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Enigmas of Space and Time
One purpose of this site is to publicise the results of sixteen years' research into the paranormal through a series of books and booklets under the overall title ' Enigmas of Space and Time' .

An enigma is a puzzle or a riddle. It is an appropriate term to use to describe each of the subjects below. They are topics which have intrigued and, indeed, puzzled mankind for millennia. Conventional science can cast no light on any one of these topics, as none of them can be studied directly in the conventional scientific sense. However, during the course of our studies, methods have emerged which allow valid, rational conclusions to be drawn indirectly about these topics.

The enigmas with which our books are concerned include:

The ways in which these various enigmas are woven into the Web of Destiny will be described in the various books in the series ' Enigmas of Space and Time '  

1. Meaningful Coincidence

  • Have coincidences any real significance?
  • Or are they merely chance?
  • What lies behind them?
  • Do they have a purpose?
  • What is it that generates them?
  • What is their purpose?
  • How do we learn from them?

Evidence of very many strange coincidences which have occurred in our lives over the past eighteen years will be used to elucidate answers to these questions. One important use of coincidence is to establish the truth of what really happened in certain events.

Was Pan Am 103 really destroyed by a terrorist bomb, or was it merely American airline incompetence and a geriatric aircraft suffering structural failure, with the blame skilfully shifted to some Arab country - it doesn’t really matter which?

Was Princess Diana killed by accident or murdered in a carefully contrived plot? There is compelling evidence from ‘apparent coincidence’ which strongly supports the claims of former MI6 agent, Richard Tomlinson, and of course, those of Mohamed Al Fayed. Was it more than just convenient for the Windsors, especially for the Prince of Wales and his non-negotiable mistress?

2. Prophecy
  • Can there really be a knowledge of the future?
  • Wherein does such knowledge reside?
  • Is it really just chaos everywhere?
  • Is the world we see the result of totally random interactions of people whose individual motives range through the spectrum from good to evil?

Evidence for a precise knowledge of the future will be presented in the various books. A specific knowledge of the future was revealed in three notable events. The first is the Lockerbie air disaster, and the second the death of Diana, Princess of Wales.

The third event is the ‘Twin Towers’ disaster. Curious coincidences on 11th and 14th September 1992, when I worked on a US Airforce base in England, now indicate very clearly to me that some Source of Intelligence knew precisely what was to come, nine years later to the very day. The theme was ‘Lockerbie comes to America’. Precisely how Lockerbie was to come to America was in a cryptic clue I only understood later, on 11th September 2001, when the Twin Towers came down.

The ‘Twin Towers’ and the predictable response take us all one step further on the road to Armageddon. Some one was punished. The American military machine has beaten the hell out of somebody. American honour is satisfied. Does it matter who was guilty or who suffered? The evidence suggests to me that it does indeed matter to the Source of Intelligence.

If my interpretation of the Enigma Codes of Destiny is correct, what is to come will be terrible indeed, particularly for the people of America.  After all do they not  live in the land of the free?  Yet it is a freedom for self, for the individual American, with little care or concern for non-Americans anywhere. They live in their much-vaunted democracy. But democracy is a two edged sword.  Their votes elected this administration and all the ones, good occasionally, but more often bad, that came before. Is it just coincidence that on the day before 9-11, in European dating, ie on 8th November, 2000 the people of America elected an administration that cares only for corporate America, and American military might but has no interest whatsoever in either truth or justice.

The Codes warn that there is another power, a Higher Power than the President of the United States of America.  And that Power is very concerned with both Truth and Justice. Ultimately, the Codes warn that the people will be held collectively responsible and they will pay the price for the lies, the incompetence and the corruption at so many levels, that is at the heart of American power.  For it is from the people that the President and his administration, the Pentagon, the NSA, the CIA  and all the rest derive their legitimacy. . What these bodies, overt or covert, have sown  the American people will eventually reap. The codes suggest that 9-11 was indeed a turning point.

Those with power should use it carefully and wisely, for ultimately the price for failing to so do will be high for both man and nation.

So this leads us on to a fourth significant event, and subsequently a fifth......

3. Destiny

  • Is there a destiny?

  • Are we really making free-will choices?

  • Or are we living out a plan?

  • Are we robots of the cosmos?

  • Or is there an Intelligence that offers to guide us if we care to listen, that knows us better than we know ourselves?

  • Is there really something that will lead us to fulfilment, if not to happiness, if we would but listen?

  • Can we find a real purpose for our empty but materially satisfied lives?

Evidence will be presented in respect of the House of Windsor over more than one hundred years. I tried to explain these techniques and methods in correspondence with the Prince of Wales between 1986 and 1991. The nearest I got to progress was when I was commissioned by Richard Aylard, the Prince’s Private Secretary, in February 1991, to prepare a paper for the Prince on waste water treatment!  Eventually, the Prince parted company with that Private Secretary and turned, instead, to the professional purveyors of half truth and distortion, the media manipulators.

What a lot of strange omens surround the Windsor Castle fire of 1992. There are uncanny parallels between the lives of the Duke of Windsor and the Prince of Wales. Is Camilla Parker Bowles, in fact, the Doomsday Comet for the House of Windsor. There are strong indications that that is indeed her role. Then there are the many thought-provoking links between the House of Windsor and the Royal House of ancient Egypt, that of Akhenaten and Tutankhamun

4. Inspiration

  • Have certain men in the past had a particularly strong awareness of this Source of Intelligence?

  • Why did some men, such as the Egyptian pharaoh Akhenaten, have ideas that appear to be outside their allotted time in history?

  • Were he and Christ parallel figures with a similar message?

  • How did Handel manage to write ‘The Messiah’ with full choral and orchestral scores in just three weeks in August/September 1741?

  • Was Handel inspired from the same Source as Christ and Akhenaten?

The first performance of Handel’s Messiah took place on 13th March 1742 in Dublin. Did his inspiration have to come then? It emerges from my research that one of the code numbers for the End times is 742, and is not the End Times to be the time of the return of the Messiah, the Second Coming of Christ?

Henry Lyte is said to have written the most famous funeral hymn of all ‘Abide with Me’ on a Sunday afternoon, only a few weeks before he died. John Martin, the Victorian painter of biblical scenes, spent the last three years of his life working on a magnificent triptych about the End of the World. The three enormous paintings, each 10 ft by 6 ft, were entitled ‘The Great Day of His Wrath’, ‘The Last Judgement’ and ‘The Plains of Heaven’. They finally went on exhibition in Newcastle-upon-Tyne on 10th February 1854. John Martin was himself called to God’s Judgement seven days later.

Are some modern novels inspired, perhaps in a way unbeknown even to their authors? Is this why the phrase ‘Life imitates Art’ is so often encountered? Did the ideas come into the minds of these various authors in order that their novels should have curious prophetic elements of truth which link them firmly into the Web of Destiny? Amongst such novels are Pilgrim's Progress' by John Bunyan, Enigma, by Robert Harris, The Hermes Fall by John Baxter, Imperial Earth and Hammer of God, by Arthur C. Clark. Others are Alan Ayckbourne’s play Way Upstream, The Enigma Sacrifice by Michael Barak, The Nostradamus Inheritance by Raymond Leonard, On the Beach by Nevil Shute, The Jewel of Seven Stars by Bram Stoker, The Watch Gods by Barbara Wood and The Magdalene Scrolls by the same author, The Last Temptation of Christ by Nikos Kazantzakis and the screenplay for the 1988 film The Seventh Sign. And, of course, there is Morgan Robertson’s 1898 story Futilitywhich has so many strange parallels with the sinking of the Titanic fourteen years later, in 1912. It was republished in 1912 as Futility or the Wreck of the Titan. 

5. Life After Death

  • Can the soul of a person really survive death?

  • How can we know?

  • How can we trust what we are told through mediums or so-called ' channelers' of entities from other realms?

Evidence for the survival of death is presented in various of the books in this series, based on the communications from the spirits of people who have died, some from thousands of years ago, some from only months ago.

The earliest of these people is Ankhsoun-pa-Aten, the daughter of Akhenaten and wife of Tutankhamun. Is it just coincidence that, of all the pharaohs of Egypt, Tutankhamun’s tomb should survive intact to this era? Or is it because it is intended to be part of this message for this so-called civilisation in what increasingly appear to be the twilight years of man upon this earth?

Was it just chance that coincidences in June 1986 caused us to travel specifically from London to Paris? And then in Paris, Ankhsoun, the daughter of Pharaoh, talked to us of her cruel death, a sacrifice at the hands of the Egyptian Establishment. Of course, we could not know this when we set out for Paris. As far as we knew, we were merely going to the Louvre to look for pieces to do with Ankhsoun’s father, Akhenaten. But could it be that, even in June 1986, the Source of Intelligence knew already that, eleven years hence, another princess would be sacrificed by another Establishment in that very same city, in the company of the son of a man who is referred to as a modern-day ‘phoney’ pharaoh?

Another person who came to communicate with us was Mary Magdalen. She was actually the first person from beyond the grave that we ever experienced communicating directly with us. That was in April 1986. Her words were amongst the most revealing, for she told us the true story of Christ.

Communications from other spirits include those of the Duke of Windsor, King George VI, Diana, Princess of Wales, and, most recently, Mohamed Atta who piloted American Airlines Flight 11 so precisely into the North Tower of the World Trade Centre on September 11th, 2001.

We should stress that we do not seek to communicate with anyone. We do not have circles, séances or demonstrations. We could not, even if we so desired. We are only at the receiving end of what ‘comes’. Sometimes it is through my mind, sometimes through the mind of my wife, Jenny. Our communications are totally spontaneous, triggered by the circumstances and/or places in which we find ourselves at particular times. I have concluded from my extensive research that one of the key elements for trustworthy communication is spontaneity. 

6. Salvation, Judgement and Reincarnation
Or the possible Progress of the Soul

  • What happens when we die?

  • Does everyone go to some other life akin to this, as the Spiritualists believe?

  • Are we reincarnated, as the Hindus and Buddhists believe?

  • Are we ' saved' if we become ' born-again' Christian, Baptists, Jehovah's Witnesses or Seventh Day Adventists, guaranteed a place in Heaven if we do, damned if we do not?

  • Or is there a Last Judgement for each and every one of us, and then a ' heaven' or a ' hell' ?

  • For that was what many Christians and Moslems used to believe before our present politically correct era where any idea of judgement of anyone or anything is frowned on, the concept of any authority above 'self' is denied, and the highest goal is self-gratification.

Our book Mary, Daughter of Elohim, as well as giving Mary's own story also recounts later events which both confirm the words of Mary Magdalen and enable the questions above to be answered with some confidence. And very many people will find these answers and the way these answers came, profoundly disturbing. Many staggering coincidences surrounded the death, of my mother, which occurred five weeks before I began  a series of university lectures with the title ‘Is There Life After Death?’ and eight weeks after I had finished my previous course of lectures with the title ‘The Significance of Coincidence’.

An interesting coincidence surrounded my mother’s birth, linking strongly into the Web of Destiny. She was born on  22nd November 1922, i.e. 22.11.22. She had often commented on the oddly symmetrical nature of her date of birth. But I now see a deeper significance. Four days after she was born, Howard Carter and Lord Carnarvon broke the necropolis seals and burrowed through the outer doorway of Tutankhamun’s tomb. In his flickering light, Howard Carter saw ‘everywhere the glint of gold’. He was the first man to look upon the tomb since Ankhsoun had watched her husband buried, thirty-three centuries before.

So, both in birth and in death, my mother was significant in the Web of Destiny. Mere chance? Or, was it indeed that ‘The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away’? So we come full circle to the question of destiny.

Was Ankhsoun meant to come to me? Was I meant to meet Jenny and be linked physically to Egypt?  We were married on Easter  Saturday, 14th April 1990.   It was through Jenny that Ankhsoun was able to come.  But Easter links to Mary Magdalen and has done almost every single year since 2003.

Was it my destiny for Ankhsoun to be able to link across time, across what we understand as 3300 years and through Jenny tell me the story of the Pharaoh whose tomb Howard Carter’s years of painstaking digging had finally uncovered?  The tomb itself tells little of his life, or hers. There were no documents, only mementos, furniture, statues, jewellery and pictures.

Did the Source of Intelligence have all this arranged, even in 1922? And why does it all links back to Ancient Egypt, Land of Eternity

7. God or ?

  • Why should this Source of Intelligence be warning so strongly now?

  • For, make no mistake, that is the main thrust of the messages, both coded and direct.

  • Why has the message 'Heed or Perish!' emerged so strongly for the last nine years?

  • Does no one else comprehend these warnings?

  • Does anybody really care?the

  • So are we now living in the ‘Last Days’?

Could this Source of Intelligence, that can appear to know the future with an astonishing precision, be the entity which men in the past have called God, Allah, Elohim or Ra?  For make no mistake, the Web of Destiny is not woven by me. It is as though a communication or a coincidence suddenly casts a light on a few strands of a spider’s web when, for a short time, a light shower has transiently rendered the invisible visible. In a little while, the water evaporates, the sun’s ray passes, and the web once again is rendered virtually invisible.

I can but conclude from the evidence we have amassed over nearly two decades that the Weaver of the Web, Hardy’s ‘Spinner of the Years’, chooses to provide the illumination in the time and manner of His choosing. Maybe  Revelation might be a good description.

Perhaps the sign outside Holy Trinity Church, Tauranga which I discovered one morning in February 1997 says it all .   I took a ‘wrong’ turning on my way to my first day of self-employment in my own Waste Water Treatment company and found myself opposite this sign!

Perhaps Coincidence is not chance, after all. Maybe the skeptics could not be further from the truth if they tried.

The ways in which these various enigmas have been woven into the Web of Destiny are described in the various books in the series ' Enigmas of Space and Time ' .


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