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Article 2

An Open Letter

This letter was sent to various individuals, magazines and newspapers between 18th and 20th February 2003.

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17th February 2003 

Dear Sir,

Beyond Space and Time

I hesitate to write this open letter because I will probably be branded either a terrorist or a madman. Yet I know I am neither.

I am a scientist. I took a Chemistry degree and a doctorate at Oxford and have for the last 30 years spent my professional life in public health engineering and waste water treatment. But, for nearly 20 years, I have also studied coincidence and the paranormal in as scientific a manner as is humanly possible. I have come to the conclusion that coincidence is orchestrated. Coincidences can give coded warnings of things to come. That begs the question of ' orchestrated by whom?' . All I can say in answer to that question is that it appears to be by some source of intelligence beyond our understanding of space and time. Some may choose to call such an entity ' God' and I even incline to such a view myself because I can conceive of nothing else which could transcend time itself.

It was nineteen days before the Lockerbie plane crash that my first experience of a' precisely coded disaster' began. But I came to understand the code only after the plane crashed. It was not until six months later that I cracked the code completely. Other events in what I call the 'Enigma Code' sequences were the Mecca Tunnel disaster of 2nd July 1990, the start of the Gulf War in 1991 and Princess Diana' s death in 1997 which my ' coincidence' connections on 16/17th August 1997 fairly precisely predicted for 1st September. Although I must admit, I first became aware of Princess Diana's impending early death in May 1992 when my sudden visit to Luxor in Egypt coincided with her equally sudden one. Was it just chance, or were we both independently given the idea to go there then by Something that knew what was to come?

My advance knowledge of the ' Twin Towers' disaster was more indirect but related to my time working at Chicksands Air Force Base (euphemistically called RAF Chicksands) near Bedford in England. The message was very clear ' Fawlty Towers - Lockerbie comes to America' Was it just coincidence that these messages came on two dates, Friday 11th September 1992 (9-11) and the following Monday, 14th September? RAF Chicksands was not an RAF base at all. It was just called RAF Chicksands to fool the British people so they would not realise how strongly the tentacles of America grip Britain. It wasn't even an airbase. The purpose of Chicksands AFB was to give warning to America of all possible threats to its security since it was actually a spy station with an enormous ' elephant cage' antenna, like a modern-day Stonehenge, but in steel. My role at Chicksands was nominally much more humble than intelligence gathering. I had nothing to do with the USAF (Europe) SIGINT squadrons in Building 600. I was paid to manage the sewage works by the British MoD. And it was a job that came out of the blue, through my employment agency in Epsom, Surrey in early June 1992.

[For more details on this Chicksands Prophecy of the World Trade Centre attack and to understand how this disaster is part of a larger interconnected puzzle, see The Four Jigsaws. [Note Added 28th December 1.06pm]

When I found out about the Space Shuttle disaster on Sunday, 2nd February 2003, I really felt I could kick myself. I had not joined the dots just as the security services in the US failed to join the dots before the Twin Towers attack! I had been too busy with too many things. I got clear signs of a space shuttle disaster through a series of coincidences on 6th October 2002. If only I had looked then at those, in detail, I could have concluded it would be Columbia, possibly on re-entry, especially when, on 18th January, I realised the political nature of that particular flight.

I write to you now because of very, very strong coincidences on 10th February - amongst the strongest I have ever known. Events have a kind of hysteresis. The result of an action may not be apparent for some time, possibly years. Often there seems to be a strong theme of natural justice in so many disasters in what I call the 'Web of Destiny' .

America has not yet reaped the justice it deserves for its reaction to 9-11. Did the Americans ask 'Why did it happen? Why do people hate us so much? Should we not change our policies? Should we go on supporting Israel, however much its policies are an affront to decency and morality? Should we not take a broader view and look to fairness and justice for everyone in the world - not what is best to keep America rich and powerful?'  No, instead there was a totally different response. The response was ' Somebody must pay! We will teach the world not to mess with America!' . So the richest nation on earth attacked one of the poorest, to catch a bogeyman - and failed, but at least only 'collateral damage' ensued.

The Chicksands codes were located around one particular weekend. One has been, i.e. 9-11. The other is yet to come (9-14). This latter 'Enigma Code' predicts that there will be a disastrous accident at an American nuclear power station. It will be purely due to incompetence, cover-ups and malpractice - the standard problems of capitalist, or any other human society - but fatal when applied to nuclear power. Remember Kipling' s poem 'The Secret of the Machines' -

        We can pull and haul and push and lift and drive,
        We can print and plough and weave and heat and light,
        We can run and race and swim and fly and dive,
        We can see and hear and count and read and write......
        But remember, please, the Law by which we live,
        We are not built to comprehend a lie.
        We can neither love nor pity nor forgive -
        If you make a slip in handling us....you die!

Many, many Americans will indeed die when the 'Dorset Disaster' occurs. But that is a disaster for which I have been given coincidence codes since 1989.

There is now a new disaster, even more frightening, which the 'Coincidence Codes' brought to my attention for the very first time on 10th February 2003. This date is, by coincidence, also a key date in the Enigma Codes for many other reasons.

I can now understand this very specific warning very clearly. The summary is as follows. If America proceeds with the war on Iraq, then like the shuttle, it will at first seem to be a copybook exercise - flawless. But ultimately the reward America will reap will be the destruction of New York City with a hydrogen bomb. I cannot tell you how, or when. The codes do not, as yet, reveal that.

Sometimes I get nothing more until the event happens, as though the Source of Intelligence which chooses to orchestrate the coincidences is merely concerned to show It knows what is to come and that we can wait and see when it happens.

Sometimes, we are warned what will be the consequences of our actions and what we must do to avoid them. But we are not given alternatives to save ourselves from the consequences of our action further down the line if we choose to ignore the first warning.

Often I get a 'what' . Sometimes I can get a 'how' . But only with Princess Diana' s death and the start of the Gulf War could I get a fairly precise date as well. Nor would the most powerful computer on earth give any better estimate than my mind because it is as though I am caught up in a Great Experiment designed by some Higher Mind. A computer would generate millions of connections, almost all of them meaningless. You have only to look at computer-generated internet search results to see what I mean about irrelevance. Alternatively, try getting grammatical advice from a computer and see how many errors of comprehension it makes. You need to understand all the rules which govern a relationship to write a useful computer programme. The rules relating coincidence to prophecy and destiny appear to be written by Something beyond our understanding of space and time. They are interactive to the nth degree. So, for some things, a computer cannot replace the human mind.

Sometimes I suddenly get a cross-connection from some experience which I may have had years before. Perhaps it was something lost in the dim recesses of my memory and now suddenly I find it brought to the surface. Then I realise this is the solution to a particular code. This Source of Intelligence appears to communicate as and when it chooses, but with me - through my mind - not through computers. I must make of it as I will - and God knows, I try. But I feel totally overwhelmed now by the coincidences of the last few days.

We live in momentous times. If America goes ahead with the war in Iraq, in time, perhaps years, for I cannot say when, millions of Americans will die. This can, of course, be all just dismissed as nonsense. There can be nothing meaningful in coincidence, as the Skeptics at CSICOP will happily tell you. Their HQ is in New York so it will be interesting to see if they are proved wrong. The warning of the New York bomb came to me that afternoon, 10th February 2003, as I went about my professional business in waste water treatment. It came 'completely out of the blue' - a bit like the Shuttle. I read in the NZ Herald the next morning that 10th February was also the feast of Eid el Adha, one of the most important festivals of the Moslem year, the Feast of the Sacrifice.

If George Bush goes to war with the other two elements of his Unholy Trinity, Blair and Sharon, his only staunch supporters, then in time it seems that the sacrifice will be seen to have been New York City itself.

In proceeding with this war, America will create more enemies than it could ever imagine. Some of these people will be very resourceful. All it would take would be one container..... Can they ever be sure? Can they ever be secure? Would it not be better to work towards world peace through cooperation, through helping others, instead of forcing the American will on the rest of the world, through promoting American interests with no care for who else suffers in consequence? Of course, it could be that the ' coincidence' pointers indicate merely the destruction of New York City as part of wider global nuclear conflict......

Perhaps nothing can stop any of this now. I felt I had to go to New York in December 1985. I remember clearly the words coming into my mind as I walked around the financial area' One day this will be no more......' But that was long before I began to understand the precision of the coincidence codes in 1987.

I write this letter as a scientist with nearly 20 years of evidence to support my theories, theories which no one will look at because they do not fit with 'our existing understanding' . Scientists do not like the idea of a Supreme Intelligence. Priests dislike it even more because the Source of Intelligence warns of disaster, warns us of the consequences of our actions. It does not proclaim itself as 'Jesus' or anyone else. It does not talk of Salvation, nor does it dive down like a cross between a saint and superman to save us from our own stupidity, greed, arrogance and ignorance. And nor does it cover everything in treacly, oozing Christian 'love'....

Perhaps the coming war and its consequences are indeed inevitable. A disturbing Biblical analogy comes to mind. Perhaps the Great Whore, the Whore that corrupteth the Kings of the Earth, must now come to Babylon to satisfy the insatiable Beast of the Apocalypse, the seven headed monster, now with ten crowns. Bush, Cheney and the sinister Condoleeza Rice make appropriate priests - or is it priestesses? - for the Beast of Oil.

Of course, I could be wrong. Perhaps you can safely dismiss it all as chance. But there is another curious little twist in all the coincidences which causes me to think that maybe there is a destiny. So, perhaps I am right, after all. My career in public health engineering began in 1974 in the northeast of England at Tudhoe Mill sewage works. It serves the town of Spennymoor. And who is the MP for Spennymoor today? Why, none other than Tony Blair, a key element of the Unholy Trinity. I am not sure if he is the Son or the Unholy Ghost! Perhaps John's Vision on Patmos in 95 AD was indeed inspired by the same Source of Intelligence that has long chosen to orchestrate coincidence. Perhaps coincidences are a modern form of oracle - Welcome to Delphi! 

Yours faithfully,

Dr. Brian Cocksey                                  

PS: I enclose an article about the Columbia Space Shuttle disaster and another about Coincidence research. 

On Saturday morning, I was puzzled when my new camera suffered power failure at a very critical point near Auckland airport. It was 11 minutes past 11 am. The mileage at that point on my car was very significant and I wanted to photograph it to show the location but I was not able to do so. I drew it instead. It was not until 4.30 pm that same afternoon whilst we were swimming in our pool that I suddenly realised the coded numbers, which were very specific, had related to Team New Zealand's disaster in the Americas Cup Final series on the Hauraki Gulf at around 1.30 pm that very afternoon. The mileage that I wanted to photograph related to God, to Lockerbie, and very specifically to New Zealand. And it certainly was a disastrous day for New Zealand, a country that calls itself 'Godzone' , but whose real gods are  sport. Rugby which they call football is the king of the Gods. The nation goes into mourning when an important match is lost. . The loss of the Americas Cup came a very close second. Such is the problem with national identity here in New Zealand. Unfortunately black has become the national colour or lack of it.

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