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Meaningful Coincidence 3

It was the morning of 12th June 2001. For the previous six months I had been trying to find out as much as possible about Morgan Robertson. I had had particular difficulty in obtaining an obscure book by John Vess entitled ‘The Titan and the Titanic’.  I obtained a copy only through the University of Auckland and an international inter-library loan.

I was notified that the book had arrived on 11th June. The same night I read about a University Weekend Course on Internet Design to be held on the coming weekend. I drove into Auckland to collect the book from the university.  One of the main elements of my research is the recurrence of key numbers at significant moments and the events of that morning were to provide a good example.

The New Zealand car registration number system changed a month or so earlier.  In the past, the plates had had two letters followed by four numbers, e.g. TC3692.   After 40 years, the number sequence had finally  reached ZZ.  So, the new series began AAA123, etc. I had commented to my wife, Jenny, that it would be interesting to see which one would be  my first significant three-figure number.

When I drove to the University to collect the book called ‘The Titan and the Titanic’ on 12th June 2001, I was looking for somewhere to park. It is always hard to park at the university. I caught sight of a space. Then , as I,  pulled up alongside the car to reverse into the space, I had to look twice to make sure that I was not imagining it. There, just in front of the space, was AAE557.

UoAaae557cS.jpg (21270 bytes)

UoAaae557dcuS.jpg (20970 bytes)

The first paper I ever wrote about coincidence in 1990 was entitled ‘557 - Beyond Space and Time’. It described the prophetic coincidence of the 557 and the Lockerbie plane crash.   I had been unsure whether to enrol on a web design course due to start three days later. This coincidence confirmed for me that I should do so.

Ever since early 1989, I had been fairly sure that my experiences over the Lockerbie plane crash and Morgan Robertson writing the story of the Titanic in 1898 had been parallel experiences. Coming to collect a very scarce book on the subject which the university had obtained on ‘interloan’ from an American university reinforced my conclusions in this respect too.

I was at the time working on Chapter 6 of ‘The Enigma Variations’ which examines in detail Morgan Robertson’s novel about the Titan and the wreck of the Titanic.  A final coincidence - This internet site was to be put up on our Internet Service Provider - which just happened to be called

When we bought our computer, we had a choice of free connection to one of two ISPs - Telecom New Zealand's 'xtra' or a small local company by the name of Titan . I prefer to deal with smaller companies so I chose Titan. Frank Wigg at Titan provided an excellent service between December 1998 and August 2001 when Titan was taken over by Maxnet.  I did not like the changes and then Jenny discovered another ISP  by the name of  Inspire. It seemed an appropriate name for our ISP

We had bought our computer in November 1998 from Digicom Computers. It was only some time later that their  offices in Newmarket, Auckland overlook Alma Street. It was not until later in 1999 that I discovered that the Newmarket Spiritualist Church had originally been located at 9,  Alma Street  before moving to its present location round the corner in Carlton Gore Road. Princess Diana died in the Alma Tunnel. Her death is another example where our ‘coincidences’ precisely predicted her death two weeks before it occurred.  What is more Carlton Gore Spiritualist Church had figured prominently in the events surrounding my two series of university lectures in 1999

The interconnections of coincidence, prophecy and destiny are intricate, complex and extremely fascinating. There is certainly more to the real world than meets the eye of the materialist !

[Original item written for website finished 1.07.13 am , 17th June 2001. The Web Design course was  held in the Computer Library - Old Choral Hall, Room 107.


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