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I apologise for this site not having been updated in the past fifteen months. There is simply too much to do. Everything that happens proves the viability of our hypotheses, but the results please few people.

I put up a second site on 1st March 2005. This site using the image of an obelisk, gave a detailed comparison between The Da Vinci Code, which many consider to be true,and The Alpha and Omega Codes, which really are true.

In April and May 2005, I wrote much of another book, Volume 3 of Enigmas of Easter, which came about because of my application for a Perrott-Warrick Fellowship at Cambridge. The fund was set up specifically to assist genuine, scientific, open-minded, psychical research. But, as the Fund is administered by the Trustees – a bit of a laugh, that word – who are almost all skeptics determined that there is nothing in psychical research but fraud, con and delusion, my application was unsuccessful.  The last thing the ‘Trustees’ would want would be any kind of publicity. I was told my application was unsuccessful because I didn’t have a PhD in the doubtful offshoot of a pseudo-science, i.e. Parapsychology.  But then, neither did the man who, according to one website, actually got the award. There never seemed to be an official announcement.

But in the meantime, whilst I worked on my application, evidence came in thick and fast. It was particularly strong on the Sunday of Pentecost, the day when the Christians celebrate the gift of the Holy Spirit. It was as though the Source of Intelligence was indicating that this was indeed connected with the real Holy Spirit.  What the born-again Christians, with their swaying congregations, their charismatic ministers and their raucous pop music really connect to experience is much more open to doubt.  But that brings us back to Angels and Demons.

The experiences of 22nd May, 2005  involved a analytical chemical balance belonging to an engineer friend who is an avowed atheist, although like almost all skeptics, he claims to have an open mind. It was a most appropriate foundation for the experience as I have spent much of my working life as an analytical chemist.  At the end of the evening, he said “I will have to re-think everything.”   Did he?   No! He did what everyone does in our experience. He quickly forgot; put it out of his mind. Now it is as though it never happened. Yet I have the photographs and the notes to prove it did. What is more, he had inadvertently added another piece linking the wedding of Prince Charles to his mistress with the painting of John Martin. The book my friend gave me is further proof of the matters which I published two months earlier on The Sentinel of Eternity.

June 2005 took me to England. I followed the Voice and the signs to set the date for my journey and the destination. My first full day in England was marked by a railway picture on the first page of The Guardian. The main connecting thread of my life has been railways, in particular steam engines. In that picture was the Prince of Wales waiting for an approaching steam train. The date was the 111th anniversary of the birth of the previous Prince of Wales.  That picture echoed the choice which Charles had made on April 9th, but I didn’t see that element at the time. I just thought of the odd coincidence of so many elements of my research on that, my first day in England. The signs and the pointers led me round the south-west of England, linking to Princes of Wales from the past, Alpha to Omega, as it were. The link between nuclear power disaster and the Prince of Wales was strengthened immeasurably.

In Bath, where I went to take photographs of the ‘Diana Assassination’ place, I was given strong proof of my theories of prophecy. For not only was there strong evidence of the reality of the Diana prophecy from 1991, and its not being chance, there came an entirely new prophecy. It was a Code I could not understand, but I knew I was being given a powerful message, again through railways.

It turned out to be a prophecy of Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath. It came from ‘The Source’ as one of my photographs clearly shows. The story will be found in what I call my ‘railway book’ – Predestination abc or A-Z subtitled A Trainspotter’s Guide to Intelligent Design. This book cross-connects the many themes of our research by following the railway thread over 40 years of my life. There is such powerful evidence of coherent external Intelligent Design as the story gradually unfolds. How that book came to be written is explained in Mary, Daughter of Elohim.

The unravelling of the Hurricane Katrina Code Prophecy is described in detail as is its role as the next instalment of the End Times sequences which began with the Sumatra Tidal Wave. And remember Katrina came exactly on cue. It was 229 years since the Declaration of Independence and 7 more weeks. ie it matches Code 2297, the identifier for the Time of the End of the World.  To understand the origin of Code 2297 see The Seventh Sign   One key element is described below.

I had experienced problem after problem with arranging for a shipment of some secondhand books back to New Zealand. I had been in England for six weeks. 10.27 Is it really just chance that the problem was solved an hour and a half before I had to catch the bus from Birmingham to Heathrow for my flight back to Auckland. I found a shipping agent by the name of Atlantis Removals. I left the boxes in the back of my hire car, promising Joe I would sort shipping details from Auckland.

I spoke to Atlantis Removals from Auckland on 5th August. There was no problem, apart from collection. They were very busy and it could be two to three weeks before they could do a collection from Abbey Cars. When I rang Joe at Abbey Self-Drive and asked if he could possibly deliver the books for me, giving him the address, and telling him just to charge me for it, I was astonished by his reply. “I’m going there today, anyway. The garage next door to Atlantis does all my fleet servicing. He is on holiday and I’m just keeping an eye on it.” It was across Birmingham from where he lives.
Is it really chance? Only the skeptics are blinkered enough to believe that. But they are rather short of explanations in their sad empty and mechanistic world. Coincidence? Or just further proof that the elements of my visit were part of the prophecy?

It was early September when I finally understood the main reason for the precision of Atlantis Removals. The Daily Telegraph, in discussing the New Orleans flood, described it as ‘A Modern Day Atlantis’. Yes, it was indeed an Atlantis Removal. Only The Daily Telegraph used the Code word ‘Atlantis’ – no one else did. I never saw it repeated in any of the extensive New Zealand Herald coverage or in the International Express. But that is most appropriate, for it was The Daily Telegraph that had carried the famed D-Day Code Words in 1944, and the Gulf War Code edition number error codes in 1991, and the Queen Mother’s death edition number in 2001. All this is discussed in detail in The Alpha and Omega Codes – Volume 2 of Enigmas of Easter, the book which authenticates Volume 1 as the true Gospel of Mary Magdalen. Mary, Daughter of Elohim is the true story of Christ and the former prostitute.

Yet more proof of external coherent design came with the arrival of the shipment in Auckland and my doing the customs clearance. When I finally put the books in my car, at the shipping agents, the time was 1114 am on 15th November. The date in England was 14th November, 11.14.05 in American dating, the 57th birthday of Prince Charles. But 1114 is 2 x 557, which links it also to Lockerbie.

To arrange for my Ministry of Agriculture clearance inspection that morning, I had had had to phone 09-256-6557. The Lockerbie Prophecy Code in 1988 had been 7AM396557. The coincidence codes repeat and repeat and repeat.

As I drove home, I caught sight of a plane coming in to land, crossing the motorway in its final approach. It was Singapore Airlines flight SQ321, the flight I had come back on on 5th August. I took a few photos as the plane crossed my path and then glanced down at the car speedometer. The trip mileage at that very instant was 267.7. Within seconds it was on to 267.8 267.9 It was an incredibly fitting end note. The Code number for that summer 2005 trip had been 2677. This was because the fare had been $2677 and a month after making the booking, the night before I left New Zealand, as I finalised a draft edition to take with me to England, I realised the Lux Aeterna Publishing ISBN number for the Diana book was 9583606-7-7.

But that then brings us to the question of these other entities that deceive – and they are manifold. There are indeed Angels and Demons, which, by coincidence, is the title of another Dan Brown book starring the 'Harvard symbologist' Robert Langdon.  That book too is also very relevant to our work, perhaps even moreso than The da Vinci Code. Once again, there are  many parallels, just as with The Da Vinci Code.  One of the implications of our work is that there are real angels and real demons, in contrast to the stone angels, obelisks and carricature demons of Dan Brown’s earlier novel. Of course, the concept of evil spirits is not new. The American TV programme ‘Charmed’ manages to conjure up plenty, and there is always lots of bamming and splatting. The reality of evil spirits is far less obvious and more mundane.  ‘Possession’ is a real problem in the world today, and I do not just mean the obsessive collectors pushing up the price of everything by means of their ill-gotten wealth.

The summer 2005 trip had two main thematic elements, one being the Princes of Wales from Alpha to Omega, and my own past to which the latter half of the trip was related. In March 2006, I again returned to the land of my birth, in part as an ill-fated attempt to promote our book series through larger publishers in England at the London Book Fair. But as ever, the trip served a far deeper purpose, evident even on the final approach of my plane to Heathrow.

That second visit fused the two elements of my previous visit, being set this time in Paris, London and North Wales. The links to Prince Charles, to Diana and to the Duke of Windsor were incredibly powerful, as well as another Da Vinci Code element, the royal bloodline. The progression of choice for the Prince of Wales emerged on 14th March 2006 in Conway, site of the magnificent castle built by the man who had been inspired to create the order of the Princes of Wales in 1284.

Later, in my March 2006 trip to England came the Diana death Codes in The Daily Telegraph. I bought the first copy at Waterloo after my arrival from Farnborough via Woking on 2nd March. And the ‘Woe-King’ had warned twice. 10.40The account of much of that English trip will be found in The Quest for Diana, Volume 2 of Diana’s story. It puts her in the wider context of the history of the Princes of Wales through the centuries. It also authenticates Volume 1 The Diana Enigma as the true voice of the spirit of Diana.

 Mor recently, on 26th March 2006, in the Sunday Mirror, Simone Simmons her former ‘healer’ claimed some entity that purports to be Diana has spoken to her regularly, giving her blessing to Prince William’s live-in arrangement with Kate Middleton. Handy for the happy ending lot, but in stark contrast to the real Diana whose comments over his ‘marital’ arrangements are more critical. What is more, she is more concerned with his gross disloyalty to her in his acceptance of the woman who destroyed his mother’s happiness, her marriage, and finally her life.

To better explain the parallels  between Dan Brown’s novels and the real codes, in May 2006, I began by constructing a twin to the Sentinel of Eternity, a second obelisk. But then I saw the parallels went further and the site expanded to four obelisks, linked to churches and a castle. They mirrored the Earth, Air, Fire, and Water elements in the novel.  That willi in time be another website, deo volente.

Book 3411 21/4/06  typed    23/04/2006 12:20:34 a.m. VCON

And it goes ever on.  The codes were particularly strong on 6th June 2006, 06-6-6, with powerful links to 2297, the Catholic Church and the work I was doing on an angelsordemons website.....

Today is 7th July, which my watch displays as 06-7-7.  10.25pm.  So, there is a repetition of code 677. There is a link to Diana, there and also in the US TV series Ghost Whisperer, currently being shown on NZTV2.   Tonight  the more significant link was one to aircraft and the paranormal. It  was the season finale of Ghost Whisperer, starring Jennifer Love Hewitt.   She plays a medium who 'helps people cross over'.  It is a highly theoretical concept, but that is the raison d'etre of her character, Melanie Gordon.  Tonight was the second part of the Air Disaster episode.  She was spoken to by the spirit of the pilot.  Our electricity meter, which I had to walk past to get from the computer room to the lounge, was reading 45575.7kwh.  And 557 was the code for a real American air disaster, which we were given 19 days in advance with Lockerbie.  Then on Christmas Morning 1988, we were spoken to by the pilot... Captain James McQuarrie, who died on Pan Am 103 on 21st December.


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