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Life After Death 3

King Edward VIII, later The Duke of Windsor

This is a true account of a psychic message from the spirit of the Duke of Windsor to Mohammed al Fayed. It was a warning which was ignored. The consequences of ignoring that warning were enormous. It resulted in an event which echoed around the world and has reverberated ever since. That event was  the death of Princess Diana in the Alma tunnel in Paris on 31st August 1997.

It was in the early evening of the 11th August 1997 that I had a revelation. Two related items had been shown sequentially on the New Zealand TV1 6 o’clock news programme. They were related only in being British royalty items as far as the newscasters were concerned, but suddenly I saw a much deeper connection. The first item concerned the new romance of the Princess of Wales with Dodi Fayed and the second concerned the  auction of the Duke of Windsor’s possessions at Sotherby’s in New York scheduled for the following month.

I realised in a flash that the connecting link was Mohamed al Fayed, Dodi’s father, had acquired the Duke of Windsor’s Paris home, complete with its contents, from the Pasteur Foundation on the death of the Duke's widow, the Duchess of Windsor in 1986. The Duke himself had died in 1972. Mohamed al Fayed then spent millions of dollars restoring the Bois de Boulogne mansion to its original condition. It became in effect a private museum dedicated to the Duke and Duchess of Windsor.

But suddenly in 1997 al Fayed had had a change of heart. I had first heard of the auction about a month earlier and puzzled about what he meant about having to clear the house and sell all of the possessions of the Duke and Duchess  ‘to make way for his growing family’. Now, seeing the two items juxtaposed, it all became clear. Fayed was clearing the house to make a palace for Diana and Dodi.

So, the woman who should have become Queen of Great Britain because she married the man who had ascended to the British throne as King Edward VIII was to be succeeded by the woman who should have become Queen of Great Britain because of her marriage to  the Heir Apparent,  Charles, The Prince of Wales.

I telephoned the TV1 newsroom and pointed out the real connection between the two items. The person I spoke to said she would pass it on to the production people. Being  sharp journalists, the response was to cut one of the items altogether from the late news bulletin.   However, when I put down the telephone at about 6.32, almost immediately I became aware of words coming unbidden into my mind.

I lay back in the chair and called to my wife, Jenny, who came and  wrote down the words that came into my mind.  In essence, the message was a warning. The spirit of King Edward VIII, latterly Duke of Windsor, spoke to me in terms that were raw with emotion. He did not want his possessions scattered to the winds, picked up by the rich as coffee table discussion points. He wanted his things kept together and returned to his native land, the land from which he had been exiled for almost 36 long years. He was asking me  to write to Fayed, to act in fact as his Private Secretary and convey his wishes in this important matter.. If his appeal to Fayed's decency fell on deaf ears, there was also a chilling warning of death to come, if his message went unheeded.

I suppose I  was a semi-trance like state. Later, Jenny typed up what the Duke had said. I read through it and felt a mixed range of emotions. I could feel his pain but I also knew I would merely be branded a madman if I wrote the letter as he had requested. After all science and the skeptics can tell us very forcefully that when you are dead, you are dead and that the idea of communication from the dead features only in bad films and Victorian séance rooms.

But that is  not my experience as a real scientist. I am not a practitioner of scientism, whose priests close their minds to what they cannot explain and dismiss as chance, illusion or fraud the well - documented experiences of others. My own scientific research over the previous 13 years, based on very many personal experiences, has proved for me, beyond all doubt, that on very rare occasions the dead can spontaneously communicate with the living.

It was not the first time that Edward VIII had chosen to communicate with us. The first occasion had been on 12th November 1989 when he had first come to speak to us through Jenny in a trance state. He  dictated a letter to be sent to Charles, the current Prince of Wales, on his approaching 41st birthday, two days later. The astonishing coincidences over those two days, coincidences in our own real physical world of space and time, authenticated fully the origin of the message. The skeptics, no doubt, would claim we imagined the message, but what powers would they need to invoke in our minds to fabricate the associated coincidences over distances of at least 30 miles? Or would they be left clinging to their only friend, chance?

The former Prince of Wales was trying to warn the current Prince of Wales, and behind the warning was a barely perceptible hint that history was repeating itself. The Duke of Windsor used referred to Prince Charles using his formal title of Heir Apparent and then the Duke added "and I stress Apparent".

I was uncomfortable about sending the letter when I first wrote down the request, but the associated meaningful coincidences over 36 hours, 12 hours before the communication and 24 hours after, convinced me that the communication was valid and that I should act upon the request.  Predictably, the letter was totally ignored at Kensington Palace . There was never any acknowledgement at all. But I have no doubt the letter was received.

A little over a year later, when the Prince of Wales had a transient interest in the recently privatised water industry, I wrote to him about the state of the water industry in Britain. I had worked in the publicly owned water industry for 13 years since leaving Oxford, firstly as a chemist, then as a operational line manager and finally  as a consulting engineer.   I received a reply from his then Private Secretary, Richard Aylard.  This was an interesting link back to that November day in 1989.  He asked me to produce a briefing paper for the Prince of Wales for his forthcoming visit to Thames Water plc. So I concluded that the Prince's officials reply to letters that are either useful or harmless, but it would seem that my letter concerning the Duke of Windsor was not something to be encouraged or even acknowledged. This was despite the fact that I had tried in a covering letter to explain about my comprehensive research and the origins of the  'Birthday Greetings' letter.

Having sent the briefing paper, I heard nothing from the Prince of Wales’ office, nothing at all.  I had expected merely the courtesy of an acknowledgement of receipt. So two months later, I submitted a bill for my professional services. To my amazement, some six weeks later, I received a cheque for £229, the value of my invoice to him.  Initially, I had never expected to be paid. I had been pleased to be able to help. If only he had had the courtesy to thank me for the work I had done for his benefit I would never have sent a bill..  The price was much higher than it need have been for him. And that is certainly the case for the Prince of Wales today. The price for his behaviour over the past 23 years will  be high indeed. 229 is a key number for the end times. Perhaps it is a sign of the impending end times for the Prince of Wales at least as Heir Apparent.  For  22.9 years from the day he made the wedding vows, he never intended to keep, brings us to 22nd June, 2004. 226 is a number that links to God in the Enigma Codes and the following day 23rd June is the 110th anniversary of the birth of Edward, Prince of Wales, briefly King, and finally Duke of Windsor.

So it was not a totally novel experience on 11th August 1997 to be aware of the spirit of the former king. From my research into the paranormal, I realised that it fulfilled the necessary conditions for a valid communication.  The person concerned had a strong emotional need to convey information and the communication was spontaneous and triggered by some related incident in our world of space and time. The Duke was absolutely aghast at the potential scattering of his collected belongings. Later on that particular night, more significant coincidences in my physical world confirmed that I must heed the Duke’s request to write to Fayed.

The Duke had not set any time limits for Fayed’s action. IThe idea came to me thatthat I should give Fayed time to cancel the sale and save face so I told him that he had until 1st September to cancel the sale which was due to begin in New York on 9-11-1997. The idea came to me that I should publicise the Duke's warnings to the British media and to inform the New York Times of the communication on 1st September 1997. So the last working day Fayed could possibly have acted to cancel the sale was Friday, 29th August. Within little over 24 hours of that ultimatum running out, his son was dead. Fayed had failed to heed the Duke’s warning and his son and Diana were dead or dying in the Alma Tunnel. Is it just coincidence that, had the car emerged from the tunnel, it would have come out onto Avenue de New York?

I had posted the letter around 5 pm on 15th August. Around midnight on the night of 16/17th August. A series of very meaningful coincidences caused me to realise that I was being shown that Princess Diana would shortly be murdered in what would be made to look like an accident.  The Web of Destiny had already given ‘Dodo’ for 1st September, but it was only later that I put the previous date with what I was being shown was to come.

The full accounts of these events will be found in the book Belshazzar’s Feast which we shall be publishing in due course.

Some weeks after Diana’s death, Jenny had a trance experience of Diana speaking through her. The full account of these experiences and the messages will be published in our book  The Diana Enigma     7th January 2004. 10.00.44

Rather curiously one of the code numbers which occurred then to convince me that the warning was genuine and to send the letter to Fayed on 15th August 1977 occurred again this morning, 7th January, 2004. Again it was in connection with another NZ TV1 programme. This time it was in the programming G-code.  The programme was highly significant for it was today's edition of Classic Coronation Street, first shown in Britain in 1985.  Is not the name a curious link?  Is Coronation Street a symbolic reference to the road to the throne?.  The 1938 film which followed it this morning is also thought-provoking - The Lady Vanishes. The only problem is that although the Lady Diana vanished conveniently,  she is in several ways still here. There are many disturbing unanswered questions surrounding the so-called accident.  Many people are convinced she was murdered.  We are certain that she was. We are equally certain that her spirit has survived death, as she too has spoken through Jenny, the first occasion being three weeks after her funeral. See The Diana Enigma. But her words from beyond the grave hold no more comfort for the Windsors than her words before she was killed.

Last night, on my journey back from work in Tuakau,  there was a succession of coincidences relating to Diana's death and the way she was killed. The final coincidence was the trip mileage on my car when I got home. It was 1688.5km.  Yesterday,  the British coroner began his long delayed inquest into her death. The car she died in had the registration number 688 TLV 75.  The strong coincidences I observed last night suggest to me that my research results are valid.  Coincidence can tell us much. It is orchestrated to tell us the truth when the authorities, whom we should be able to trust, lie to us to protect their own  narrow short term interests.

Incidentally, 1688 is also of importance in British royal history. On 12th December 1688, King James II fled from England to Ireland. He was deemed to have abdicated the throne. Rather eerily the only other British king to have abdicated, King Edward VIII, left Portsmouth harbour a little after 2am on 12th December 1936, aboard HMS Fury. It seems that there is an order of coherence underlying the reality we all see on a daily basis, but which we can glimpse but rarely. 

Will this death, on 31st August 1997 in the black Mercedes 688 TLV 75,  force another abdication? The Enigma Codes of Destiny suggest that Charles will never be crowned king.  Indeed Camilla would seem to be the 'doomsday comet' for the House of Windsor itself.  But the monarchy has only itself to blame. Like the Church of England, the Monarchy has abandoned both truth and God.  Is the Church going to marry the Heir Apparent and his non-negotiable mistress, the woman who put the nails in the coffin of the first marriage of the Prince of Wales?  Some commentators have even suggested she might become Duchess of Cornwall.

In total contrast, King George VI had a belief in and a concern for both truth and God.   His descendants have preferred to put their faith in media manipulators. The Enigma Codes of Destiny show that all are ultimately answerable to the ultimate Source of Intelligence, the Orchestrator of coincidence, be they Sovereign, Heir Apparent or pauper.

This EVIIIR Cipher is taken from a very rare 1936 Edward VIII Bible which I found in the Alliance charity bookshop in Onehunga, Auckland on 10th March 1995.  My finding it symbolises for me  the spirit of Edward VIII being enabled to communicate with us as an element, or an extension of the Word of God. It also happens to be one of the physical manifestations of meaningful  coincidence authenticating psychic communication.  These bibles are very rare in Britain, let alone in New Zealand.

15.58pm, 7th January, 2004

For more on Destiny and the Duke of Windsor see Kismet and King Edward VIII
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