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Doomsday didn't come on 3-29-15

So was I wrong ? 

Yes..... but ......maybe No

Read the paragraph opposite in the orange box then read the rest below :

Germanwings Flight9525 became the 8th Airbus to crash on Doomsday-5 days, 24th March,2015.  It proved to be a Doomsday Key, exactly as the Cassandra jigsaw piece predicted eight hours before the disaster when I found a book in a charity shop.  Its title was The Doomsday Key.  Not much further along the shelf was another book with the title Jigsaw. 

But it was all written in the Codes of Fate long before,  Was it chance that hours before Lubitz's last and fateful eye test in Dusseldorf, on 10th March 2015 my attention was drawn to a bright yellow jetski which pulled up outside our local Mitre 10 DIY superstore. On the side in a large circle were the numbers 102297.  2297 is the code for the apocalypse - it has been since September, 1989. And think about it as a Daily Telegraph cryptic crossword in pictorial form predicting the future.It was already known that Lubitz would decide to take his A320 jet skiing with disastrous results

Incidentally I was served by a young woman called Cassandra on the Mitre 10 checkout just 30 hours before 239 people boarded MH370 and departed into the Kuala Lumpur night, never to be seen again. At the time I was buying material for my latest construction project - half-scale railway signals which I knew so well  in Britain in my train-spotting youth.   And later my making those signals told me the searchers were looking in the wrong place for MH370.

So I was wrong.  Doomsday did not come on Palm Sunday, 29th March 2015. 

So I am wrong about everything am I?

Dream on !

No. I am right about almost everything including the imminence of Doomsday.  I was wrong in just one respect.  It turns out that 32915 was not a literal date, but a codeBut of course I was meant to make the mistake, intentionally mislead.  I was told what I needed to know by the vast mind that created this incredibly complex web of destiny, spread over 3300 years and reaching out to the stars.

The 'misleading' did what it was meant to do. In the years during which I believed Doomsday would come on Papm Sunday, 29th March, 2015 the date of 29th March was very significant, particularly in 2014.  But in 2015 I realised it was meant to give me a  code for Doomsday - 329.  It is very neat because the most famous prophet outside the Bible is Nostradamus.  He wrote his predictions in Quatrains made up into groups of a hundred called the Centuries.  They are rather incomplete though.  The Apocalypse code is 229. Add 100 and you get Doomsday 329

I came to see how very neat it all was.  After all we are actors on a stage See what I  wrote a decade  ago about inspiration in novels.  So 29th March was the date for Doomsday in 'My Novel'.  To see why the Doomsday Clock is precisely right see how it fitted to the Massacres in Paris on 13th November, 2015.

I was told as much as I needed to know. The One God knows the time of the End precisely.  But man is not meant to know......until it comes ...suddenly... loke thief in the night??? - 2 Peter 3, 10


And on 30th October 2015 it was an Iraqi man on the checkout.  That night he bacame the only one out of 200 people to answer correctly the two questions on my Mecca crane disaster survey which I conducted over two months.   Only 20% of the random set of New Zealanders I asked had heard of the crane disaster; and they were all over 40, most well over 40.  Not one of the always-connected part of society had heard of it....too busy being connected to each other, courtesy of Zuckerberg et al, but not to the real world, certainly that part that lies beyond 'Godlesszone'; the rest of the world is dismissed as 'offshore', apart from the trash that 'streams' out of Hollywood of course.. 

But not a single one of the 'more informed' section of society had registered the date the crane came down, smashing down the roof and  stoning 107 of the believers to death during a great storm.  It happened on exactly the 14th Anniversary of 9/11 during Friday prayers in the Grand Mosque in Mecca, the holiest site on earth for the Muslim faith.

And only the Iraqi on the Mitre 10 checkout got question 2 correct.  At least one other Muslim also failed the second question on the check-out in Bunnings in Manukau - a woman.  Just over 30 hours later Metrojet 9268, an A320 with 217 Russian tourists returning home from Sharm el Sheik  to St Petersburg was blown out of the sky by an  Egyptian al Qaeda bomb.

And it is of course just chance that the house colours of Mitre 10 are orange and black.  Another question I sometimes ask people is: What colour is the black box they search for when an aircraft crashes?  Its a trick question of course but 90% of those I ask reply "black".  Why else would they be called 'black boxes?  Wrong.  They are called black boxes because in the early days of avionics they were indeed painted black.  They monitored some basic parameters of the aircraft operation and had a reel to reel endless tape to record the last 15 minutes of cockpit conversation.  But now black boxes are high visibility orange with layers and layers of protection to preserve tiny memory chips that record everything. - blast proof, waterproof, highly fire-resistant, but their locator beacon batteries only last for 30 days....

Code repeat Mitre 10 - signals through very meaningful coincidences just before THREE air disasters - Cassandra jigsaw pieces - And you are all silly enough, have sufficiently dull minds,  to believe chance rules this world.  That is after all what lies behind coincidence. That is what a renowned expert on risk assessment proclaims vehemently.  Professor David Spiegelhalter, Professor for the Public Understanding of Science at Cambridge wrote an article published in the Daily Telegraph in December 2010.  'Meaningful coincidence is a myth' was the headline. 

So is the wisdom of some Cambridge professors it would seem. But he is in good company with his mate at Oxford, now an ex-Professor for the Public Understanding of Science who has 'proved' that God does not exist and proclaimed it far and wide on London's buses in early 2009.

Yes, I was wrong about the actual date of Doomsday, but those two highly placed academics are wrong about everything that really matters.  The material world is NOT all there is. And conventional science has no answers to explain the strange phenomena thrown up by my research over 31 years. Chance only satisfies feeble minds;  scientists are supposed to have enquiring minds.

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