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The Eye of Ra

So I have added The Eye of Ra site to look more closely at the ‘Curse of the Pharaohs’ and also the real nature of Akhenaten’s revelations. For it was a revelation as much as a revolution. Funny – without the vowels, as in Egyptian hieroglyphics, - both words are essentially the same – rvltn and even with most of the vowels, they are too – rev.l.tion...... ( Never did get to  finish The Eye of Ra  - overtaken by more End times Herald elements and the Codes of Fate.  Now that site is more relevant than ever, linking so strongly to the Second Coming.  But remember, the Eye of Ra, the real one is always there watching every unwise move each makes...4th February 2015 1:44pm)

I had just typed that when I remembered how on 21st December at our Egyptian paintings exhibition at  Melrose station in the Scottish borders we sold just one item.  The entry is in my note book.   1221...Sold Eye of Ra.   Thought nothing of it at the time.  Just a record.  Customers were hardly thick on the ground.  
Only when I came to write up the much more detailed account of Lockerbie experiences The Jupiter Theme ( and incidentally, by coincidence'  I was writing that book as comet Shoemaker Levy 9 collided with Jupiter in July 1994) that I found that note.  My God was my instant reaction.  12:21pm was the time but 12/21/88 was the date.  6 hours 52 minutes later Pan Am 103 crashed at Lockerbie, 55º7'N exactly according to the Lockerbie estate car prophecy code we had been given 19 days earlier ( And now I see No19 Bittern aka 4492 DoNZ the Second Coming) - All so interconnected in a vast web of destiny stretching back over 30 years.....See The Jupiter Theme for a few photos of the draft version of that book that was never finished...It emphasised even then in 1995 the web of destiny.  20 years on the copncept is more powerful more valid than ever.   Like everything that book was overtaken by events ... a need to earn a living here in wjhat turned out to be the barren spiritual desert of New Zealand. aka Godlesszone.  There was always too much to do for just the two of us... nobody ever helped... nobody ever cared....Now there is just me.  Echoes of Paul Simon's  Homeward Bound.

Yes, the Eye of Ra saw so clearly through the mists which man calls time.  But now I see an element that did not occur to me then. That purchaser was made to buy it at that very moment so I would understand more of Ra 5 years later and now 20 years further on But you are all too bloody busy with your own very comfortable belief systems, all wrong to varying degrees.  I got the idea to show the time when I had just typed the original sentance about the Eye of Ra.  The clock came up at 1:45:57.  By the time I reacted the Print Screen showed 1:45:58...Too late

But then 558 is the next code in the sequence Death Egypt and the Muslim World.....and it was an exhibition of Egyptian Papyrus paintings...  Everything is already known...timed precisely.  Whenever I get the idea to update something more ideas follow the interconnections come thisk and fast>  To me as a scientist, it is fascinating.  But to most people it all requires too much exercise of the little grey cells ( Hercule Poirot - Agathja Christie who incidentally wrote a little known play Akhenaten.  I read just yesterday that the annual Agatha Christie festival has just taken place in Torquay.   but Torquay for me is associated with our 1st family holiday to the South West in 1965 and later Fawlty Towers...the Chicksands prophecy codes for 9-11 and for 7-7-5, the London bombings on the very night before 6-7-5.  As I finish my eye is drawn to the time.  The clock shows 2:30pm.  Too late I thought. I bring up the clock. It shows 2:30:05...

I must have finished that at 2:29pm.  That is the Apocalypse code.  It has been since eight days BEFORE we were given the Lockerbie prophecy code.  Make of it as you will.  I have only just updatede this page to include the Rainbow table and added the The Enigma Doomsday Codes

Now I rember I did two Eyes of Ra  the conventional blue and whit and also Orange and black for Air disaster... 253pm Egypt




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