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Princess Diana, Death and Destiny

Destiny 3

A series of dramatic meaningful coincidences on the night of the 16/17th August, 1997 suggested that Diana, was about to be killed.  It would look like an accident but accident it would not be....... The Web of Destiny suggested 1st September....and a starring role for the British security services.  Edward VIII 's stark warning to al Fayed was to be proved both true and timely by the Alma Tunnel crash and subsequent developments.

MI5/MI6 were merely the agents. But who signed the warrant of execution? And who gained most from Diana's death? The answer to the latter question is, of course, the House of Windsor. The grey, wooden Windsors were no longer outshone by the colourful princess. But the answer to the former question is to be found in a large number of significant coincidences over several years since Diana 's death.   The full account of this very precise prophecy will be found in our book Diana Beyond the Veil.

But this was not the first association of Diana with death, with Egypt or with assassination,  in the Alpha and Omega Codes. But, it  was in fact to be the final one.

But this final episode in Diana's life really began for us a few days earlier. It was on 11th August  that I became aware of the spirit of the dead King Edward VIII, latterly the Duke of Windsor, quite insistently asking me to write to Mohamed Al Fayed.  The former king wanted me to inform Fayed of his wishes. Furthermore he wanted me to warn Fayed of the consequences of his actions if he did not cancel the sale of the Duke's belongings.  Fayed was putting up for auction the whole contents of the Paris mansion  situated in the Bois de Boulogne which had been the former king's home for 20 years, until his death in 1972. When he announced the auction to the press in July 1997 Fayed had said that he intended to clear the house ‘to make room for his growing family’??.  What he did not say was the idea for the sale had probably come from Princess Diana herself, following the success of the 'Diana's dresses' auction held in June 1997. The former king was giving Fayed a stark warning. Various coincidences in my own life around that time confirmed the authenticity of the warning, So on 15th August, I posted a letter conveying the Duke of Windsor's warning to Fayed  . The warning concerned Fayed and his son and was very specific.

Death and Egypt
But the first indications in my research of Diana's early death came in 1992, when there was a  strange coincidence of timing in my  visit to Egypt  and  Diana's.

It had been very much a spur-of-the-moment decision which I made in May 1992 . I felt I had to return to  Egypt.  For the first time, I went alone. On the four previous visits I had gone with Jenny, but this time she could not easily get time off work and in any case we could not afford the fare for both of us to go. But the 'signs' were very strong that I must go to Egypt.  I was still ‘between contracts’. My Plymouth job had finished in September 1991, but within a few weeks of my returning from Egypt the RAF Chicksands job was to come up. It was as though all my experiences were part of a planned programme of work experience!! The question is 'Who was organising it?'

Some days after my arrival in Egypt, I was cycling along by the Nile in Luxor when I noticed a large banner draped across above the road. It proclaimed   ‘Welcome Princess Diana’. This was something of a surprise. I had seen nothing in the press before I left England about any impending royal visit to Egypt. I was to discover later that she, too, had made a last minute decision to go to Egypt and she, too, had gone alone. Her husband, Prince Charles, had gone to Turkey.

I made attempts to find out where she was staying, but without success. I wanted to take a photograph of Diana in Egypt.. I felt her visit had a deep significance.  I had a strong sense of impending doom. Ominous words came into my mind as I cycled along the Corniche beside the Nile. It was beside this same river more than 33 centuries ago, that another Queen had lived and died. Her name was Ankhsoun pa Aten, wife of Tutankhamun and Daughter of Akhenaten. She too had met a violent early death. Was it the spirit of Ankhsoun who linked to my mind on that hot early summer afternoon in Luxor? I do not know for certain. But these words came into my mind.

 ‘She comes to a place of death for Kings and Queens’.

I had come to Egypt to do research for my book, Ankhsoun, Daughter of Ra, a book which  had come to us through Jenny in a trance state in June 1986.

I tried over several days to get a photograph of Diana.  I went to various likely tombs in the Valley of the Kings, but always drew a blank.  Instead over those two weeks in Egypt, many strange coincidences occurred.  I was shown where Ankhsoun was imprisoned and where she was murdered.  Was it just coincidence that Jenny and I  had had to go to Paris on 10th June 1986 so that Ankhsoun could tell us of her cruel death? Did something know even in 1986 that the murder of a Great Royal Wife,  linking to both Egypt and Paris was pointing not only to the past, but also to the future?
Passport to Destin
Many elements in the Web of Destiny link Diana’s death in Paris back to Egypt and these will be described in our book entitled Diana - Beyond the Veil. It must suffice here to discuss only the links with the Prophecy Codes because the code number 558 in 1990 had the linked meanings of ‘death’ and ‘Egypt’. Her British passport had the number 125580D and she came to Egypt on a visit which was to have uncanny cross-connections to her last journey in the early hours of 31st August 1997.

As for her death being an accident, somehow it was rather too convenient, and that is not what the evidence from the Enigma Codes suggests to me from things that happened to me in September 1991, in August 1997 and now today as well.   And the very meaningful coincidences during the Diana Inquest between February and April, 2008, positively screamed that she was murdered.  See our book PenRose

I found out about Diana’s passport on 16th September 1991.  I was on my way back to Plymouth after a weekend visit to my young daughter in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. I made a detour via Tetbury,  in order to have a look at the nearest village to Prince Charles’ and Princess Diana’s home in Gloucestershire. It had been reported that they did the odd bit of local shopping there. However I was disappointed to find the village  singularly un-noteworthy. I had hoped for perhaps a second-hand bookshop but the nearest thing I found was a shop manufacturing video cases that were designed to look like books, presumably  for those who wanted to pretend to be well-read!  I glanced around a few charity shops for second-hand books but found little of interest and so resumed my journey , my next port of call being  Bath.

There were quite a lot of second-hand bookshops in Bath but most were expensive.  However, in one shop I discovered a matching pair of books on Charles and Diana. The first was ‘In Person, the Prince and Princess of Wales’ and the second was ‘In Private, In Public, the Prince and Princess of Wales’, both books being by Alistair Burnett.  dianapassportRS.jpg (28863 bytes)Whereas the former book has end papers which are a printed version of Victorian marbling, the second book has for its endpapers passport covers and the first inside page for both Princess Diana and for Prince Charles. The numbers shown are 125580D and B131415 respectively.

I bought this pair of books and a number of others at various bookshops, then looked around for a petrol station before continuing my journey onto Plymouth. It was while filling up with petrol that my eye was drawn to enormous writing on the wall of an old building opposite the garage - ‘Furniture Depository’. It was now a large furniture store. "How odd," I thought. "That links back to President Kennedy ". It was from the 6th floor of the Texas Book  Depository in Dallas that at least some of the  shots were fired on 22nd November 1963. Whether these were the fatal ones is still uncertain as is the extent of the cover-up sanctioned by the Warren Commission. There is  an interesting series of coincidences linking John Kennedy's assassination with that of Abraham Lincoln. One is again left to ponder whether there is indeed a destiny. The subtle cross - connections are certainly thought provoking.  The question is: are they intended to be?  Are the many correlations between the two assassinated presidents just the result of random chance.  Or is it all an intriguing example of intelligent design, intended to make us wonder?

For some reason, on that particular day in Bath, I associated the idea of assassination with Prince Charles, perhaps because it was John Kennedy who was killed when he was beside Jackie in the car that day.  I did not have a lot of time to think about it as I was already late back for my waste water treatment work in Plymouth. I should have been in work by Monday lunchtime. It was another contributory factor in that particular job ending less than a fortnight later.    I rarely had enough time to put all the data together  for my Enigma research.  Now the problem is even worse!. I should have realised that afternoon that in the passport numbers was the clue as to which of the Wales's would be assassinated. But after Diana’s death, I came across the passport reference and  a mental image of the ‘depository’ and of the garage in Bath, immediately came  into my mind.

I realised that my association of ‘assassination’ with the Wales household after my visit to Tetbury earlier that day had been correct. I just had not put the two obvious clues together. Diana’s passport had 125580D as its number and 558 signified death and Egypt. So that afternoon/evening, in Bath, had given ‘assassination/ death/ Egypt with Diana. Was she not killed five years later in very convenient circumstances,  in the company of an Egyptian, the son of a man who likes to behave as a modern-day pharaoh? In fact some of the media  refer to  him as the 'Phoney Pharaoh'.

However, I had forgotten completely about this incident in Bath almost six years earlier when, just after midnight on 16th/17th August 1997,  I realised from a sudden striking series of coincidences that I was being shown that Diana was about to be murdered. The pointers gave both ‘intentional destruction’ and the British Secret Service. Then, after I had understood the coincidence links and having realised that the enigma codes were showing me that Princess Diana was going to be murdered. As I wrote my conclusions in my note book, the following words came into my mind

"A decision has been taken - the  only question is when. She is too dangerous for them to leave alive - a tragic accident - no-one could ever be sure."

As ever the words from the voice were entirely unequivocal.  there is none of the sort waffle which you get from so many spiritualist mediums.

But who were they........?      Is there indeed a destiny?
Does Something know the future with absolute precision?  And this that Something not intricately connected to the Voice which I here?

The Afterlife
But, although they did not let her live, Diana is not dead. Her physical body is no more,  but like Ankhsoun pa Aten, the Queen from long ago, her soul, her spirit if you prefer, survives beyond our material world of space and time.   See The Diana Beyond the Veil. It is strange that some of our strongest evidence for life after death comes from Ancient Egypt. The Egyptians were more certain than any other civilisation on this planet, before or since, that there is life after death. Perhaps many of them understood more about what really matters than do the materially obsessed people  of today.

I cannot explain the mechanism by which the spirit survives the death of the body, the final switching off the brain. One of the best representations of the near death experience comes from ancient Egypt. It shows a human-headed bird leaving the body at the moment of death. It has the head to symbolise the uniqueness of the individual.   We recognise someone from a face. We can do little with a foot, a leg, a hand, an arm or a body, but a face is instantly recognisable. People who have experienced, near death experiences, describe floating out from their bodies and hovering over the scene of their medical treatment. What else can hang almost motionless in the air but a bird? So the Egyptian image is really quite inspired. A recent BBC TV programme 'The Day I Died' failed to come up with any representation at all. There were bright light sequences and shots from above the patient showing the spirit's eye view, but no attempt to represent the spirit itself. How do you represent a non-corporeal entity. Perhaps the Egyptian attempt, stylised as it is, is the best we can manage.

We will all die. What happens then? There are methods we can use. I have developed some of them. There is guidance available in your own life if you choose to look for it.

!5th March 2003
12th April, 2003.
Revised 10th January 2004

Meaningful Coincidence as Verification
Meaningful coincidence appears to cross-correlate with either inspiration or psychic messages as a kind of external verification. Several concurrent authenticating coincidences occurred as I wrote this page. 

Coincidence No 1.  At this point, I realised that it was 6.40 pm on 15/3/03 as I found  myself writing this paragraph. 15th March is of course the Ides of March, the day when Julius Caesar was assassinated. It is said that he had been warned to 'beware the Ides of March'. It is just coincidence as far as I am concerned that I am doing this today.  But is the coincidence meaningful?  Earlier this week I decided to expand a couple of 'Enigma' themes before putting up this web site. It just happens that 14th March when I wrote about prophecy had strong associations with Nostradamus, the best known prophet outside the Bible. 15th March just happens to be associated with betrayal and assassination. Was I meant to get the ideas to write these sections on such appropriate dates because some external source, some Orchestrator chose to put the ideas into my head at precisely the appropriate time or is it indeed just chance?

back to today

Coincidence No 2 I had spent much of 15th March 2003 doing file backups and minor site improvements converting earlier pages to the latest style. I discovered that the three pages under prophecy had not been updated to the new tabular format.  I reformatted  'Destiny and N739PA' and then did the same to 'The Death of Princess Diana'. As I came to save the updated final version of this latter page, my eye was drawn to the time. It was 5.58pm on 15th March. Is that not a little curious bearing in mind that this is one of only two pages on the entire site to refer to the code 558? What is more it is the only page to give a specific example referring to 558.

View 558 Screen
Of course any skeptic can tell you that the file had to be saved sometime and as there are only 1440 minutes in the day and allowing for a.m. and p.m. there is a  1 in 720 probability of its being pure chance.

Of course it could also be a small further confirmation  of my theories of inspiration and destiny.

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