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Life after Death 2  
  Mary, Daughter of Elohim
                     Vol 1 of Enigmas of Easter

THIS is the story of Mary Magdalen and the man upon whom one of the world’s great faiths came to be based. Jenny acted, in effect, as a trance medium and Mary Magdalen spoke through her. This experience occurred in April/May 1986 when we were living in the remote hills of North Wales overlooking the waters of Liverpool Bay. In many ways, the wild hills of North Wales were akin to the hills of Galilee overlooking the lake of which Mary often spoke. This book sheds a rather different light on many biblical matters, both New Testament and Old. Mary’s story does not fully agree with any one of the four Gospels, but then, in so many instances, the four Gospels contradict each other. The difference is that Mary’s story is that of a genuine eyewitness.

One thing which is especially notable in the Old Testament is that sometimes the reference is to ‘Lord’ and sometimes to ‘God’, sometimes to ‘Lord God’. These translations reflect the different words used in the original Hebrew and no doubt the differing origins of various original texts. The question which Mary’s story raises is whether the two names for god, Elohim and Jehovah, are really not two names for the same God, but names for two very different gods which have been fused together over time in a jumbled series of documents.

Over the centuries, many thinking people have been disturbed that the nature of God portrayed in the Old Testament is at time partisan, at other times downright evil. Parts of the Pentateuch are particularly bad, and Joshua must surely be the worst book in the Bible. Mary’s book gives a glimmer of whence these erroneous concepts of God arose.

This is the story of Christ, but with a difference. It is the real life  of Christ, stripped of the myth and magic with which both the canonical books of the New Testament and the church have surrounded Him. It is Christ, the man, as seen through the eyes of the woman who loved him but also loved God, whom both she and Christ knew as Elohim.  Some interesting facts emerge about Christ's parents and his early life, and his friendship with Mary as a child.

The book paints a vivid picture of life in Palestine two thousand years ago, and of the lot of women in particular.  This is the tragic story of a good man trying to make men understand about God, men who preferred religion to God because it fits more comfortably into the established social framework

They were men who knew he spoke the truth but were too afraid to stand out from the crowd, his uncertain friends, the disciples and his one certain friend and follower, his wife.  She tells of his death at the hands of the establishment as a sacrifice to their own false god of sacrifices.

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Here are some excerpts from Mary's story 

Excerpt from Chapter 3
HILDHOOD is such a long time
Yet such a short time
There were flowers everywhere
We'd pick them and make them into little posies
You wove them together and made garlands for my hair

How beautiful I was, you said
The sun came from the side
I was all golden
I felt like God's child from that moment

There was so much work to do as well
But we always got it done quickly to be together

I didn't like getting water
All the girls they jostled
I never felt right with it
They liked it
Gossiped and talked
They teased me
Because I wanted to spend time with you

Girls didn't spend much time with boys
But I wanted to spend the time with you
You were my brother
My only friend   

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Excerpt from Chapter 16
HRIST is out on a boat on the lake with three others
Mary watching from hillside
Wearing blue
Lovely blue
They have stopped fishing

" I am here on my Father's Business
" You must understand
" You must go out and teach
" Just go forth into the towns
" And make the people understand

" Your lives will change
" Because the people will not like what you say
" They will treat you harshly
" You must do this for my Father's sake

" Haul in your nets again
" And you will have caught enough fish
" Cease fishing for today and go back to the beach"
And they were amazed at the amount of fish
They knew that he spoke the truth

They made a fire and cooked some of the fish
And he spoke of the wrong he saw
The wrong they saw
They didn't understand what was wrong

The people were poor
And were turning away from God
And blaming God

Other people were rich and greedy
But they were poor   

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Excerpt from Chapter 20
HAT night he wanted to be alone
He wouldn't let me be with him
He just wanted to be alone
I knew something was wrong
Then the villages and the town woke up

The roosters crowed
The sheep and goats started stirring
They took them out to the hills
And the women prepared food

And I couldn't find him
They said he was a prisoner
I knew something was wrong
They killed him!

I could do nothing
Nothing but weep
They took my beautiful love
And he was in such pain

From there you look down the valley
Places we had been together
Places we had walked and loved
Places where he had told me of his Father

Places where he had taught me
To be a woman not a whore

You could see them all

I knew he was in such pain
But very brave

I wish I could have died rather than him

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Excerpt from Chapter 21
E  went to his Father
And he was at peace
His poor broken body
I kissed it

Then they made me leave
hey dragged him away
How I loved that man

Then the soldiers said
"You can take the body"

They wanted nothing more to do with him
They had dragged him away
And then taken fright
And said  "Take him away
"And do what you will with him"

So we prepared him
The body I loved so much was dead
Wounds bleeding

I washed him
I bound his wounds as best I could
I knew it was too late

I anointed him
Tried to make him better
Even in death

And his friends took him
And put him in one of the caves

I looked my last on him   

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  MARY'S story was the first story to be given to us. Ankhsoun’s story came a little later (See Ankhsoun, Daughter of Ra). Ankhsoun’s story can be corroborated from evidence from her time which still survives to this day, some of which Egyptologists have never yet been able to explain satisfactorily. Perhaps this is another reason why Tutankhamun’s tomb was intended to survive to this era. It helps to authenticate Ankhsoun’s story and in turn her story and the webs of destiny, the threads of fate, help to authenticate Mary’s story. However, there is little to directly authenticate Mary’s story, just as there is little, if anything at all, to externally authenticate the accounts of the four Gospel writers, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

Evidence that Mary’s story is true also lies in the prophetic knowledge exhibited by the ‘Source of Intelligence’ in the weeks before the Lockerbie air disaster, the Mecca tunnel disaster, the first Gulf War and Princess Diana’s death, 9/11. the Columbia shuttle disaster, the Sumatra earthquake and Boxing Day, tidal wave, four inter-connected Airbus crashes inside seven months, the four earthquakes that struck the New Zealand city of Christchurch as well as the intricately interwoven Japanese disaster of the '3 in 1', earthquake, tidal wave, meltdown... and still the disasters continue, prophesied in advance by the Cassandra jigsaw pieces.  The latest pair are Lac Megantic and Asiana Flight 214, and the Wellington earthquake. For a list of the disasters so far linked into the Codes of Fate see The Codes of Fate Events List

External Verification
 NOTHING that has happened in the last 27years has done anything but reinforce for me the truth of Mary’s words. Every time I read what she says, I am struck by the power of her words. ( In particular,  The Airbus Codes of 2008/9 powerfully confirmed Mary's warning of Judgement on death for all.
have long had an unshakeable conviction that e are allw being warned. Mary gave her warnings in 1986.  In 1987, We tried to interest around 50 publishers in Britain, the USA, Australia and New Zealand. The few that bothered to reply merely told us that Ankhsoun's and Mary's stories did not fit their lists. But a couple did steal ideas for book formats or titles. However, since that time, we have come to understand much about meaningful coincidence. We have also had a lot more communication from the dead, from those who are no longer trapped in this world of space and time. What some of those have warned of, has been amply proven to be true, such as the warnings of impending death given by King Edward VIII, Duke of Windsor, prior to his possessions being sold by Mohamed Al Fayed in 1997. The Dukes's warnings were ignored and Fayed's son Dodi died with Princess Diana in the notorious Alma Tunnel car crash. On her last journey in this world, Diana sped past the obelisk in the Place de la Concorde. She probably didn't even notice it. That obelisk links the stories of all three women as is explained in the various books which we will be publishing. It is even less likely that her eye would have been drawn past the obelisk down to the church of the Madeleine. As I said, almost certainly, the largest church in Christendom dedicated to Mary Magdalen and that is the church in which I was asked to read the Lesson to which I have just referred, warning of the signs of the impending End of the World.

The first direct warnings signs in the physical world of the impending wrath of God or the End of the World first came through coincidences in 1988 in connection with the inspired, if fictional, film The Seventh Sign. The next major sign came in 1994, with the Jupiter comet collision where the Destiny Codes were very precise. The same code appeared to us just before we sent the letter to Mohamed al Fayed in 1997 to confirm that we should send it. In the last few years, the theme has become ever stronger. One example is the closest approach of Mars, the god of War.

The signs over the last few years have powerfully echoed Mary's early warnings and helped to authenticate her message. Below are given the final words of Mary's warning. The illustrations are by the inspired Victorian artist, John Martin who was born in 1789 and died in 1854. The three paintings illustrated below, his Judgement Triptych, were painted between 1851 and 1853. They were his final works. They were put on exhibition in Newcastle-on-Tyne on 10th February 1854. Seven days later, he was himself called to God's Judgement. He died in the Isle of Man. There is a whole web of intricate, interconnecting coincidences linking me to John Martin which will be discussed elsewhere. Most of these coincidences appear to have been woven into my life since the day in the Tate Gallery in London in March 1991 when I accidentally discovered John Martin whilst researching William Blake. But I now realise the first was put in place in July 1966!  I was quite heartened in about 1993 to discover that, like me, John Martin, could not accept the vicious, unjust and partisan god of much of the Old Testament as being truly God. Much of the Old Testament can only be a corruption by generations of priests or scribes of one hue or another. But I have no doubt of one thing.  John Martin himself was inspired by the same God who weaves the Web of Destiny

And now, here are Mary's final words to think about:

Excerpt from the final chapter of Mary's story 'The Covenant'

AND  GOD is angry
He will destroy mankind
He will shake the very earth
God will not be mocked.
His Time is now come!

Enlarge image

Enlarge image and more painting details

And all the world shall see the Time is come of the One True God of All. And His Glory shall blaze throughout the Heavens.
Heaven and earth are full of His Glory!



And those who have trusted in Him shall be one with Him.
And shall know everlasting life

Enlarge image

Enlarge image  and more painting details

For the rest there shall be damnation and eternal hell fire.
They will surely know that they have wronged God



God's Judgement is Final!
His Judgement is Just!
And each shall know according to his ways...the Judgement of Almighty God!

Enlarge image

Enlarge image and more painting details


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Mary Magdalen was sent to tell us the story of Christ.  A few months later Ankhsoun pa Aten was sent  to tell us the story of Akhenaten.  And both women's coming was very precisely timed in a way that we did not comprehend for five years.   Why were they sent?  But there is another question.  Why have there been  so many cross-linkages between Christ and Akhenaten through our research over the last nineteen years? So many times, strange coincidences have brought to our attention intricate connections between these two men. Perhaps part of the answer lies in the events  of perhaps the most remarkable juxtaposition which occurred on 17th November 1991. Again, it happened in Paris, in the Church of the Madeleine.  

The answer lies in part because that lesson I was asked to read at the Madeleine was Christ's words concerning the signs which would precede the End of the World. Over the 20 years since I read that lesson on the day appointed, God has chosen to give the signs so clearly that the End of the World is nigh.  Jenny's death was a key element of the End times sequences allowing the truth about Ankhsoun's real purpose to be revealed gradually over the following year.  It is all about the Second Coming.  For more the latter part of our book  Predestination  abc or A-Z ? - A Trainspotters Guide to Destiny.

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