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Kismet or Destiny

Is there really a such a thing as Destiny?   The Arabic word for destiny is kismet. It has been suggested, probably correctly, that Nelson's dying words to Hardy at Trafalgar were not "Kiss me Hardy", but  "Kismet, Hardy".   It seems appropriate for the victor of the Battle of the Nile.   Incidentally in Carola Oman's book Nelson,  his death appears on page 557.  And the prophecy code of 557 raises important questions about destiny.   Of course it is just another chance event.  Or is it? the circumstances in which I discovered this suggest otherwise.......  Some people claim I look for them.  I really haven't got time to look.  It is as though some celestial researcher is doing the searching and just throws me the results, or causes them to catch my eye.  It is a bit like Koestler's story of Rebecca West and the Library Angel. 

  • But if there is destiny, is it  automatic?
  • Are we really nothing more than robots?
  • Or, do we have to seek out our true destiny in life?
  • Is that a key part of why we are here?

Here are some stories to give cause for thought as to whether there is indeed a destiny. 

A Tale of Two Kings
Destiny and N739PA
The Death of Princess Diana
All in an April Evening
Kismet and King Edward VIII

And how can there be a knowledge of the future if it is not destined.  See Meaningful Coincidence and Prophecy.  Yet we also have free will.  Does Something know us better than we know ourselves.  Does that Something know what choices we will make.  With most people, prediction of how they will behave with the choices that really matter is not that difficult.  But for now at least - You choose.

And for more thought provoking questions about destiny, see our new site at  The destiny links are particularly powerful around the little- known crash  of the Air New Zealand Airbus A320 at Perpignan on 28th November 2008, the  twenty ninth anniversary of Air New Zealand's worst ever disaster when a McDonnell Douglas DC10, on a sightseeing flight , flew directly into Antarctica's highest peak, Mt Erebus.  257 people died in that impact.  And just as with Perpignan, the only recognisable bit of the plane left was the Air New Zealand koru on the tail.  And who was Erebus, in Greek mythology?  The answer is very relevant to the question of destiny.  Is it all intended to make us think, those of us who still bother anyway?  Amended - 10th August 2009.

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