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Destiny 1

Was it just chance that led us to Paris in June 1986 or was it destiny? For Ankhsoun-pa-Aten, daughter of Akhenaten and wife of Tutankhamun, appeared to choose that time in Paris to tell us of her cruel death. Or was she sent to tell us when we were in Paris? Was it because, even in 1986, Something knew that another princess would be sacrificed by another Establishment in that very same city?

There is another link in death also, between these two princesses. On that last fateful Saturday afternoon, 30th August 1997,  on their way from the airport into Paris,  Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed had made one stop. They had called at the ‘Chateau Windsor’ the house in the Bois de Boulogne where the Duke of Windsor had lived from 1950 until his death in 1972.  But now the great house was empty.   Diana and Dodi were planning their future home. The treasures of an English king were to be auctioned at Sotheby's in New York on 11th September 1997. This was a 9-11 that was, in its way, no less significant than the one to come four years later.

The Duke had died on 28th May 1972 and finally, in death, he was allowed to return to his native land, having been an outcast and an exile for the last thirty five years of his life. His body was flown back to RAF Benson in Oxfordshire and then taken to lie in state in St. George’s Chapel, Windsor. 

His funeral was intended to be a quiet affair but suddenly, as with Princess Diana, there was a sudden outpouring of sadness for the man who had been treated so shabbily by his own family, the Windsors, for 35 long years. By the Saturday night, 57,000 people had filed past his coffin in the course of the two days of his lying in state. Just as was to be shown at Diana's funeral,    the hostility which the Windsors had shown to the Duke was not a feeling shared by the ordinary people of Britain.

And, in a curious irony of timing, as his body lay in state in St. George’s Chapel and the public slowly filed past paying their respects, and his niece took the salute for the Trooping of the Colour for her official birthday parade, complete with her black arm-band, there was something else. Less than a mile away from all the pomp and pageantry of the Birthday Parade and twentieth century London,  another long queue    snaked its way through Bloomsbury, the people patiently waiting to set their eyes on the treasures of another king. But these treasures spanned the centuries.

There was gold and enamelled jewellery, impressive statues and the magnificent funeral mask of  King Tutankhamun himself, once Pharaoh of Egypt and husband of Ankhsoun-pa-Aten.

These wonderful objects had been placed in the tomb for his funeral 3,300 years before. Now another king was about to be buried, someone strangely connected by fate across time. Was it just a strange quirk of timing that for six months, between March and September of 1972, Tutankhamun’s treasures were on display at the British Museum . I  visited the Tutankhamun exhibition on 13th August 1972. Was it destiny that 25 years later, to the very day, I was to link the two kings again?

For it was on 13th August 1997 that the spirit of Edward VIII came to me, really angry. He asked me to write to Mohamed Al Fayed to warn him of the consequences of his actions if he proceeded with the New York sale. But Fayed, or his staff, ignored my letter.......

It seems appropriate to be writing this article on the Ides of March, because that is a day which represents betrayal and assassination. Both Edward VIII and Princess Diana were betrayed by both friends and country, and Princess Diana was almost certainly assassinated. That is what the Enigma Destiny Codes tell me. I would put far more trust in these codes than in Tony Blair, any country's Secret Service or the House of Windsor.

For I believe the Enigma Destiny Codes link to God, the ultimate source of truth. Men weave webs of deceit, but the Web of Destiny is a Web of Truth, which given its complexity and precision can only have been  spun by God Himself.

11.17.47 pm 15th March 2003
Revised 11.40am 17th March 2003.

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