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My name is Brian Cocksey

I am a scientist. I was trained as one over forty years ago and I still work as one, but  now I am  also a heretic. I can now see that the methods of conventional science are too limited in their application. Too many important areas of human experience are excluded because of the limitations both of science and of the human mind. Conventional science cannot provide adequate answers to many of the experiences which have occurred in my life and doubtless in the lives of many other people. 

I was led into what has become a lifetime study of the paranormal through a strange train of events in my personal life in 1984. At first glance it may seem just to be chance but could chance maintain coherence over nineteen years? For much more on my journey of discovery see An Odyssey in Paraphysics

My wife' s name is Jenny and we met through a series of coincidences in 1986. We have pursued this research together and shared very many moving and thought provoking experiences over the past seventeen years. She also does all of my typing and helps me with editing, and for this help I am eternally grateful.

I talk of the paranormal. I do not use the term ' parapsychology' because my research results suggest that these experiences are not artefacts of the mind. For, the mind is merely the instrument or channel through which the experiments appear to be conducted and through which conclusions can be drawn. However, the events to which the experiments relate are very much in the real world of space and time.

The term parapsychology was coined quite a long time ago, in a rather futile attempt to gain acceptance for this field of study amongst the closed minds of the academic world.  Some twenty one years ago, Renee Hayes wrote an interesting  book  The Society for Psychical Research, 1882-1982 A History.  In the chapter 'Fact Fraud and Furor Scholasticus, she says 'and we all know what the 'will to  believe' can do. The 'will to disbelieve', less widely recognised, is equally important..........

And this is where the problem lies. Those who have been brought up with either a scientific world view or a  materialistic world view simply do not want to believe. They do not want to look at evidence which cannot be easily explained away by their own belief systems. Often their explanations for well documented experiences are even more fanciful than the claims of the people they are trying to ridicule.  Renee Hayes refers tellingly to 'those whose deepest-rooted and most comfortably settled convictions were threatened......

What is more, people with a fixed mindset are unlikely to have any personal experiences which may cause them to wonder. This has been noted as the 'Experimenter Effect'.  This makes them even less likely to accept the genuineness or the validity of the experiences of others.  I used to be a conventional scientist until I encountered things that I could not explain in any scientific way. Then, unlike most so-called scientists today, I saught to understand.  I pursued the matter further. I investigated. As a result I came to a greater understanding. I did not have the arrogance to say. 'I cannot explain such a thing, therefore it cannot be. I'll just ignore it and get on with what matters, ie what I can explain. It can only be chance, error or fraud'.

Our own personal experiences provide evidence for the interaction between the human mind and sources of intelligence totally separate from it which appear to transcend space and time. Sometimes, these sources of intelligence appear to be the spirits or souls of people from the past. But sometimes, the messages appear to come directly from a much greater Source of Intelligence. Physics is concerned with the laws of space and time. I have no doubt now that these sources of intelligence are real. However, they are beyond the physical or material world of space and time. Hence, I consider the term 'paraphysics ' to be a more accurate description. However, paranormal is a sufficiently neutral term and it is already in  widespread use..

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