 3 D crossword puzzle and I coincidences give me pieces of a Jigsaw which relate to elements of the disaster to come. The Japan 3 in ! disaster two years ago yesterday was a notable example. )

Do you believe in 'science', God or UFOs?

To read about the latest example of how meaningful coincidence authenticates one belief rather than another, see Let There be Light on our Codes of F8 website It's about all the events surrounding the Russian asteroid strike of 15/2/13.

It is another update on the Lockerbie code too and Dan Brown's novels, the da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons and once again it is set around the 'End' of a Pope, albeit by abdication rather than death. Perhaps Coincidence is more a 'God wave' than a 'God particle' !!  It is certainly more relevant to the real world than anything that will ever come out of CERN, despite the efforts of 13,000 scientists and engineers. As one journalist asked recently "What on earth do they do all day" Another wondered the same question of the retiring Pope, changing the verb to will and emphasising do.  11/03/13  4:19pm


See Japan -Truly Apocalyptic) The Russian asteroid strike is the most thought-provoking recent example.  See Let There be Light  Note added 12th March 2013.  The Conclave is due to begin in Rome this afternoon to elect the Last Pope. Then Malachi's list ends.  The city of the Seven Hills will be destroyed Rome ?? or is it Auckland, with all its volcanoes? The Great Judge will Judge his people. And Knowing begins with cracking a code which predicts an air disaster and ends with the End of the World.  Ditto our work.  It really began with Lockerbie and ends with the final asteroid impact around Palm Sunday, 2015.See Sekhmet Comes  But our work is far deeper than Knowing or Touch.  It also intricately relates to death, Jenny's death and the proof of life after death....if you are worth it .

Update 2010  The Alpha and Omega codes have predicted and/or cross-referenced a number of significant world events during 2010. In many of these events there has been a strong emphasis on the codes for the forthcoming End of the World. Some of these events are intricately cross connected, to each other and to earlier events which had been significant in the Alpha and Omega codes. It is as though these events have been chosen to convey powerful messages for those who choose to understand the code which God has taught me to read over the past 22 years. See The End Times HeraldNote that the Alpha and Omega codes are not simple Bible-derived codes as calculated by others who claim as did Miller, for instance  in 1844, that the End would come that October. There have been many others over the centuries.   The Alpha and Omega Codes are continually up-dated in real time.  I do not have time to write it all up.  Never a day passes without more external proof of my Source of Inspiration, the Source that will bring the End for man.  On New Years' day 2011, the countdown moved to four years left. After Easter 2011, it will be down to just Three Easters left.

Update 2009  For an update on inspiration, the prophecy of the destruction of Air France Flight 447 and the film Knowing see our new website The Airbus Codes  It also explains why the Miracle on the Hudson was not such good news after all.  5 57pm  6th August 2009.

Futility, or the Wreck of the Titan
Early in 1989, shortly after the Lockerbie disaster, I first came across a reference to Morgan Robertson writing a novel about a ship called the ‘Titan’. In essence, his novel described the loss of the ‘Titanic’ yet his novel was written in 1898. The ‘Titanic’ struck an iceberg at 11.40pm on 14th April 1912 and sank a little over two hours later at 2.20 am on the 15th. It was fourteen years after 'Futility' had been published.

I began to feel that his novel must have been inspired. It was as though something had put the idea into the  head of Morgan Robertson, some Source of Intelligence that knew the future in precise detail.

The book, originally entitled ‘Futility’ was published by M.F. Mansfield in New York in 1898. It was republished in 1912, after the Titanic sank, under the title ‘Futility and the Wreck of the Titan’. There have been a few editions since, notably a 1974 one by the Titanic Historical Society which printed the story of the Titan, that of the Titanic, and recounted various other paranormal experiences surrounding the loss of the Titanic.

In the 1990s, quite a number of editions were printed. With one exception, they are reprints of the 1912 edition, or a mixture of 1898 and 1912 editions.

Rather curiously, the Titan statistics were changed, perhaps by ‘enthusiastic’ editors in 1912 to make the prophecy better? They made it worse. A happier ‘Hollywood style’ ending was also added.

1998 marked both the anniversary of Morgan Robertson’s novel and James Cameron’s film of the Titanic. Various centenary editions of ‘The Wreck of the Titan’ were produced, claiming to be reprints of the original 1898 edition. They were all reprints of the 1912 edition, as far as the ship’s statistics were concerned, but with the original 1898 ending.

The only genuine reprint of the 1898 edition appears to be the privately printed book entitled ‘The Futility God’ by Jack W  Hannah, published in Mansfield, Ohio in 1975.  Even in that there is another strange coincidence. The 1898 first edition was published by M.F. Mansfield in New York.

So, was Robertson really inspired?  Could it all have been lucky 'almost inevitable' guesses, as the skeptics 'explain'  it?

A Comparison of the Titan with the Titanic                            


1898        (Date of novel)

1912       ( Date of tragedy)


The Titan

The Titanic


North Atlantic

North Atlantic


New York to Liverpool

Southampton to New York


third ever

first ever


Iceberg collision

Excessive speed

Too few lifeboats

‘As few as the law allowed’

Iceberg collision

Excessive speed

Too few lifeboats

‘As few as Board of Trade regulations permitted

Occurred in

April, at night

Collision 14th April, 11.40pm

Ship called

Largest ship afloat

Greatest of the works of man

Largest ship afloat

A wonder of the age




Titan 1898 Edition

Titan 1912 Reprint






Watertight compartments




















The more I read of Morgan Robertson and 'The Titan', the more I   became convinced  that his inspiration was entirely analogous to the way we had been shown the exact details of the destruction of Pan Am 103 in the car chassis code prior to the disaster. .   Could it be that there is some outside Source of Intelligence and that it is one and the same that gave Morgan Robertson his ideas in 1898 and led us to the 'Lockerbie' enigma car in 1988?

The way I came across this rare book, my first copy of ‘The Wreck of the Titan’ in a charity shop in Sutton, Surrey in October  1989 served only to reinforce my theories. This experience is described in detail in Chapter 6 of Volume 1 of our book ‘The Enigma Variations’.

It is also described more briefly in 'The Prophecy Codes'


Another Titanic Coincidence - Nearer My God to Thee

For other Titan Coincidences see A Titan Postscript and The Inspiration of Arthur C Clarke

The Phenomenon of Inspiration
During the course of my research, I have identified a number of other novels which appear to have elements of the prophetic about them. This number has gradually increased over time.  The earliest were brought to my attention in 1988.    Apart from The Last Temptation of Christ, few of thse novels are widely known, but a couple of best sellers were added in 2004 and 2005.  Then in 2006, there was a particular  emphasis on an old best seller  from 1968, 2001 A Space Odyssey.

Are such novels inspired, perhaps in a way unbeknown even to their authors? Is this why the phrase ‘Life imitates Art’ is so often encountered? Did the ideas come into the minds of these various authors in order that their novels should have curious prophetic elements of truth which link them firmly into the Web of Destiny? Amongst such novels are Pilgrim's Progress by John Bunyan, Enigma, by Robert Harris, The Hermes Fall by John Baxter, Imperial Earth and Hammer of God, by Arthur C. Clark. Others are Alan Ayckbourne’s play Way Upstream, The Enigma Sacrifice by Michael Barak, The Nostradamus Inheritance by Raymond Leonard, On the Beach by Nevil Shute, The Jewel of Seven Stars by Bram Stoker, The Watch Gods by Barbara Wood and The Magdalene Scrolls by the same author, The Last Temptation of Christ by Nikos Kazantzakis and the screenplay for the 1988 film The Seventh Sign.

There are strange parallels between our book Ankhsoun, Daughter of Ra and both The Jewel of Seven Stars and The Watch Gods.  An intricate web of coincidence links the three books across time. There are many more between our experiences over 17 years and the locations and the story in Dan Brown's novel The Da Vinci Code.  These are explored in some detail at our da Vinci Code siteThere are yet more strange parallels in his prequel, Angels and Demons. For instance, there is the strange mystery of Code 503 which is discussed in one respect in The Diagrams of Truth at our Voice of God site Another aspect is covered on Lines of Kings at our Is God Real site  The cross connections between Imperial Earth and our book The Enigma Variations are also thought provoking, particularly when you realise that like me, Arthur C Clark  is fascinated by coincidence. In fact he lives in Sri Lanka, the old name for which is Serendip. The earliest printed references to meaningful coincidence are in Horace Walpole's 1754 story The Princes of Serendip. Walpole coined the term serendipity to refer to apparently fortuitous coincidence. Indeed, many of our own meaningful coincidences have revolved around Arthur C Clarke's novels, most recently with the Warkworth experiences which relate to Hammer of God.  Other novels of his which interconnect in the Enigma Codes of Destiny are Rendezvous with Rama and The Sentinel of Eternity, which is the short story upon which the basic plot of 2001, A Space Odyssey is set.  Arthur C Clark on several occasions refers to coincidence in his personal life, but his biographers rather tend to ignore this as rather unscientific.

Added 11/9/07
There are strange patterns in prophecy suggestive of external intelligent design. Morgan Robertson wrote the story of the Titan in 1898, fourteen years before the Titanic sank. Our prophetic, meaningful coincidences revolved around four much more recent major disasters, the Four Jigsaws.  There was first the Lockerbie air disaster, then the Mecca Tunnel disaster, then 9/11 and then the  Columbia Shuttle disaster. The prophetic coincidences predicting these disasters came, respectively, 19 days, 17 days, 9 years and 4 months in advance of the event itself. One disaster prophecy would be uncanny, viz the interest in Morgan Robertson and the Titanic, but is it the action of a logical mind to dismiss all five examples here as chance? Or do you prefer to just call it ‘spooky’ and ‘move on’ to ‘more important’ things?

These major disasters are tied together by strange conjunctions in space and time. The Pan Am flight 103 disaster at Lockerbie was predicted by Code 557. The town of Lockerbie is situated at 55º7’N. The Mecca tunnel stampede disaster was predicted by Code 558 and it happened 558 days after Lockerbie. You wouldn’t think it in terms of the dead, but that disaster killed 1426 pilgrims in Saudi Arabia, more than half the number of ‘innocent victims’ killed in the fall of the Twin Towers. One disaster is long forgotten, the other held up as one of the worst atrocities in the history of mankind. But the Saudi disaster was just incompetence and panic and not an affront to a flag. Both events are equally significant in the Destiny Codes.

9/11 was predicted by Code 507 AND a Lockerbie connection. The Columbia disaster codes came after we attended a significant church service, to join a choir. The disaster itself came 508 days after 9/11, just as I was recording a TV programme, Praise Be, which, two weeks later, was to come to our town of Papakura to record our other choir singing hymns, one of which happened to be ‘Thou whose almighty Word’.

There were Four Jigsaws, the  Quartet for the End Times. Lockerbie came at Christmas, the holiest time of the Christian year; the Mecca disaster at the Feast of Eid-el-Adha, the holiest time of the Muslim year. The religious connections to the Shuttle were also inescapable.  As for the Twin Towers disaster, code 507 had long been the Code for the World’s End, long before I got that job at RAF Chicksands, the US Air Force spy station whose only purpose was to detect all threats to America……

Was it just chance that set it at the crossroads of the A507 and the A600 in Bedfordshire? Or was it destiny? For another Code for the End Times is 600. That ‘Lockerbie’ coincidence at Chicksands came on the weekend of 11th-14th September 1992, part of a combined coincidence clue.
  9-11-92 has passed with 9-11. But 9-14 is yet to come. Is that presaged by another novel, every bit as prophetic as was Futility? That novel is The Dorset Disaster.

And finally, on to the second half of the September 1992 clue which predicted 9/11. The second half came on 9-14-92 and relates to Event 914, the event which will come because the Americans did not learn from 9-11, but instead put two fingers up to God and invaded first Afghanistan and then Iraq to fulfil the old adage ‘Get Somebody!! Teach the bastards a lesson!! Don’t mess with the US!!’

But perhaps the most immediately relevant novel to a prophecy of events to come in the near future could be The Dorset Disaster. If Morgan Robertson was indeed inspired with a knowledge of the future, perhaps so was Alexander Sirdar III, when he got his idea to write a novel about a hypothetical American nuclear power station disaster.

It was fourteen years between Futility and the Titanic. It is now nearly 24 years since 'The Dorset Disaster ' appeared in print. The Enigma Codes of Destiny suggest that this disaster will indeed strike the USA in the fullness of time. The codes have just not yet revealed when this will be.  Maybe its date will be like that of the Twin Towers disaster,  hidden in the codes long before, but apparent only afterwards. Perhaps it is another 'cryptic crossword' clue which will have to await the 'publication of the solution', withy the disaster itself.  That is often the only way we come to know the Mind of God. Given the paranoia in the American security services, it is probably better if the codes do not reveal the time code until after the event.  It cannot be prevented in any case.  It has been set in train by so many wrong decisions made for the wrong reasons over very many years, indeed set in concrete, as it were, in the both the philosophy and the culture of the 'land of the free and the home of the brave'.

The only time clue in the Codes is that the disaster will occur at around the same time as the final crisis for the Heir Apparent to the British throne, The Prince of Wales.  To read more about the interweaving of the threads of destiny for the Princes of Wales across 503 years Lines of Kings

For more on inspired novels see the strange parallels between The Da Vinci Code and our Alpha and Omega Codes  at our da Vinci Code site

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