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Inspiration 4

Perhaps the most immediately relevant novel to a prophecy of events to come in the near future could be The Dorset Disaster. If Morgan Robertson was indeed inspired with a knowledge of the future, perhaps so was Alexander Sirdar III, when he got his idea to write a novel about a hypothetical American nuclear power station disaster.


Alexander Sirdar III

First a warning sound in the control
room. Then disbelief and fear. Sud-
denly the eruption of the contain-
ment shell. Soon the bone-chilling
speech by Governor Ella Grasso of
At 9:15 this evening...the Dorset
Pilgrim nuclear power plant in
Dorset, Connecticut released
large amounts of radioactive
contamination into the atmos-
phere. ...
The towns of Dorset and South-
bury are currently being evacu-
ated by order of local authorities.
In view of current weather con-
ditions I am declaring a state of
emergency and ordering the fur-
ther immediate evacuations of
the towns of Bethel, Danbury and
The Dorset Disaster is a highly au-
thentic chronology of a runaway nu-
clear accident and the first days of
its horrifying consequences. It is the
first book to document fully what will
happen if and when a reactor re-
leases lethal doses of radiation. Set

(continued on back flap)
(continued from front flap)
in the rustic hills of Dorset, Connec-
ticut, only fourteen milesfrom the New
York State border, the scenario is
riveting in its detail. It is a frightening,
but quite realistic assessment of the
risks we take.
Within minutes of the reactor break-
down huge amounts of nuclear radi-
ation begin to drift over southwestern
Connecticut. Within forty-eight hours
thousands are contaminated and mil-
lions are in shock. The inevitable
panic, the chaos of evacuation and
the hideous results of radiation are
played against the objective reports
from military, political and journal-
istic sources. The nuclear catastro-
phe at the Dorset plant—whether
sabotage or accident—will have dire
consequences not only for those
areas immediately affected by the
radiation but also for the economic
and political future of the nation.
The narrative is based on the best
scientific projections available and
interviews and documents from nu-
merous experts, including the staff of
the Nuclear Regulatory Commission
and the Union of Concerned Scien-
tists. The story is written as "faction"
and is complete with photographs,
specially commissioned maps, dia-
grams and news articles. Scenes of
courageous people and stories of re-
sourcefulness give the book the im-
mediacy of today's headlines.
Alexander Sidar has been a writer
and collaborator on many books. He
is a graduate of both Yale and Co-
lumbia and resides in New York City.
The Stonesong Press
a division of Grosset & Dunlap, Inc.
51 Madison Avenue. New York, N.Y. 10010

It was fourteen years between Futility and the Titanic.  It is now nearly 24 years since 'The Dorset Disaster ' appeared in print. The Enigma Codes of Destiny suggest that this disaster will indeed strike the USA in the fullness of time. The codes have just not yet revealed when this will be.  Maybe its date will be like that of the Twin Towers disaster,  hidden in the codes long before, but apparent only afterwards. Perhaps it is another 'cryptic crossword' clue which will have to await the 'publication of the solution', with the disaster itself.  That is often the only way we come to know the Mind of God.   Given the paranoia in the American security services, it is probably better if the codes do not reveal the time or location codes until after the event.  It cannot be prevented in any case.  It has been set in train by so many wrong decisions made for the wrong reasons over very many years, indeed set in concrete, as it were, in the both the philosophy and the culture of the 'land of the free and the home of the brave'.

The only time clue in the Codes is that the disaster will occur at around the same time as the final crisis for the Heir Apparent to the British throne, The Prince of Wales.  To read more about the interweaving of the threads of destiny for the Princes of Wales across 503 years Lines of Kings

One Oxford Professor mocked what he called my post-dictions some eight years ago.  But I see them more as the observing of patterns.  Even if I can only see them afterwards, they still constitute evidence of external intelligent design.  And on several occasions the coincidence codes have enabled me to predict things precisely in advance, the most notable one being some eighteen months after his mockery.  In mid-August 1997, the codes showed me that Princess Diana was about to be murdered, when and by whom.  I was out by one day, because I mis-read a time code.

See also 911part 2  and Maximum Credible Accident
and also Nuclear Disaster Soon.  The Sandy Hook school massacre (14/12/12) is another indication that this novel could well point to the future.  Note added 18/7/13 maximum impact day 19 years ago - fragment G)

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