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Ankhesenpaaten, Daughter of Ra

The After-Death Autobiography of Akhenaten's Daughter

The name given above is wrong. How do we know?  Because she has told us how her name was rea
lly pronounced. Her real name was Ankhsoun, not Ankhesen.  Somehow she has been able to speak across time,  across 33 centuries,  linking mind to mind.   Ankhsoun-pa-Aten, who became the wife of Tutankhaten, was the daughter of the ‘heretic’ pharaoh, Akhenaten and his foreign-born  queen, Nefertiti. 'The Heretic’ was how Akhenaten was described by the priests of the all powerful, but corrupted state god Amun Ra.

 Who was the mysterious pharaoh who reigned with Akhenaten? What lay behind the mask of Tutankhamun? And what happened to Akhenaten? Ankhsoun tells us the answer to all of these mysteries.

 We are publishing two books under the title 'The Sands of Eternity'. Volume 1 willbe Ankhsoun's story in her own words, Ankhsoun, Daughter of Ra  Volume 2,  'Hand of Destiny' is based on our own personal experiences of strange meaningful coincidences which have linked us to each other, to Ancient Egypt and to Ankhsoun and her father, Akhenaten, in particular and also to her mother Nefertiti.  These meaningful coincidences help to authenticate Ankhsoun's story and show that her story is a key part of a complex web of great relevance now to the End Times in which we now live.

Jenny and I appear to have been drawn together by some mysterious force linking us both back to Ancient Egypt.  I had long felt unaccountably drawn to Egypt but prior to October 1986, I had never been to Egypt. Jenny had lived there for a year and had developed a business selling Egyptian art in Britain. I found out about her from an advertisement in a special golden jubilee edition of the Prediction Magazine. This magazine was published to mark  the 50th anniversary of the publication of the first ever copy early in February 1936. Even in that there is a very strange coincidence, a mysterious hand of destiny at work. But I did not notice this until some time in 1999. Jenny when she was trying desperately to get a catalogue together could never have realised quite how significant that advertisement would be for her nor how appropriate that particular edition would turn out to be.

I found out about her Egyptian Art gallery at Hampton Court from the advertisement, so I went to see her to try to get a painting from the Akhenaten period.  In the process of helping Jenny develop her business, instead of  just getting a painting, some three months later, I got a full picture of Akhenaten - and, by chance, I also got a new wife.

One day, 8th June 1986, Jenny drifted into a sleep which turned out to be a trance. The words seemed to come from Jenny, but they were not Jenny's words. Even the voice had a different quality. The other woman seemed younger. The voice was that of a woman from long go. It turned out to be the voice of Ankhsoun, daughter of ‘the Heretic’ himself (as Akhenaten was described by the priests of the false god Amun-Ra). In time we came to realise that she was really his only daughter. The other two daughters of the marriage were very much their mother's daughters

Over the next three weeks in June 1986, Ankhsoun ‘came’ at all sorts of times of day and night and always in places associated with kings and queens - Chelsea, Brighton and Paris. Sometimes, when excited or particularly when frightened, she would lapse into her native Egyptian.....It was as though somehow her spirit had learned to communicate in English, but under extreme stress the translation mechanism failed and she lapsed into her native tongue.

Over the subsequent months, I researched the period. This is the basis of the explanatory footnotes in the book. How many books are researched after being written? But this is an unusual book - in more ways than one!  My researches convinced me that this woman was indeed who she seemed to be.

So many Egyptologists have speculated for so long over the Amarna period. Now Ankhsoun tells what really happened. It is a tale of beauty, love, heartache and cruelty. But make no mistake, this is no novel. This is a true story. It needs no Hollywood 'improvements' to add interest.

Hers is a poignant story, indeed. She talks lovingly of her father and his work, his belief in Aten-Ra, which was his name for God. She tells of her father’s death and secret burial. She tells of her marriage to Tutankhaten and its disappointment. She tells how she had to change her name to include the  most loathesome name imaginable. Then came  the sudden death of Tutankhamun and then  the disgust that she knew, with Ay, the next husband she was forced to marry.  Finally, there was the terror at the hands of the evil Priests of Amun. And she continues with what happened after her death............

This book fills in many gaps in a fascinating period which has confused Egyptologists for well over a century. It seems that the older Victorian ideas that her father, Akhenaten, was a forerunner of Christ are closer to the truth than the fashionable modern theories that he was a power-seeking madman, notable for his sexual deviance. Perhaps the modern theories reflect more  the nature of their age than of their supposed subject.

Ankhsoun ends her story with a vision across time from the beginning to the end, from Alpha to Omega.   Man has little time left to change his ways.    I, for one, doubt that he will

The hieroglyph
s read from the top

Living in Truth,  Great Royal Wife,  Lady of the Two Lands,  Ankhsoun pa Aten,  Chosen One of Ra,  Given life forever.

Great Royal Wife was a  title equivalent to  Queen. The two lands had been the traditional  name for the whole of the land of Egypt, ie upper and lower Egypt for over one thousand years even by the time of Ankhsoun. The pharaoh was always given the title Lord of the Two Lands.

It is easy to see how the Egyptologists came to transliterate her name erroneously. They render the name as Ankhesen because according to their stylised convention an 'e' is placed between any pair of consonants to allow pronunciation of the words. Hieroglyphics does not  record vowels and in general, the vowels are unknown.  Champollion in the 1820s attempted to derive some of the vowels from Coptic, which is the only surviving relative of hieroglyphics. Instead though, Egyptologists have adopted the standard convention of using but one vowel, a universal 'e'.  so their Ancient Egyptian language is a synthetic one and has a very loose connection to the language which Ankhsoun spoke.

No 'e' is required between the ankh and the 's' to allow pronunciation. The vowel which follows before the 'n' is better rendered 'ou' than by a a 'default e'. So Ankhsoun is  therefore most accurate version of her name. The name  commonly in use today is Ankhesen pa aten.  This was her original name name from during her father's reign. Later when the weak Tutankhaten became Pharaoh, he changed his name to Tutankhamun and she was  forced to change her name to Ankhesenamun, sometimes rendered Ankhesenamen.   It was a name she absolutely loathed and detested.  She refused to speak it. 'How  could they put my name with his?' she asked angrily.

Her name is sometimes transliterated as Ankhesenpaaton, or even Anchesenpaaton,  Anchesenpaaten,  or Anchesenamun, or Anchesenamen.  The lack of written vowels certainly allows for very many variations in the spelling of her name.

Evidence and Reincarnation
There seem to be many women on the internet nowadays who believe that they are reincarnations of Ankhesenpaaten.  Some seem to prefer her later name of Ankhesenamun. The Amarna discussion groups have at least 14 correspondents who use that name with their identifying numeral following, viz Ankhesenamen14.   It is worth noting that they all appear to be happy with the Egyptologists mis-transliteration of a name that the real Ankhsoun absolutely refused to use. Is that itself not food for thought?

Reincarnation is actually an oriental doctrine, to be found in Hinduism and Buddhism.  It is not an Ancient Egyptian concept at all. The Egyptians believed that on death you went to the Hall of Judgement where your heart was weighed against the feather of Truth. The result of the weighing of the heart determined the destination for your soul, in essence, the Elysian Fields or the Devourer, in essence, Heaven or Hell.  There were no half way houses, no second chances.  And there was certainly no question of choosing to come back to gain more experiences or, for another bite at the cherry because you stuffed it up this time round. That is a New Age con-cept.

Our research with the Enigma Codes of Destiny suggest the Ancient Egyptian belief system was  fairly close to the mark.  It is also very similar to parts of the last book of the Bible, the Revelation of St John the Divine.  Although Ankhsouns' story was told to me in June 1986, our experience of the Airbus Codes (2008) provided powerful evidence that on death all are indeed judged by God.  That series of events also echoed very clearly that Hell is Real

In April 1986, Mary Magdalen was sent to tell us the story of Christ.  Two months later Ankhsoun pa Aten was sent  to tell us the story of Akhenaten.  And both women's coming was very precisely timed in a way that we did not comprehend for five years.   Why were they sent?  The answer to that lies in a related question.  Why have there been  so many cross-linkages between Christ and Akhenaten through our research over the last nineteen years? So many times, strange coincidences have brought to our attention intricate connections between these two men. Perhaps part of the answer lies in the events  of perhaps the most remarkable juxtaposition which occurred on 17th November 1991. Again, it happened in Paris, in the Church of the Madeleine.  

The answer lies in part because that lesson I was asked to read at the Madeleine was Christ's words concerning the signs which would precede the End of the World. Over the 20 years since I read that lesson on the day appointed, God has chosen to give the signs so clearly that the End of the World is nigh.  Jenny's death was a key element of the End times sequences allowing the truth about Ankhsoun's real purpose to be revealed gradually over the following year.  It is all about the Second Coming.  For more the latter part of our book  Predestination  abc or A-Z ? - A Trainspotters Guide to Destiny.

Rev 22nd June 2008  11.43pm  Rev 24th March 2012 9.09pm

Proof of Real Connections through Coincidences May--June, 2008.
Proof that our experiences concerning Akhenaten and his daughter are real continues to flood in.  These strange connections are not chance.   First there is the odd direct connections in recent magazines.....

I came across a significant magazine on 29th May 2008 in a Papakura bookshop.  Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt, ISSN 1741-2293 Issue 53.  The article Who killed Prince Zannanza ends as follows: ‘Ay succeeded to the throne of Egypt and went on to reign for around four years, then Horemheb succeeded him. As for the beautiful queen, Ankhesenamun, except for one single scarab, she seems simply to fade from Ancient Egypt’s history…..’ Was it only for her to emerge in my darkened basement flat in Chelsea, one night some 3300 years later? But from the time of the Tudors, that part of London has been associated with royalty, albeit Britain’s kings and queens.   And is it just chance that Ammut the Devourer is the god featured in that issue.  Ammut devours those who fail the Judgement in the Judgement scenes in the Books of the Dead.  Ankhsoun was sent to tell the truth about her father, and to warn.......  And is it just chance that another article in that very same issue is about Human Sacrifice?  For that was indeed her end....The priests of Amun really were evil.

Ankhsoun ends her story with a vision across time from the beginning to the end. Man had little time left to change his ways in 1986.  No one has wanted to know, so perhaps the sands of time have finally run out for mankind.  Perhaps it is part of God's plan that the world knows the truth about Akhenaten and his relevance to The End Times.  Edition 52 had the article What Happened to Akhenaten and Nefertiti?  In summary, the article takes a long time to say "We have no idea". 

Read Ankhsoun's story and then you will know.  That is much more than can be said of a visit to the Tutankhamun exhibition in London.  250,000 people have visited it, according to their publicity.  Not one of them really has the faintest idea about the life of Tutankhamun, Akhenaten or Ankhsoun, or the relationship between Akhenaten, Tutankhamun, Ay and Nefertiti. Anything in the exhibition is, like most of the material in museums around the world, largely erroneous speculation. 

And now a few interesting coincidences.  The Akhenaten article appeared in Vol. 52 and 52 is 2.26, the code for Ra. The ISSN is 1741-2293.   229 is the code for the Apocalypse.  I found Vol 52 on 10th May 2008, a day that carried a strong Hammer of God link.  Two days later came the China Szechuan earthquake. The interconnection between Akhenaten and the Source of his inspiration, The Diagrams of Truth  and recent disasters will be found in a book currently in preparation, The Crystal Sheres.  This book recounts the events of May and June 2008 together with all the coded messages that pour in to us today from the same Source that inspired Akhenaten, thirty three centuries ago.  What Ankhsoun has to say about her life then has a relevance to to your life now.

Then there are the odd indirect connections in the magazines.  First there was MiNDFOOD magazine on 9th June 2008 and the woman who shares Ankhsoun's 'birthday', 8th June.   It is the anniversary of her spirit coming, or being sent to us, 8th June, 1986.   But despite our long chat and Marama's obvious interest, our story was not for MiNDFOOD it seemed.

We had to find another magazine.  Was NEXT magazine next?  That was the conclusion I came to when Jenny found a significant copy in her GP's surgery on 21st June.  There was a rather relevant article.  Is the truth out there?  It was an examination of psychics and their claimed abilities.  But when she got to it , there was no sign of the article, just two stub ends.  The article had been torn out.  Someone else had also found it interestinSo I wrote to NEXT

Ordinary people are intrigued by our amazing coincidences, and by the paranormal aspects of our research, but media people always decide it is 'not for us' or 'not the sort of story we would publish'.  TV schedules are not short of psychic material from Ghost Whisperer to Sensing Murder.  One is often a bit unsure where fiction ends with some mediums.  Yet these strange links across space and time seem strongly to authenticate our experiences of Akhenaten and his daughter.

Anyway, I saw the missing article as a reason to ring NEXT and see if I could interest anyone in Ankhsoun's story ... and ours.   It was the Editor's assistant who answered the phone.  She seemed to have more of a knowledge of Tutankhamun and Akhenaten than I would have expected from someone working on a woman's magazine.   "I have a friend who is an Egyptologist, she explained.  She is fascinated by Akhenaten.  She has recently gone to Yale to do a PhD.  We did a short piece on her in the February issue.  I'll send you a copt [Footnote]  of that too".  And she did.  I told her about the odd coincidence of Marama, the woman at MiNDFOOD who had answered the phone and her sharing Ankhsoun's birthday, as we call it.   What's your birthday, I asked?  "Its miles away", she replied, " 22nd December".  "It may be miles away from Ankhsoun's birthday," I said, "but its not miles away from my research.  That's the day I cracked my first prophecy code over the Lockerbie air disaster...And we had just opened an exhibition of Egyptian paintings.....I'll send you the Mindfood e-mail anyway".  So I did and I added an introductory part where I explained in detail why 22nd December was very relevant.

The developments on 24th June were even more thought-provoking.  I didn't check the post till late afternoon. It often comes around lunchtime.  I was about to dash out just before the banks closed.  And there was a large envelope, rather damp in the back of our postbox. It must be the photocopies of the missing article from the March 2008 issue, I surmised. When I opened the envelope and took out the copies,   I saw the crystal ball first.  It was the front page of the psychics article.   Is the truth out there? 

 It reminded me of the crystal ball we keep in the sitting room, just for effect.  I don't see the future in it- well not usually at any rate. There were two A3 single sided photocopies.  And then beneath was a single sheet of A4, another colour photocopy.  It was Emma's Eyptologist friend against a rather arty Egyptian background, some exhibition, I surmised. 
It was when I began to read the text that I was absolutely staggered. 

This young woman apparently had an ambition to find the tomb of Akhenaten.  Of course in her story Ankhsoun explains how she buried her father, far from the royal tomb which had been prepared.  But Emma did not realise that.  It really was a quite astonishing connection.  I noted the time, 4.23pm 24th June, 2008.

Immediately I was reminded of a book, The Eye of Ra. 

Add Footnote re Copts Coptic ref above.  To be continued...  deo volente


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