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Hollywood Inspiration - In Touch - with  The Amelia Codes

1. Threads in Coincidence
The Fox TV series Touch is the latest example of a work of fiction with a powerful bearing on reality.  This fictional series would seem to incorporate codes which connect strongly into the real world, certainly to echo it. But it is particularly significant here, because Touch is a series which is also deeply rooted in coincidences and numbers and the apparent interconnection across the globe of these numbers in the lives of various people, like a thread of destiny.  In fact in one of the early episodes the young main character Jake quotes a mythical Chinese tale about a mysterious red thread that touches people and connects them. ' The thread may bend but it will never break'.   There is also a prophetic element within the numbers of each episode and overall, a powerful suggestion of destiny.  Unwittingly, the writers of Touch have hit on an important aspect of reality, which is little understood or even noticed by most people.   Were they meant to, for a series first shown in 2012?  Was the time right?  For coincidences in numbers really do serve to connect us to a higher reality.

Most unusually for an American TV series, Touch was released around the world simultaneously with its initial screening in the United States.  The pilot episode was shown there on 25th January 2012 ( An important date for many reasons, one of which is that it is the day that the Christian church remembers the Conversion of St Paul, the first marketing executive in history.  He was essentially the creator of the religion now called Christianity. )  The 'world premiere' was subsequently held in New York on 18th March, 2012 to mark its global release.  This is because 18th March is the date on which the first episode of the series is set.  That is one of the reasons why Episode I carries the code 318.

But 18th March is a significant date in the Codes of Fate.  One element is the publication of Dan Brown's first 'blockbuster novel, The da Vinci Code on that day in 2003.  Is it chance that the main theme of that novel is that the Christian church has made serious errors?  Its the same theme that comes from 25th January!  His novel echoed our personal experiences over the previous 15 years.  It was meant.  to See The da Vinci Code.  It is all about inspiration from an outside source.  Touch is just the latest example of a phenomenon first made clear in 1898 in Morgan Robertson's novel Futility which foretold the loss of the Titanic

The early episodes of Touch were difficult to follow.  There were so many subplots and rapid changes of scene.  Another thing which irritated were the rosy-glow endings where everyone lives happily ever after, but later in the series a plot did begin to emerge.  The star of the series was Kiefer Sutherland. But his character,  Martin Bohm, was far from the all-action hero Jack Bauer saving America from some terrorist atrocity or another in a mere 24hours, for the eighth or ninth time.  This story was closer to the real world.  Martin Bohm is battling  to try to understand what on earth is going on with his autistic son, Jake, who appears to be unable or unwilling to communicate with other people.  Jake seems to live his own world, half cyber-space, which  revolves around cell phones and bus numbers in that first episode.  Naturally 911 has to be woven into the storyline right from the beginning.  

Rather curiously, 9-11 is the central element of another inspired film,  Knowing.  And that story too is all about numbers, codes and prophecy.  And again it mirrored my ersonal experiences after the death of my wife, Jenny. It is perhaps significant that a lot of effort went into producing that code sheet.  Hardly anyone would have known if most of the numbers were random rubbish, but they weren't.  Someone put a lot of effort into it.  I have only been able to reproduce part of it, but it is the important part, the bit that comes before the End of the World , and that is the central message of the real Codes of Fate.

Perhaps Touch was meant as another 'primer' to try to get people tpo wonder about these things. It failed.  People just saw it as a nice story or too far fetched, depending on how they saw people and the world.  Very few saw it as having any basis in reality.  I was on the point of switching off on a number of occasions.  Each episode brought a new number code, but there was nothing to suggest any connection week to week between the different numbers.  For more details of the cast and stories  see Wikipedia - List of Touch episodes

 Eventually in Episode 6 the numbers were all put together as a sequence and emerged as the 'Amelia Code'.  Jake's numbers appeared to be exactly the same sequence as the numbers which a young girl, Amelia, had been somehow 'caused to find' sometime earlier.  This strange cross-connection between Amelia and Jake was noticed by a Professor who has made a study of gifted/problem children.  He is astonished to find that Jake`s sequence is identical to the sequence he had seen earlier, which he had christened the Amelia Sequence.  It appeared written out on a whiteboard in that episode  as follows:

2. A Strange Echo of Apocalypse
Immediately my eye was drawn to the sequence 2297.  This came as a complete surprise because since 1988, this very number has been the code for the Apocalypse in our real codes, the Alpha and Omega Codes which latterly, in 2010,  I started to calling the Cassandra Codes.  That was because they are always right but no-one has ever believed them.  And now for a 'Live Update'.  I did a couple of carriage returns to explain re the Cassandra jigsaws and the Codes of Fate when my eye was drawn to the time 9:46pm. I hit the print screen below  button.  The result is below.  By the time I had cut and pasted it into Word to -conveniently size it and insert it here the Print Screen showed 9:46:59.  You can follow that thread at The Live Update of 946 in Touch

Why does this matter? 946 is the time when I had begun to add a further note that more recent developments have led me to call them The Codes of Fate.  And it would serem that The Hammer of God, an asteroid impact will be at some point in the Apocalypse sequences, coded 2297.  What is more 240713 is the day before 250713.  The code for World's End is 507 - See Koestler and World's EndThen the Spanish high speed train crash came on 25.07.13 just after I had written about the world's rapid progression to Doomsday  being akin to The Armageddon Express.  That had come to my mind because of a curious coincidence in a BBC report of the French train crash on 12th July.  That had come so soon after the Lac Megantic rail disaster in Quebec on 6th July.  Sorry of this is a little confusing.  Its the intricate way the webs of destiny seem to interweave...  It is all to do with now and the real numbers in the real world.  Touch is fiction.  The Codes of Fate are not

For the background to Code 2297 see The Seventh Sign.  I had been on the point of switching Touch off  on a number of occasions but each time something had happened to keep me watching.  Code 2297 is one of the most important of all the Alpha and Omega Codes.  (See also a comparison of The da Vinci Code with the Alpha and Omega Codes)  229 was the first code warning of the End for all.... It was I suppose thus Alpha and Omega -  in the beginning, warning of the End.  Now having seen this Apocalypse code in Touch, I was curious as to why Fox PR people at the start of the series had been pushing the line that Martin Bohm had to save his son and in so doing, save the world.  For there had been no suggestion of any threat to the world/civilisation in any part of the story so far.  Now here in the middle of this fictional Amelia Code in Episode 6 was one of the most important of our real World's End prophecy codes.

This entirely fictional series relies for a plot on the premise that apparently unconnected numbers had a way of connecting people and events in the real world.  That is precisely my thesis and has been for a quarter of a century.  But my work is not fiction.  My numbers predict air disasters,  in particular.  And by strange 'coincidence' Episode 6, in which the Amelia Code first appeared, was written around an air disaster.  Code 975 is emphasised in advance, apparently pointing to the crash of Flight 975.  A young American swaps places with a young Chinese woman, thus securing a standby seat and an early grave.  Mind his apparent survival for a significant part of that episode after the crash before his sudden death was extremely difficult to understand. 

The air disaster scenes in Episode 6 were rather less than convincing, consisting of little more than the young American man sitting on an upright aircraft seat in the middle of a  field, strewn with debris.  Presumably budget constraints prevented anything more realistic.  But the appearance of code 975 predicting air disaster was a much less precise example of something that had occurred to us in real life.  Just eight days after we had watched the film The Seventh Sign, on 2nd December 1988, the number 557 was emphasised to us.  But that number led on to a full code, the car chassis code, which predicted which plane would crash where when and why.  The code even included the airline.  See Lockerbie and 557.

Of course had the writers of Touch included such a precise and complex code people would have laughed at it for its being so utterly improbable.  Furthermore Martin Bohm makes the mistake of claiming that Jake predicted the disaster.  He did not predict it any more than I predicted the Lockerbie air disaster.  Jake is caused to emphasise code 957.  There is no evidence that he understands why 957 is important.  Code 557 was emphasised to me and to Jenny, but we had no idea why 557 was important until after the crash of Pan Am 103 at Lockerbie.  All that the code proved was that Something knew the future and that Something had not seen fit to reveal to us what that future was before the event in question came to pass.

It had only been eight days before we were given first code 557, on 2nd December 1988 that we had first encountered the coincidences of 229 at the heart of the plot in the film The Seventh Sign.  And now here in Touch Episode six there were both elements of our real-life experiences.  There was code 2297, the seven added for The Seventh Sign and various other reasons, and written around a plane crash,  the 97 of 2297 coming from 975.

These things really did happen to us, providing proof of the existence of something Touch never ever mentions - God.  Touch is woven around doubtful New Age type ideas of  everyone's connectedness.  One memorable piece of jargon is 'quantum entanglement' spoof physics with a vengeance.  Another cop-out  is to anthropomorphise the universe.  Jake who cannot/will not speak in the story, does the voice-over, which starts and ends each episode.  He explains "If one way is blocked, the Universe will find another way.  This personification of 'the Universe' reminds me of so many TV reporters who in the wake of disasters talk so glibly of the fury Mother Nature.  It sounds so much less disturbing than the wrath of God.

As ever, unimaginative, intellectually-challenged sceptics and atheists will  shout "Its all just chance" as they always do.  Its their only explanation for anything out of the ordinary, in their arid, empty world of greedy, vicious, dog-eat-dog materialism.   And also as ever, their answer is wrong.  There is an alternative dimension to existence beyond our material world of space and time.  And the Source of Intelligence chose to prove that in the very next episode of Touch.  For Episode 7 the code was 1188.  This was the number on the key to the Professor's research centre.  And by chance, if it makes you feel safer to cling to that vain 'explanation', or design if you want to approach the truth, we first saw that film The Seventh Sign on 24th November, 1988.  If you write that date as a month in the year, it becomes 11.88, the very number on that key to the professors research centre.   Seventh episode... Seventh Code number... Seventh Sign????  Was it intended to be an affirmation that we are right in everything we say???  Meaningful coincidence is the key to so much.....And we only went to see that film because 'the Voice' told me it was important that we see it.  We did not make a habit of going to the 'movies'.  We had better things to do with our time than waste it  being 'entertained' by Hollywood.

3. Parallels to Touch - Inspiration in other Films
We saw only two recent-recently released films  between 1986 and 2009.  One was The Seventh Sign (1988) and the other was What Dreams May Come (1998).  We saw the first film in a cinema in Carlisle but only saw the second because Jenny rented the video from a local video shop after a friend had told her there were scenes in that film which reminded him of a large painting our lounge wall.  That painting, by John Martin is The Celestial City and the Rivers of Bliss.  But here  is a really strange coincidence. Jenny decided to rent the video only because that night I had rung her from Auckland to tell her that I had cancelled my advertised series of lectures in the University of Auckland Department of Continuing Education entitled Is There Life After Death?.  I decided to cancel it because the were not enough enrolments.  As we would not be producing any lecture notes for the series now, Jenny got the idea to rent that video since her friend had drawn the 'John Martinesque' scenes  to her attention. But it became clear she had been 'caused' to do that as it was very important that we saw that film that weekend - 17th/18th July, 1998.  ( For more on John Martin see John Martin Visionary Artist )

 On the afternoon of 17th July, we came to watch the film and we were amazed to discover that its topic was the very same one as my cancelled course of lectures - Life after Death.   What Dreams May Come was actually a really good film,  with some inspired visual effects conveying images of heaven and hell.  What is more, it had an incredible relevance to my life at the time we came to watch it.  In the film, the man (Robin Williams) goes to heaven and his wife (Annabella Sciorra) goes to hell.  My father died in December, 1986 and many things conveyed to us the certainty that he had gone to heaven.  In contrast my mother had died in June 1999, just a month before we saw the film.  And in total contrast, the signs around her death referred particularly to John Martin`s painting The Last Judgement and left us in no doubt that she had gone to hell.  The full story of our experiences around that time are given in the second part of Mary`s book, Mary Daughter of Elohim.  There are included in that there because our experiences, particularly around the time of my mother`s death, confirmed very strongly the warnings that Mary Magdalen had given to us in 1986.

 But there was another significant coincidence in respect of What Dreams May Come.   Unusually for a Hollywood film, it had a New Zealand director,  Vincent Ward.  Even so, I must admit, the end titles really annoyed me.  As ever they acknowledge  every Tom, Dick and Harriet you can think of down to the tea lady's hairdresser.  But they did not acknowledge John Martin at all.  The best they could come up with was 'various Victorian painters'.  It was very clear that the principal source of the ideas was the work of the inspired Victorian painter John Martin. It is a pity they did not apply the same brevity  of credit to the great list of people who were involved in producing the film.    But God knew, whether Hollywood chose to acknowledge it or not.

 A third inspired Hollywood film did appear in 2009.  That was Knowing.  Like The Seventh Sign , Knowing was just an original screenplay.  There was no book behind the film, whereas there had been a book of the same title, behind What Dreams May Come.     Knowing  was released in New Zealand on 20th May 2009,j just five weeks after Jenny died.  That film was linked so very intricately into her death and the next Airbus crash No3 Air France 447, my investigations into spiritualism, my real life prophetic number codes  and the end of the world.  And only six weeks ago it was linked into the Aurora cinema massacre, another Hollywood offering, although not one noted for inspiration.  The Dark Knight Rises is the latest outing in a franchise that has got darker and darker, to match the nature of the world.

So in terms of a track record of one inspired Hollywood film a decade, Touch was being marked out as something highly unusual.

4. New Zealand Audience Reaction to  Touch
But, in New Zealand, after Episode 7, screened on the 29th April 2012,  there came a sudden halt, and yet another insight into the nature of New Zealand.  From my research on the Internet I had learned that there were 12 programmes in the series. But after Episode 7, just when I was getting really interested and keen to see what came next after The Seventh Sign time confirmation code, the prime-time Sunday TV series was suddenly dropped.  The next week 8:30 PM time slot was filled by a film, Slum Dog Millionaire.  When I rang TV 3 to enquire about this sudden unannounced change to the series, I discovered that the ratings had been disappointing.  They refused to give me any figures but assured me that the rest of the series would be shown eventually.  They did not know when, or it was clear, particularly care either.  The viewing figures had disappointed the advertisers and the advertisers were the only people who mattered.  So once again here was the unpleasant side of money-grubbing, market-forces- controlled, clean, green 'corruption-free'  New Zealand

New Zealand also emerged once again as a less  open society than the USA.   In the United States,   viewing figures for TV series are released as a matter of course by all networks.  In secretive  New Zealand, no information at all is released.  When I commented how the information is freely available in America, the senior TV 3 Public Relations woman replied with a very clear tone of superiority  "We do things differently here."  Dead right.

You find this in many areas of New Zealand life.  In Britain, jobs are always advertised with salaries.  In New Zealand no salary is ever given in any job advert.  It is 'divide and rule'.  I did once enquire about a sewage works manager`s job in New Plymouth.  It was working for the city council.  In England all public service jobs have published pay scales.  The New Plymouth personnel woman would only tell me that the salary was dependent on age qualifications and experience.  That was non-information.  All salaries are based on age qualifications and experience and of course who you know helps quite a lot as well, especially in 'corruption-free' New Zealand.  But jobs are always on some kind of pay scale.  But only in Britain is the pay scale public information.  

And again New Zealand arrogance came to the fore when she told me that I would have to have a New Zealand sewage works operator's qualification. Its almost an automatic reaction.   Foreign qualifications are inferior.  In England  I had a degree and an Institute of Water Pollution Control qualification.   I used  to  lecture to engineers,  let alone sewage works operators.  I   produced audio- visual training courses for sewage works operators as well as managing them.   But of course  New Zealand is different.   They have a different kind of shit  - but New Zealanders seem to be happy with it.  So 'by coincidence', just in trying to get information about Touch I was reminded once again about a major drawback of New Zealand society.

5. The Later Episodes 8-12
I was disappointed at not to be able to get New Zealand viewing figures because it would have made an interesting comparison with the fall-off rate for the series in the United States.  Had New Zealanders given up on a complicated TV series woven around numbers and global connections at a more rapid rate than Americans?   I did try to find out about  the later episodes in the series by reading reviews on the Internet.  It was clear that most of the reviewers were only interested in the 'heart-warming' storylines.  Very few reviewers gave the code number for any  episode.  They seemed to have totally failed to grasp that numbers were central to the whole series.  Eventually from a combination of a few more 'in-depth' reviews and a Wikipedia article, I managed to assemble the remaining five codes.  But they did not mean anything at all, nothing whatsoever. 

Finally, on 3rd June, Touch returned  to New Zealand screens but in very much a graveyard slot.  It had been moved from 8:30 PM to 11:30 PM, or whatever time the evening film ended.  You could guarantee the audience ratings would plummet even further.  But that did not matter because TV3 had bought the series and so would show them anyway if not to the advertising bonanza they hoped for.  It seems they had over-estimated the intelligence of New Zealand audiences!!   Perhaps it was just too complicated.  And there was very little violence and not a vampire in sight. 

But I soon realised that once again it had to be the Source orchestrating every thing precisely.  The series had been taken off because the advertisers control all free to air television in New Zealand.  There is no such thing as public service broadcasting at all.  These malleable programmers and manipulative advertisers constituted the means by which the Source caused the programmes to be broadcast at precisely the right time to serve His purposes.  They had to be shown at the correct time that related to world events so that I could tie in the last five code numbers. Once again, as with so many instances since 2010, I was being shown how  God uses people according to their natures, but subservient to His purposes. More and more, Everything appears to be pre-determined.  The series came back on in the graveyard slot, because both the time and the dates on which the later programmes were shown were critical.   As I watched those later episodes, one by one, I now understood the second batch of codes.  They related to 'now',  the time they were being shown to me in New Zealand, and they related in particular to events in Britain.  I append below the full Amelia code.

 I had already seen other patterns in the first seven episodes of the Amelia code and now I found many more.  Hidden within the Amelia Code is 'nuclear disaster for America', 'Diamond Jubilee', 'death of Queen Elizabeth',  'death of Diana', 'too late' and  at its heart 2297, which of course is the code for the Apocalypse as  discussed above.  But it is also the code for this year for America.  Year 229 of America`s existence was 2005,  229 years since 1776.  It was marked by God with Hurricane Katrina.  This was God`s reply to the copper missile which NASA fired at an asteroid on Independence Day 2005.  It was a characteristically arrogant display of American power.  It almost screamed "Aren't we smart?"    "Not really" was God's reply  "See how you do with this".  Then he set Katrina in motion in accordance with the signs - meaningful coincidence- that he had already given to me in Britain during June and July 2005, not that I realised that at the time.  You only see the Cassandra puzzle pieces later.  

The answer to God's 'test'  "See how you do with this" was 'not very well at all'. Bush, the great leader after 9/11,  was shown to be the arch-bungler he had always been, FEMA a national joke. There was no opportunity here to wave the flag to distract attention from the truth, from the glaring incompetence.  Katrina showed the divisions,  the injustices and the hypocrisy in America so very clearly.   It was meant to. 

The gradually unfolding story is given in my 'train book' Predestination - abc or A to Z ?  However, a very significant prophetic meaningful coincidence is discussed at Hurricane Katrina

Now  2012 is year 229+7 for America.  Funny how Isaac came seven years on from Katrina, to the day, 2557 days no less.  ( Note how 22557 was the prophecy code for 911 - see my book The Diagrams of Truth.  The bonus was that Isaac  was precisely timed to disrupt the start of the Republican convention.  And it showed that the competence of the Republicans has not improved one jot.  What changed in the 8 minutes between them opening the Republican Convention and putting it into recess?  Why did they bother opening at all? Was Isaac intended to be specifically a reminder of Katrina?  Was it saying "watch this space?"  Or is it all just chance?  Cling to that if it makes you happy.  But its making you happy does not make it true.

2nd September, 2012.  11:42pm

A week after I published this page I found myself in the middle of more connections to 9/11, which of course is a central element in Touch.  Martin's wife, Jake's mother, died in the North Tower on 9/11/01.   An American man started a conversation with me in our local Countdown Supermarket on 8th September, 2012.  He was married to a Muslim woman from Indonesia and they lived here in Papakura.  It is not a fashionable area of Auckland - Americans are about as rare as hen's teeth... But that meeting linked to 9/11 and to the Code from Episode 2 of Touch.  They invited me for lunch on Sunday, 9/9/12 which led to code 5296. 

Then six weeks later on 29th October came Hurricane Sandy, the worst and most damaging storm since Katrina.    It was also predicted by the Cassandra 'jigsaw pieces'.  So Sandy was a Katrina 229+7 code repeat.  29th August, 2005... 29th October 2012... 2x29..... Apocalypse code... And Sandy came in the year Touch was screened with code 2297 at the heart of the Amelia Code....Is it really just chance?  Or can we expect Moore?

Postscript 2
I came across a curious link to the film Knowing as I grouped various numbers in the Amelia code.  318 is from episode 1 and 5296 from Episode2.  But the crossover sequence is 3185.  It is the date of a pilgrim stampede in Baghdad which killed 978 people - 31.8.5   31st October, 2005.  Just coincidence - or is it?  979  is 946+33  Hammer of God and EE in Knowing.  978 is one off.  There is but one Easter left...You will find that disaster in the Knowing code sheet.  It is one of the ones I managed to decipher.  Someone put a lot of effort into producing that code sheet for that film.  They were meant to.  The date when  I discovered that link was 6th January, 2013. It was 22 years on from the very date the Daily Telegraph edition number 'code errors' led to my first successful coincidence code prediction, the date of the start of the Gulf War, 17/1./91.

29th July, 2013 1:37am

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