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Dan Brown's book is clever but fiction nonetheless.  To read more about the uncanny connections between The Da Vinci Code,  and the real Alpha and Omega Codes see our later site at  Read about the real Mary Magdalen, Ancient Egypt, and the relevance to much more recent events, the Sumatra tidal wave of 26th December, 2004, and the destinies of Diana, Charles and Camilla.  The real codes are continually updated in real time, but a novel, once published, is set in stone, as it were, forever;  at best it is a tribute to a fleeting inspiration that once came to  the writer.  In contrast, our inspiration comes day in day out as the years roll by.

 The genesis of our book on
 the real codes, The Alpha and Omega Codes and the strong links to the real Mary Magdalen is set out below.

1. A Question of Destiny?
Was Dan Brown meant to write his book, The Da Vinci Code now? It has gripped the imagination of the book-buying public around the world. Currently at No.1, it has been on the New York Times best-seller list now for 72 weeks - since March 2003. Even in New Zealand it is at No.2.

Is this perhaps destiny  though? Many column inches have been expended in the newspapers to try to explain why this novel should have appealed so strongly to so many people.

Yes, perhaps some imagine it to be essentially true. It weaves in strands from non-fiction books which claim to trace a tradition linking Mary Magdalen to the south of France and mysterious societies guarding secrets ‘suppressed’ by the Church.

Perhaps its popularity derives in part from a desire of people  to know the real story of Mary Magdalen and, above all, the real story of Christ. Did he really preach what the churches claim? Did he really claim to be God, himself? For this is what the Church has claimed for nigh on 1700 years!  And it is very clear that the true story of Mary Magdalen is very relevant to the times in which we now live. But which is her true story?

Dan Brown also touches on the Gnostics, a heretical group from around the time of Christ. Their teachings have been ignored by the Church as they made too much play of the importance of the interplay between the individual and God, without the intercessionary requirements of saints, virgins or icons, be they material or spiritual, or most important of all, priests.  But in one key aspect, the Gnostics were right. The Christian churches, East and West, took a wrong turning.  For more on this key Gnostic heresy, see The Real Passion of the Christ.

I bought a copy of the Da Vinci Codes on 31st May 2004. We were in Borders Books in Auckland for Jenny to find a health book in connection with her struggle against cervical cancer using alternative methods.

2. A Competition for a Book Prize
We had gone into central Auckland to enter three books for an unpublished manuscript award - the Ashton Wylie Award for books in the genre ‘mind, body and spirit’. 31st May was the closing date for submissions. It had been quite hectic as we had only discovered about he competition on 15th May. My eye had been drawn to a small advertisement among three-quarters of a page of furniture adverts in the NZ Herald. But time was rather short. We had only two weeks to put together our submissions.

It struck us as a very curious coincidence that the logo of the Ashton Wylie Trust was very similar to the Church of the Madeleine in Paris, a church that linked intimately the stories of the two women whose books we were going to enter for the competition.

Of these two books, the first was the autobiography of Mary Magdalen, not a novel - but a book produced through the medium of the spirit of Mary Magdalen linking into Jenny’s mind. The second book, given in like manner, was the autobiography of Ankhsoun-pa-Aten, the daughter of the ‘heretic pharaoh’, Akhenaten, who was the first contemporaneously recorded man in history to say that there is but one God. He is the real founder of monotheism, the monotheism we have today, a monotheism that does not involve stone altars and blood sacrifices.

As I wrote that, I realised that only the outward form has changed. Man seems to need actual sacrifices and altars. The altars are more civilised - covered in rich embroidered fabrics. The sacrifice of the ram on the stone altar has been replaced with that of the symbolic ‘lamb’ - the Son of God - sacrificed for the manifold sins of humanity. The faithful symbolically partake of the body and the blood with every Communion.

Perhaps, after all, Akhenaten’s thinking was more advanced than that of modern man. For, like the Gnostics, he believed you did not need priests or temples to know God.

* * * * * * *

So, these were the two books we were going to enter. Although the books were finished in 1986 - they were typed up then from the words of both women exactly as they had come to us from beyond the grave. But the books needed to have the introductions and end sections revised in the light of later developments in our lives and in our understanding.

The introduction to the Mary book had been short, but there had been a section describing very strange coincidences surrounding the visit to the Church of the Madeleine in Paris on 17th November 1991. This experience, whilst intimately cross-connecting the stories of these two women across space and time, linked them into the world of today.

But much had happened since 1993 when I had written those introductory chapters. We first visited New Zealand in October 1994, just after visiting the Greek island of Patmos in May of that year. We then emigrated to New Zealand in February 1995. Since 1997, we have had one main source of income here. I have been responsible for running a wastewater treatment plant for a rendering company. Rendering is the process by which the bones and offal from slaughtered cattle are recycled to useful end products - blood and bone meal for animal feed or fertiliser and tallow for use in cosmetic manufacture.

3. A Book Develops
Easter 2004 was a very eventful time for us. There had been so many meaningful coincidences in my job at the rendering plant. So many of them related to the strange recurrences of numbers on meters and dials at significant times and dates. But the most telling of all was the focus on the weighbridge, which weighs all the material coming into the factory and all the processed materials going out.

I felt we had to include the Easter 2004 material in Mary’s books as it was such a powerful symbolic confirmation of the truth of her words. But for the reader to understand, it was necessary to explain the background to how the code numbers came into our lives at the beginning.

The key code surrounding the weighbridge was 557, a number originally related to the Lockerbie air disaster but, as 5577, having a special significance which I only grasped in July 1994, just before Schumaker-Levy-9 collided with Jupiter.

Then I realised that I had to include our experiences surrounding the fictional film The Seventh Sign because, in many ways, it is quite inspired and links strongly into the theme of the codes. It was an important milestone in our understanding of the other main code of 229 and its connection to the ‘End of the World’.

So, needing summarised elements, I used some pages from the website as a basis for some chapters and included other material. It slowly dawned on me that so many of the key experiences at the rendering plant had revolved around Easter. My job there had started in Easter Week 1997, on the Wednesday, to be precise. It had been late on the night of Maundy Thursday that I had seen a weighbridge docket on the bench in the laboratory with the number 55722.

And over the next seven years, the weighbridge dockets had moved relentlessly on through to 99999 then 00001, and on again. Now they had come full circle, reaching 5570 on the seventh anniversary of my original visit to Waikato By Products. It was coincidence, after coincidence, after coincidence. How could such meaningful coincidences possibly be just random chance?

Seven years is a common theme in the Old Testament - linking also to Egypt. Remember Pharaoh’s dream - seven years of feast and seven of famine (Genesis 41,25). And seven years happens to be 2557 days, precisely. It is constant of nature, relating to the period of the earth itself as it orbits the sun. This brings us back to Akhenaten who used the symbol of the sun with rays ending in human hands to symbolise Ra, and adopted the name Aten-Ra as his name for God.

Then I remembered Easter 2003 had linked back to St. Mary’s Church at Pokeno, the next village to Tuakau, where the rendering plant is situated - and there was also St. Mary’s at Easter 1999 and my lectures on The Significance of Coincidence at Auckland University.

My brain was all had to go in - it was so relevant. But as the end section grew and grew, Jenny became worried that it would swamp Mary’s story, which was simple and poetic. Yet, all these different elements seemed so very relevant to Mary’s story.

Then one day as I wrote, suddenly it hit me with the force of a thunderbolt that the whole of our experiences in New Zealand over the last seven years formed a powerful confirmation of Mary’s story, through the mechanism of meaningful coincidence. Through signs and symbols, God, the Orchestrator of Coincidence, had chosen to authenticate Mary’s story through these events in our own lives. And the key elements were Easter, the weighbridge - the Great Balance and the death of an important person in my life - my mother.  Understanding the symbolism is crucial.

Then another thing struck me. This was not an end section to Mary’s book - it was a book in its own right. The two books formed a coherent whole - Volume I and Volume II. So The Alpha and Omega Codes was born. Originally it was intended to use the title Enigmas of Easter, but the scope widened as later events unfolded.

Volume I is Mary, Daughter of Elohim, The True Gospel According to Mary and Volume II is The Alpha and Omega Codes

So Dan Brown’s novel is indeed timely, linking Mary Magdalen to the theme of codes and  symbology, the rather ugly, modern variant of the word symbolism. But The Alpha and Omega Codes are not codes dreamt up by the mind of a man  to suit  a fictional tale. These are Codes set there by the Mind of God to enable us to elucidate the Truth across time itself.

Nor is it the case that there are many truths. Devotees of New Age philosophies conveniently claim that we each can find our own individual truth.. This approach conveniently obscures the mutual contradictions in so many  beliefs. Nor do all roads lead to God. Many lead in precisely the opposite direction.

4. Is it really Mary Magdalen?   How can we know?
How can we be sure it is really Mary Magdalen who came to speak through Jenny? The problem is that, unlike Ankhsoun’s story, there is nothing external to directly authenticate Mary’s story. Nothing physically survives from the time of Christ. There is no independent, historical, physical evidence of the existence of either Christ or Mary. All we have are the accounts that are contained in the New Testament Gospels. There are also, of course, the so-called Gnostic Gospels Some Apocryphal New Testament texts were discovered in the nineteenth century, but most were discovered at Nag Hammadi in Egypt in 1946. Many of these contain accounts that appear rather fanciful. But in some of these Apocryphal Gospels, there is a suggestion that Mary was more important in the life of Christ than the Canonical Gospels would have us believe.

There are so many ‘channelled’ books around nowadays from entities with exotic names. ‘Ptaah’ comes to mind. ‘God’ of course is another - as of ‘Conversations with’ fame. There is wisdom from the Pleiades. And there is the wisdom of the ‘Ascended Masters’ - St. Germaine, Thoth, Merlin, et al - although I have heard nothing so far from Excalibur. And don’t forget the Archangel Michael who seems to have been working overtime. But one thing is notable - a lack of communication from real people from the historical past.

What is there to differentiate our Mary experiences from these? To begin with, ours do not come on demand to facilitate lucrative lectures, books or workshops for the ‘medium’? Our Mary experiences were totally spontaneous. We never attempt to establish a communication. Something caused Mary to come at the right time. Another major difference is the content of the message. Mary’s message is not the ‘sweetness and light’ of the American-inspired New Age movement, with incense, candles and flowing waterfall-style music and, of course, the emphasis on ‘self’. There were no handy ‘question-and-answer’ sessions with answers designed to be comfortable, even if totally misleading. Mary spoke. I listened. I wrote down her words. They are in the book as she spoke them.

Mary’s message is one of sadness - extreme sadness that Christ died in vain. She watched him suffer as his message was largely ignored, then rejected. She watched him die in agony. Now she sees how they have corrupted everything he said, everything he tried to do. They have turned him into a god, another false god to add to the host man has created over millennia.

Mary came to tell us of the true story of the First Easter. God wants us to know the truth before the approaching  Last Easter.

5. The Writings of Thomas Paine
On 4th July 1776, the United States of America issued its Declaration of Independence from the British Empire. Thomas Paine was one of the Founding Fathers of the Revolution. His pamphlet Common Sense, published on 10th January 1776, had helped mobilise American opinion. In his 1974 introduction to The Age of Reason, Philip Foner suggests that this pamphlet, ‘more than any other single piece of writing, set Americans to thinking of the possibility and desirability of an independent place among the nations.’

And during the War, Paine continued his literary efforts with a series of pamphlets under the title Crisis. These helped to maintain morale and show the moral justification for the fight. He also raised money to finance George Washington’s ill-equipped troops.

But after the War, he gradually became disillusioned as he found that his desire for a real egalitarian society under God was not shared by many of those with power. After some years in politics, he pursued his interests in engineering.

He returned to Britain to continue his campaign there, but in 1792 was forced to flee to France when a warrant was issued for his arrest for seditious libel - the reason being his book. The Rights of Man had caused as much of a stir in Britain as had Common Sense in America. Although initially welcomed in France and made a member of the Legislature, the cross-currents of the French Revolution did not bode well for Paine and in 1793 he found himself in prison where he began to write The Age of Reason. For more on this, see The Real Passion of the Christ

So Thomas Paine is a figure who links to both volumes of Enigmas of Easter. He was instrumental in what happened on 4th July 1776 which links to The Alpha and Omega Codes and, unusually for his day, dared to look critically at the Bible. But his ability to see the inconsistencies of both priests and the Bible did not cause him to make the mistake of the Rationalists and dismiss the notion of the existence of God as a fiction of man’s creation.

6. America and the End Times
And the real Alpha and Omega Codes have a particular relevance to America - now. So perhaps that is why the phenomenon of The Da Vinci Code is so timely. Thomas Paine was a key player in the events of 4th July 1776. In the Alpha and Omega Codes, this date can be considered as T = 0. Events have moved on, however. America is now a far cry from the egalitarian society that Paine and many of his friends, such as Thomas Jefferson, envisaged. The main code number for the End Times is 229. Putting T= 229 into the equation date gives the solution of 4th July 2005 for the End. But that year marks merely the beginning of the End - first for America and then for the rest of mankind.  [For developments in this specific connection, after this article was written , to show how God marked year 229 for America, with Hurricane Katrina the greatest natural disaster in American history, see Intelligent Design. And the prophecy codes predicted to me Katrina two months in advance.  Incidentally, the most specific code for the End Times is 2297. To understand why, see The Seventh Sign.  Katrina came in year 229 as week 7 drew to a close, Code 229 7. ]

Year 229 of the existence of the United States of America begins on 4th July 2005. Whether 20th January 2005 brings a new ‘Chief’ or just more of the old is of no real consequence. Any changes would be purely cosmetic. So it matters little who wins the election in November 2004.  It would only be the equivalent of ‘rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic’ for the Codes indicate it is this year that marks the beginning of the end for America.

But the Alpha and Omega Codes are not fictional codes. They are real codes, derived from the Lockerbie air disaster, the Gulf War of 1991, Princess Diana’s death, the Twin Towers attack and various other sources. In some of these instances, I was actually able to predict the date of the event, before it occurred, from my understanding of the Codes. In the case of Diana’s death, the Codes indicated to me her murder two weeks before she was killed and I was right with the date to within 24 hours. What is more, I made this prediction in the early hours of 17th August 1997 - day 229 of 1997. Not only was the date accurate, but the unlikely event came to pass. What a pity her psychic had not been equally clairvoyant when Diana visited her in early August.

The Orchestrator of Coincidence, the ultimate Source of Intelligence, chose to tell me of the Twin Towers attack on the weekend of the 11th September 1992. I just happened to be working on a USAF base at the time - RAF Chicksands - a spy station set up near Bedford in England in the early 1950s by the Pentagon to warn Americans of all possible threats to their security. That weekend, the Codes showed me ‘Lockerbie comes to America’. The Sigint Squadron, with its ‘elephant cage’ antenna, picked up nothing but I could read the signs all around me on the Airbase. But to all intents and purposes, all I did was run the sewage works. I didn’t work ‘On the Hill’, the nerve centre of the intelligence operations. That was restricted to Americans.

And even nine years later to the day, the American Intelligence Services were still in the dark when dawn broke over New York City on 11th September 2001. But by 10.29 am, 0229 am New Zealand time, Lockerbie had indeed come to America with the collapse of the second tower. Central Manhattan had become a giant version of Sherwood Crescent. The signs at Chicksands that day in 1992 had indeed given me the truth.  [ To understand the full interconnection of the Lockerbie disaster, 9/11 and two other major disasters, the Mecca tunnel disaster and the destruction of the space shuttle Columbia, see The For Jigsaws on our later site

It is perhaps appropriate that the Lockerbie saga began on 3rd July 1988 when the USS Vincennes shot down Iran Air Flight 655. It was the eve of the 4th July celebrations for Year 212 of American Independence. And disaster came in 2001 to telephone area code 212.

What price did I pay for Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code? - $22.95. It was close to the more specific ‘End Times’ code of 2297. The Church’s version of Mary and Christ is indeed wrong - but the true story does not involve the south of France. It involves Paris and the End of the World.

You may choose to dismiss this $22.95 as just another trivial coincidence, of course - exchange rates, etc. It is your choice. But you almost certainly do not have the benefit my experience of the nature of meaningful coincidence or my understanding of the Alpha and Omega Codes. But if it makes you feel happier to dismiss it as ‘coincidence’, by all means do so. When an ostrich sticks its head in the sand, it does not become wiser. It just becomes oblivious to its surroundings and approaching dangers.

7. The Spirit World
But there is another curious coincidence linking to Dan Brown, a coincidence involving a vital theme missing from The Da Vinci Code. I found another significant book that night at Borders Books - by another author with the surname Brown. This was the book We Are Eternal by an English medium, Robert Brown. The earlier chapters of The Alpha and Omega Codes revolve around my investigation of spiritualism and the reality of life after death. I met Robert Brown ‘by coincidence’ when I returned a library book to an Auckland Spiritualist church on 18th July, 1999. He was on a brief New Zealand tour.

Because of low enrolment numbers, I had just decided to cancel my forthcoming series of lectures due to start at the University of Auckland later that week. The title of that course was Is There Life After Death? The message that Robert Brown gave me in a Spiritualist church service on that Sunday evening, and some very meaningful coincidences surrounding the film What Dreams May Come that same weekend, told I should go ahead with the lectures. It seemed appropriate, anyway, as they were due to start on 22nd July 1999, the Feast Day of Mary Magdalen in the Church Calendar. And is not Mary’s story an answer to the question posed by the title of the lecture series? On the following day, 23rd July 1999, another experience with Robert Brown, this time at Warkworth, gave important evidence in connection with our experiences of the spirit of Princess Diana.

My first series of lectures at Auckland University, The Significance of Coincidence, had ended on 8th April. But between the two courses of lectures, my mother died, in early June. In The Alpha and Omega Codes, I describe the strange coincidences surrounding the messages in May from my dead father concerning the impending death of my mother. The conclusions are stark - there is heaven and there is hell. But these conclusions independently echo precisely the warning Mary Magdalen gives as her book draws to a conclusion.

And what is it that determines whether we go to heaven or to hell? - It is the weighbridge, of course, the Great Balance of Heaven. The Egyptians depicted it 1500 years before Christ. St. John speaks of it in the Book of Revelation, the last book of the New Testament, which he wrote on Patmos.

And it is this element of the spirit which is missing from The Da Vinci Code. The novel is concerned only with the material world - not the reality of the world of the spirit, not with whether Christ really did hear the voice of God. We need elements of both ‘Brown’ books to begin to approach the complexity of the real story of Mary Magdalen and the Alpha and Omega Codes.

8. The Other Books
As for Ankhsoun’s story, that is authenticated by much material which is now in the museums of the world, albeit at present misconstrued. But it is also authenticated in the same manner as Mary’s story - by very many, powerful, meaningful coincidences which have occurred in our own lives over the years since Ankhsoun gave us her story. The experiences were particularly strong when we visited Egypt, the Land of Eternity.

So, following the pattern of the changes to Mary’s book, Ankhsoun’s story, too, has been split into two volumes, with the overall title of The Sands of Time. Volume I is Ankhsoun, Daughter of Ra  and Volume II is The Hand of Destiny.

Volumes I and II of Mary’s story Enigmas of Easter will be published on 22nd September 2004. Volume I of Ankhsoun’s story will be published on 17th November 2004.

A few days before the closing date of the Ashton Wylie Awards, Jenny decided she wanted to enter a book of her own, describing her feelings on the diagnosis of cervical cancer and her struggle with the medical profession to be able take charge of her own life. She had wanted to do this to give some point to what had happened to her and to perhaps help others in a similar situation. This competition gave her the impetus. She put together A Cancer Journey over the next few days from her many notes and letters and her diaries. She worked non-stop for the last 36 hours to get it done for the closing date of 31st May.

As it was, this was to be the third book we entered for the competition. I still had two early chapters of The Alpha and Omega Codes to write. It was too much to proof-read and correct it, reformat it, etc. After all, perhaps this book is supposed to see the light of day on 22.9.04, for the meaning of Code 229 is what the Alpha and Omega Codes are all about.

9.22 am

It was 22 minutes after 9 as I finished writing the first draft of this article on the morning of 10th August 2004. It had taken me almost two hours. I began it at 7.31 am. Perhaps the time of the end was precisely correct. Something much greater than me must have known that.

And no doubt the Source of Intelligence knows to the minute, perhaps even to the fraction of a second, when the End will come.

Then these words came into my mind, the ones I had read in the Lesson in The Church of the Madeleine in Paris on 17th November 1991, ‘Of that day and that hour knoweth no man, not the Angels which are in heaven, neither the son, but the Father’. (Mark 13,32)

11.16.06 am - Final revision 13th August 2004.

It would seem the End is indeed close.   11.17.07.


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