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Coincidence is God's way of remaining anonymous

1996 had been a bad year for me. I was unemployed for the whole year, a very common experience for professionally qualified immigrants to New Zealand. Finally, early in 1997, I decided to set up my own waste water treatment consulting firm. My first ever commission was to audit the sewage works in Tauranga. On my first day, on my way to book into the motel before going to the sewage works, I took a wrong turning, turning right instead of left. I found myself outside Holy Trinity Church, Tauranga, in front of a large church notice board. I could hardly believe the words that were spelled out in large letters before my eyes -

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That lunchtime, I returned to the church, looked around and picked up a copy of the previous day' s service sheet. I stuck it in my notebook. I don' t think I looked at it again for the next six years, not in fact  until the night of 8th February 2003 when I was drawing what I call a ' Web of Destiny ' for the Columbia Shuttle disaster. I was checking the date of my finding the 'God's Way' notice board.

That had been Monday, 3rd February 1997. The service sheet had been for the day before, 2nd February. That struck me with the force of a thunderbolt.  The previous day was 2.2.97 and 2297 is the code for  the end of the world, the series of events of which I warned when I was asked to  read the lesson in the Church of the Madeleine in Paris on 17th November 1991. This sign was significant indeed as what was to happen to Holy Trinity Church itself!


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