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Here is a selection of articles which indicate how meaningful coincidence appears to weave a mysterious web through the world in which we live.

Is there some purpose behind coincidence?

If there is, should we not try to understand the purpose?

There seem to be some very relevant messages about the world today in 2003

Problems with Probability
A Columbia Disaster Prophecy
The Sacrifice
A Warning for America

Some more recent articles are

The Da Vinci Code
A discussion of the element of destiny in Dan Brown's novel being so popular now, relating as it does to codes and Mary Magdalen. But this novel is about codes devised by the mind of man. The true story of Mary Magdalen relates to the real Alpha and Omega Codes. But these are codes which were devised by the Mind of God. They authenticate Mary Magdalen's story and warn of what is to come'

The Real Passion of the Christ
This article discusses the real passion of Christ, the one that brought his death.

Intelligent Design and Hurricane Katrina
This page describes some of the developments in the Alpha and Omega Codes between March 2005 and July 2006

The Perpignan Airbus crash, 2008
How we can be sure there really is Judgement on death for all.  The warning is very clear and that the atheists are totally wrong.

The Chosen Ones
Then there were the many disasters of 2010 - At best we are actors on a stage

Japan and the 3 in 1 - Apocalypse now?
A foretaste of what is to come.  Natural disaster brings technological disaster.  It is a sign that the priest and High Priestess  of Christchurch are both wrong.  And it is a kind of Neptune's revenge for the nation which is the greatest pillager of the oceans.

Why Nuclear War is Inevitable
 Futility (1898) was only a novel.... but it  described with stunning accuracy, the loss of the Titanic in 1912.  Down to a Sunless Sea too (1979) was only a novel.   Or was it more?  There are more and more references in strange coincides in 2013 and 2014 which lead be to be certain that nuclear war is coming.  It is only a question of time.  And that time is already known, if not to us.  Malaysian flight MH370 is one of the latest reminders



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