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Inspiration in People   see also Inspiration in Novels
Does something reside outside time

Have certain men in the past had a particularly strong awareness of this Source of Intelligence?

Why did some men, such as the Egyptian pharaoh Akhenaten, have ideas that appear to lie outside their allotted time in history?

Were Akhenaten and Christ not entirely parallel figures with  very similar messages emanating from precisely the same Source?

How did Handel manage to write ‘The Messiah’ with full choral and orchestral scores in just three weeks in August/September 1741?  He certainly did not sit there picking out notes.  It just flowed from his pen as he wrote almost frantically.  Was Handel inspired from the same Source as Christ and Akhenaten?   The first performance of Handel’s Messiah took place on 13th March 1742 in Dublin. Did his inspiration have to come then? It emerges from my research that one of the code numbers for the End times is 742, and is not the End Times to be the time of the return of the Messiah, the Second Coming of Christ?

We refer to the intricate interconnections between meaningful coincidence, prophecy, destiny and psychic information as The Enigma Codes Of Destiny. Sometimes incoming information may be less obviously psychic. It could then be termed inspired. A significant number of novels fit into this category, as well as the works of various artists and composers. But meaningful coincidences both within and surrounding these various works embed them firmly in the Codes of Destiny

Henry Lyte is said to have written the most famous funeral hymn of all ‘Abide with Me’ on a Sunday afternoon, only a few weeks before he died. John Martin, the Victorian painter of biblical scenes, spent the last three years of his life working on a magnificent triptych about the End of the World. The three enormous paintings, each 10 ft by 6 ft, were entitled The Great Day of His Wrath, The Last Judgement andThe Plains of Heaven. They finally went on exhibition in Newcastle-upon-Tyne on 10th February 1854. He was himself called to God’s Judgement seven days later.

There is far more to inspiration and to reality than the nihilistic skeptics and greedy materialists would have us all believe.   Read  more on this at  our da Vinci Code site.  Some examples of inspiration are given below.


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