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Disasters Predicted by the Codes of Fate over 25 years

July 2013
The Codes of Knowing
Lac Megantic and Asiana 214
March 2013
Russian Asteroid Strike
August  2012
Delete All and Anders Breivik.
An Executive Summary
The Parable of Lion Rock
May 2011
The latest Cassandra puzzle. Truly Apocalyptic Japan and the Second Coming
March 2011
Cassandra Jigsaw puzzles and why the Second Christchurch Earthquake.
December 2010
Earthquakes, Volcano,  BP Oil Spill,      Mine Disasters,  Diana William and Kate More End Times Signs
August 2009
Airbus Crashes &
 Judgement on Death

May 2008
The Apocalypse Codes
Disasters in Burma and China
July 2007
Prophecy, Destiny the English Floods

.....and the English Crown
June 2007
Dawkins God Delusion
Oxford and the Last Days
December 2006
Patterns in Destiny

Inspiration and Design
July 2006
Angels or Demons
September 2005
Hurricane Katrina
February 2005
Dan Brown Inspiration  and Coincidence
May 2004
The da Vinci Code
The Real Passion of Christ
February 2003
Destruction of Space Shuttle Columbia
September 2001
 World Trade Centre Attack
August 1997
Princess Diana's Assassination
July 1990
Mecca Tunnel Disaster
December 1988
Lockerbie Disaster
March 1987
Sinking of the Herald of Free Enterprise


Why the Cassandra Prophecy Calendar ?
According to the Greek legends, Cassandra was a beautiful woman, the daughter of Priam, King of Troy. Apollo desired her and in order to win her, he bestowed upon her the gift of prophecy. But she turned him down. He could hardly withdraw the gift and so he amended it. Although she would always be right in her prophecies, no one would ever believe her. More........

For a broader view see also the comprehensive Disaster Events list around which so many Cassandra disaster prophecy codes have been woven

Update October 2013

Read how the NZ foreign minister Murray McCulley had a near death experience as the RNZAF pilot tried to land a Boeing 757 aircraft full of scientists and military personnel at McMurdo base in Antarctica.  Was it not intended to echo Down to a Sunless Sea, a pointer to the grim future thaty lies ahead for man?  See Why Nuclear war is inevitable

Update August 2012
{DELETE ALL}. This was the message to me from the Source on 6th August 2012.  As a result, all of our websites have been down since that date.  The time that the blank screen came up with all the website files deleted proved to me that the Voice which I hear comes from the Source that orchestrates all things.  The Source knows all things with absolute precision - past, present and future.  The time was a live-update of the message intended by the actions of Anders Breivik in July 2011 and the Aurora shootings in July 2012.  Utoya Island gave the time interval before God will press 'delete all' for mankind.  Aurora confirmed the Source of the warnings.  To a far greater extent than almost anyone would like to imagine, we are indeed actors on a stage, as the world as mankind knows it, draws to its End.  For more see the linked pages.   3:33 PM   22ndAugust 2012.

Update March 2011
And now Japan truly apocalyptic indeed.  I had only just published No More Earthquakes for Christchurch explaining that now the message of the Second Coming had been conveyed through Christchurch, the focus of the Alpha and Omega codes would shift elsewhere. Almost immediately God proved my words to be true with a vengeance.... or were they His words anyway that had come to me?  After all the Voice had been most insistent that I had to publish that Christchurch web page that particular day.   Within an hour of my  publishing it, a colossal earthquake, magnitude 9.0, struck off North East Japan, producing in turn the devastating tsunami which killed almost 30,000 people.  That disaster suddenly explained for me all the signs God had chosen to give me so strongly over the course of that week between 7th and 11th March.  They were all the pieces of this latest Cassandra jigsaw puzzle.  And more signs, more pieces came in the week afterwards leaving no doubt at all that this was indeed the Hand of God, the Hammer of God for Japan.  The question is who is next?  Read more about Japan in The End Times Herald  and how it is further confirmation of the Second Coming.....Updated 4.01pm 3rd May 2011 .  Code 503 - The Diagrams of Truth indeed

Update February 2011
On the morning of 22nd February 2011, mainly thanks to my new friend Eric's causing me to investigate and reduce my power consumption, my power meter read 11507 kWh. 507 is the code for World's End.  It has been since 1990. At lunchtime Eric came with the proof that I had been right about his water meter.  After five weeks 'investigation' by United Water, he had finally been told that morning, by his landlord, that he would get a refund of $2370, an overcharge over five years. United Water had refused to discuss the matter at all  with Eric and were in no hurry to resolve the matter, despite the large sum of money involved.  Eric just paid the bills sent directly to him by  United Water - the wrong bills it turned out-  that's privatisation for you- or is it spoof privacy?  So, once again, I had been proved right in my former professional field of water and wastewater treatment and disposal. Did the cheque have to come that morning to emphasise that I was also right in my current field of expertise, paraphysics? Eric brought the cheque to show me.  But is it chance that the car in front of me at Alpha St on Marne Road in Papakura had the number plate RAERIC on the afternoon of 18th November, 2010.  It was part of the proof that I can trust the Voice, the Source, God or as Akhenaten called Him, Ra.  But I could not trust Jan. However, God used her according to His purposes to bring me the pieces of the Cassandra Jigsaw puzzle for Pike River on 12th November, seven days in advance and for the second Christchurch earthquake on 2nd February, 2011, three weeks before the really disastrous quake struck. 19th November, the day after my RAERIC observation, brought the Pike River mine disaster and Diana's spirit warning that Kate is the wrong Queen for William.  However, I did not meet Eric until 28th November 2010, and then only through Jan and with a curious link to Tutankhamun. At lunchtime on 22nd February, Eric also showed me the water meter readings he had taken at my identify why his bills were so high.  13th Jan 2010 - 1249m3  15th January - 1250 m3... I photographed his record sheet. The camera time on that photo is 13:05:07pm.   It runs on Ra's time, ahead of Man's.  The earthquake came about 90 seconds later at 12:51pm NZST.  So was it another case of RA ERIC?  It's something else for TV3's 'current affairs' whizz kid  John Campbell to dismiss as odious, something else he cannot even begin to comprehend.   And then on 9th March, came more evidence that Kate is wrong....For more on all of this see No More Earthquakes for Christchurch.  But there had to be two, the second more significant than the first....
Update 2010
The Alpha and Omega codes have predicted and/or cross-referenced a number of significant world events during 2010. In many of these events there has been a strong emphasis on the codes for the forthcoming End of the World. Some of these events are intricately cross connected, to each other and to earlier events which had been significant in the Alpha and Omega codes. It is as though these events have been chosen to convey powerful messages for those who choose to understand the code which God has taught me to read over the past 22 years.

The principal events from 2010 were :
The Haiti earthquake, the drowning of Daniel Lado off Piha beach, the eruption of the Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajokull, the explosion of the BP oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico, the crash of the 5th and 6th Airbuses -Libyan and Pakistani,  the Chilean mine collapse, the Christchurch earthquake in New Zealand,  my discovery of inspiration in Dan Brown’s latest novel The Lost Symbol,  the engagement of Prince William to Kate Middleton,  the Pike River mine disaster in New Zealand, very much an End Times event and specifically marked out as such.  Finally, there was the attack on the car carrying Prince Charles and Camilla in Regent St, just before Christmas.   NB  Tonight at 6pm, my house power meter read 10507 kWh, thus providing yet more evidence that I am right. It is not chance that 507 at 6.00 on a 229 day  Worlds End/Armageddon/ Apocalypse in both space and time.  11.11pm 12.29.10

To read more see The End Times Herald

Note that the Alpha and Omega codes are not simple Bible-derived codes as calculated by others who claim as did Miller, for instance  in 1844, that the End would come that October. There have been many others over the centuries.  (There was yet another failure on 21st May 2011, significant for other reasons- ironically to do with Knowing.  The problem was Howard Camping didn't.  His whole thesis is wrong, but Salvation is always a good sales pitch for bringing in the $$$$.   And his 'New Improved' date of 21st October will be important for one thing only: It will be the anniversary of Trafalgar Day still celebrated in Portsmouth by men of the Royal Navy))   The Alpha and Omega Codes are continually up-dated in real time.  I do not have time to write up more than a tiny fraction of the proof that pours in.  Never a day passes without more external proof of my Source of Inspiration, the Source that will bring the End for man.  On New Years' day 2011, the countdown moved to just a little over four years left. After Easter 2011, it will be down to just Three Easters left for man upon the Earth.  

Update 2009
And now comes the explanation behind the strange coincidences of all the Airbus crashes over the past eight months.  They are intended to demonstrate to us that there is a destiny, that God knows the future precisely.  It is also part of the final proof that God does exist.  Are the Airbus crashes God's reply to the uninspired advertisements the atheists put on Britain's buses earlier this year.  There is much evidence that they are.  Dawkins is simply wrong.  And I really would worry if I were you Ariana.  The first two Airbus crashes at Perpignan and on the Hudson in New York are part of a composite message that on death all are judged.  This serves to reinforce and confirm the message that was given to us through the spirit of Mary Magdalen in 1986. The Australian Bushfires were to remind us that Hell is real And there is so much more evidence of God's inspiration in the strange connections between the prophecy of the loss of Air France 447 and the belated opening of the film Knowing in New Zealand.  Oh yes there is a lot to wonder about on our new site.  It may well be our last. See The Airbus Codes  5.07pm 6th August 2009.

Update  2008
For the latest on the Burma Cyclone Nardis and China  Szechuan Earthquake and all the other Apocalypse codes over the past nine months see The End Times Herald  2008 Update   22nd June 2008

Update July 2007

When I went to England in June 2005, I went because of the signs and because of the Voice.  But it is now clear that I went at precisely the time intended, for I although I was following a trail which I thought was relating just to the Princes of Wales, I was given signs of Hurricane and flood to come.  Katrina duly came two months later.  It took almost exactly two years for the floods to come in July 2007, to the very places in England that in June 2005 had given me the prophecy of the floods of Hurricane Katrina of August 2005.  Both disasters are part, but only part, of the Justice for America and for Britain for what they have done to Iraq, in what they imagined were there own selfish best interests.  The English floods of Summer 2007 have a very clear massage.  See Justice in the Flood .  But those prophecy codes surrounded me only because I was following the destiny trail of the Princes of Wales and the Kings of England.  See Lines of Kings

Update Ju
ne 2007
Richard Dawkins is an Oxford scientist who claims that there is no God.  He makes his claims without proof, because it is almost impossible to prove a negative.  By detailing stupidities and corruption in religions, he implies this constitutes proof that there is no God.  But  it demonstrates only the corruption, stupidity and ignorance of man.  It does not demonstrate the absence of God.  In contrast I am an Oxford scientist who has reached a diametrically opposed viewpoint to Dawkins.  I have come to my conclusions through the methods of science.  I have been led to conduct what amounts to a Great Experiment over 22.9 years...... I have proved conclusively, on the balance of probability,  that there must be a God, and that there must be life after death......There can be no other possible explanation to account for the depth and precision of our experiences in both space and time.  Our experiences have been designed, but not by us.  And what is more the last two months, June and July 2007,  have thrown up fascinating links back to Oxford.  It is as though God is mocking Dawkins.   Incidentally, my Experiment will have lasted precisely 22.900 years on 11th September, 2007, the 6th Anniversary of 9/11.  But I didn't choose the date my experiment began.  It was years before I even realised that it was in progress.  But now I see the pattern so clearly.  That is why I have been led to produce another book.  That book 
Fragments of an Outer Mind  Vol 3  Kismet and the Keys to Space and Time.  It summarises much of the Great Experiment, It relates to strange destiny elements going back over 40 years in my own life, but at the same time cross-connecting to the Kings of England and the Princes of Wales over seven hundred years.  It explains why Prince Charles has but one choice left. Both of his options are bleak.  But he has brought himself to this point. See Lines of Kings
For more on  Coincidence relating to Dawkins see Dawkins'  God Delusion For more on science and God and the Great Experiment see The Scientist and God And there was a most significant Oxford connection in the July floods

Update December 2006

Still the evidence continues to flood in.  The latest update to our research will be found at That site looks further into the question of inspiration, inspiration from God, and presents evidence of coherent design linking  four key events which were presented individually on these pages in April 2003. These events are the Lockerbie air disaster of 1988, the Mecca tunnel disaster of 1990, the World Trade Centre attack of 2001, and the Columbia Space Shuttle disaster of 2003.  It was early in September 2006, a powerful series of coincidences showed me, without a shadow of a doubt, that 911 World Trade Centre attack was a ‘Hammer of God’ for America. In the weeks and months that followed the attack, the Americans ‘chose unwisely’.    There is powerful evidence of both design and destiny to be found in these  four ‘disaster jigsaws’, all of which were ‘shown to us’ in different ways before they happened, between 19 days and 9 years in advance of time.   A new book, Fragments of an Outer Mind  Vol 1 The Diagrams of Truth gives further more detailed evidence.  These later events merely serve to illustrate the truth of what I said on this site long ago. More evidence of my interpretation of the Sumatra tidal wave came today, 28th December, 2006.  Rather appropriately, it marked the second anniversary.    Read more........

Update July 2006

Major developments in events have occurred over the past fifteen months.  Many of these relate in a curious way to Dan Brown's two 'symbologist' novels. Now not only is The Da Vinci Code significant in terms of cross- connections, so is Angels and Demons, perhaps more so.  His novels appear to serve a deeper purpose. 

Update September 2005

The next instalment was Hurricane Katrina, on cue in the 229th year of America's  existence, week 7.  This is Code 2297, as in The Seventh Sign.  The signs and coincidences gave me this disaster in the week beginning 26th June 2005. I was in England at the time. They even included 'Browney' and 'Atlantis Removals'

Update March 2005

Now the Sumatra Tidal Wave can be added to this list. See devincicode  This is our second site.  It compares Dan Brown's clever but fictional story, about the survival of Mary Magdalen's body and the fictional codes which are the basis of a Quest,  with our real Quest to prove that real Codes are being used by God now to warn mankind of His existence.  Part of that proof lies in the survival of Mary Magdalen, not as some decayed bones in a sarcophagus, but her still living spirit.  The Boxing Day tidal wave was linked strongly into Mary's warning for a world that exhibits nothing but contempt for God.
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