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John Martin - Visionary Artist

I 'accidentally' discovered the inspired Victorian artist, John Martin whilst researching William Blake in the Tate Gallery in London in March 1991. But it seems now I was guided to learn about this great painter whose life, I was to discover, cross connected in so very many ways with my own.  As the  years have passed, it has become very clear that my discovery of John Martin was an important part of my destiny.

was born on Tyneside on 19th July, 1789 and died in Douglas, Isle of Man on 17th February, 1854. He is very much under-rated as an artist today, but in his day he drew larger crowds to exhibitions of his paintings than did Turner. Of course, Turner has always been the darling of the art world establishment, the cognoscenti, but to me, John Martin was really inspired, in contrast to Turner who was quite pedestrian. Just compare the two artist 's versions of the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. Turner's could be any old earthquake, but one is left in no doubt of the subject in John Martin's version. His painting  The Destruction of Sodom  And Gomorrah can be seen in the Laing Art Gallery in Newcastle upon Tyne.

For more on the painting go to the Laing Art Gallery

Lot and his daughters are in the foreground.  His disobedient wife is the white speck in the middle distance, looking back at the destruction of Sodom, the decadent city of the plain, at the hand of Elohim.  Disobeying God, she looks back and is 'turned to a pillar of salt' John Martin depicts this by a  bolt of lightning, all according to  Genesis Ch 19. (As I edit this,  my eye is drawn to the computer clock.  It shows 11;11am , 21st September, 2012 - 11:11 Lest we forget.....God.  See the Inspiration of Rudyard Kipling.

As a railway enthusiast, I had never been impressed by Turner's 'Steam and Speed', his attempt to portray a Great Western Railway express at Maidenhead.  There  are copious quantities of steam but little detail of a train.   And there is another interesting coincidence here too.  John Martin was a friend of Isambard Brunel and one day was given a cab ride on the GWR main line on one of Brunel's celebrated broad gauge locos.  Thomas Balston mentions this incident in his 1947 biography of John Martin.

Monet makes a much better job with his studies of trains around Paris, especially St Lazare in 1877. And there is another coincidence there.  It was after leaving our hotel by St Lazare station in November, 1991, on a walk to Notre Dame, when we had a  powerful experience in the Church of the Madeleine, instead.  The lesson I read in that great church (Mark 13,v 24-32) was  warning of the signs preceding the End of the World. And it was precisely this topic that occupied the last three years of John Martin's life in three enormous canvases. The three paintings illustrated below, his Judgement Triptych were painted between 1851 and 1853.  And the signs of the coming End of the World have been a much repeated element in my life in the 21years which have elapsed since I read that lesson (see The End Times Herald).  My reading that lesson was a sign of my destiny.  Everything is already predetermined ( see Daughters of Erebus). 

In fact I drew the analogy to John Martin's Judgement Pictures in the way I designed my first version of The Airbus Codes site Pictures at an Exhibition in late 2009.  But it did not work because people do not go through from page to page as they had to  in order to understand.  The internet lets you can jump in like at any chapter of a book, or half way through a film.  You just cannot expect to understand a complex story in this way.  I spoke of the Three new Judgement Pictures - Two Airbus crashes Nov 2008-Jan 2009 and the Australian bushfires Feb 2009) warning of Judgement on death and the reality of Hell.  John Martin's paintings are very relevant today with his inspired visions of the End of the World, Judgement on death and of Heaven and Hell.  More evidence of God's inspiration emerged as I heavily revised and added to the Airbus Codes site in September 2012.  That is why it has so much more about both Destiny and Judgement.

The Great Day of His Wrath The Last Judgement The Plains of Heaven
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For more details of the paintings go to the Tate Gallery site pages below

More painting details

More painting details More painting details

The Judgement pictures were John Martin's final works. They were put on exhibition in Newcastle-on-Tyne on 10th February 1854. Seven days later, he was himself called to God's Judgement. He died in the Isle of Man.

There is a whole web of intricate, interconnecting coincidences linking me to John Martin, to Tyneside, Oxford and sewage treatment but it would take too long to discuss them here.  Most of these coincidences appear to have been woven into my life since that day in March 1991.  But I can now see that the first link was put in place in June 1966 in Oxford and the second in July 1966, in Douglas, on the Isle of Man. And there was another doubly cross-connected in Oxford in February 1992 when we went to a book fair at the Randolph Hotel.  It was all very much part of our cracking a real life Morse Code.  For another Oxford link to the Last Judgement and see Oxford and the Last Days

I was quite heartened in about 1993 to discover from Thomas Balston's biography that, like me, John Martin, could not accept the vicious, unjust and partisan god of a significant part of the Old Testament, particularly parts of the Pentateuch and Joshua, as being truly God. Much of the Old Testament can only be a corruption by generations of priests or scribes of one hue or another.   The accounts in Exodus in particular are a clear attempt to portray the God of the Hebrews, Jehovah,  as far more powerful and the God of the Egyptians.  Thus the Jews became the good guys of the Bible and Egyptians the bad guys.  That general view is passed down to modern times.  It could not be farther from the truth.

It has become ever clearer to me that the Source whom Akhenaten knew as Ra is precisely the same Source Christ knew as Elohim and which John Martin knew as God and which I know as God.  

That John Martin himself was inspired by the same God who weaves the Web of Destiny, has been proved by countless very meaningful coincidences over the years between 1991 and 2012.   John Martin certainly figures prominently in the Enigma Codes.  John Martin's Judgement triptych happens to illustrate Mary Magdalen's warning very well indeed.  it appeared as a very significant element in the events around the death of my mother in June 1999.  The account of a series of those incredibly meaningful coincidences is included in the later part of Mary`s book Mary Daughter of Elohim.  They have been included there because my experiences around the death of my mother, which echo precisely the warnings that Mary's spirit herself was sentenced to give me in April 1986.  The authenticate both Mary story of my discovery of the webs of destiny, the hand of God through meaningful coincidences in our lives.

The book shown in the right hand column played a significant part in our decision to emigrate to New Zealand in 1994.  

I published this page on John Martin, essentially as it reads above in 1999.  I updated it later with the BBC link to Sodom and Gomorrah which has since died.  I have now linked that picture to the Laing Art Gallery in Newcastle which owns the original painting.  At the at the time I published my page very little about John Martin was to be found on the Internet so the  few people interested in his work easily found my site.  Since the Tate Gallery exhibition proof John Martin Apocalypse in September 2011, there have been a plethora of articles about John Martin.  There is now of an extensive Wikipedia entry.  There are sites listing where his paintings are available online.   but not a single one of the other sites recognises John Martin for what he really was.  He was an artist who truly was inspired by God.  Read more about John Martin  - Apocalypse

I have expanded a little below as to why John Martin had already been important in our lives even before we came to New Zealand.

We were in the Auckland Art Gallery towards the end of our time in New Zealand, almost the end of October.  We had discover that there was a painting in the museum that was of great interest to us.  It was a painting of the Maori ghost canoe, depicting the legend of its sighting, some 11 days before the great eruption of Mount Tarawera on 10th June 1886.  For more details of the legend, see  The Phantom Canoe - A Legend of Lake Tarawera  And Encyclopedia of New Zealand 1966

I asked one of the assistants where painting was because we could not find it.  It transpired that it was in store and she said that they could arrange for us to see if we made an appointment another day.  We explained that we were flying back to England within two days and so arranged for us to see it about half an hour later.  One of the curators took is up to the store room and got the painting out.  I turned to Jenny and said "You know that painting has a curious echo of John Martin."  The curator behind us suddenly interjected  and said "Oh sewerage .....

(  Now that is a very significant mistake by Dragon, quite inspired really.  For sewerage is one of the things that connects John Martin`s life to mine.  I began my working career with the Tyneside Joint Sewerage Board in Newcastle upon Tyne in February, 1973.  I spent the next 12 years working in sewage treatment,  as a chemist, process engineer and manager .  John Martin was the inspiration behind Joseph Basil gets (Fawlty Towers -very significant in the webs of destiny (  Time now I notice 1639  Horrocks  4th Sept 2012). Bazalgette's interceptor sewers which were built to carry away the sewage from the metropolis in the 1860s were based upon a scheme for water and sewage for London were drawn up by John Martin.  It is his ideas that lie beneath the Thames Embankment.

And the coincidences, the connections in the web of destiny do not end there.  John Martin was born on Tyneside.  And this book cover is a detail of The Last Judgement, one of three paintings which were first exhibited to the general public on the 10th of February 1854.  That  exhibition was in Newcastle upon Tyne.  The other two pictures were the Great Day of His Wrath and The Plains of Heaven.)

Now, back to where I was talking about the Auckland Art Gallery curator.  " So you are interested in John Martin are you?' asked the curator, " Would you like to meet a man who wrote a book about him?"  there were not many books about John Martin he was very much a forgotten man.  They had only been four books published about him since his death in 1854 by now I had three of them.  And that was how we came to meet Christopher Johnstone, the director of the Auckland Art Gallery at the time.  The next day we returned with a copy of the book for him to sign for me, a book  that I had discovered in a bookshop in Queen Elizabeth Square down by the Auckland waterfront on Sunday 9th October, just three days after our arrival in New Zealand.

 That find came just minutes after the shop-owner had assured me he did not have any books on John Martin.  I looked anyway.  He covered his initial statement that he did not have any books on John Martin with a rider.  "Mind you" he said "Having said that you are probably going to find one.  So I went over to the art section and found the book immediately.  I took it out and said "What you mean like this?"  He was quite amazed.  "That is incredible" he said "I never knew that book was there.  I would have remembered it because my son-in-law is called John Martin."

It was just one of many pointers that suggested to Jenny and me that we should emigrate to New Zealand.  And of course it brought us literally to the World's End!! You cannot get any further from England than  New Zealand !!

John Martin's Judgement triptych and this book in particular were shown to have a great relevance to the Prince of Wales and his 'wife', by several very meaningful coincidences between February and May 2005.    A friend, my only friend in New Zealand really, a fellow Englishmen,  John Ashworth was a civil engineer.  He was also a  confirmed atheist with whom I had had many discussions over the years about all the manifold coincidence in my life and the implied orchestration of it all.  But John did not want to know about the existence of God.  He  happened to find a copy of this book  at a North Shore library book sale.  Although he refuses to accept there is any validity in my research, that there  is anything but chance, he bought the book for me because he remembered my speaking about John Martin on quite a few occasions.  John was being used as an actor on the stage, to bring me something I needed to make some absolutely vital connections.  See The Art of John Martin.  What is more his giving me that book that day was intricately woven into the story of a balance, a chemical balance. 

For much more on John Martin see on our later site The Airbus Codes:
The Art of John Martin
The Judgement Pictures
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Main revision 4th September 2012
Further amended and better linked - 27th October, 2012 12:39pm

The themes of destiny and actors on a stage become ever more apparent.  An old Douglas DC3 is flying round this morning doing circles from the local Ardmore aerodrome.  Old NZ Airways corporation Livery Registration NZ3546.  I photographed it over our obelisk (Sentinel of Eternity Back to Dan Brown and Arthur C Clarke and their inspirations.  I noticed a strange coincidence on Sunday in December, 2012 I think it was 11th December.  I was in two minds whether to go down to the Glenbook Vintage Railway again As I had on Sunday 4th December.  Where would be my next real life Celestine Prophecy Encounter?  I had just rung the railway to ask which loco was running. I had not long put the phone down when I heard a plane coming close.  They big old planes don't often fly directly over our house as we are not on that close to the aerodrome. The sound got louder so I dashed outside.

You can tell them from the sound.  Only two planes sound like that, the Douglas DC3 and the Catalina flying boat. Most of the planes in and out of Ardmore are single-engined ones,  Cessnas etc and some restored WWII fighters.  The latter have more of a scream.   This time it was the  DC3 very close.  That plane, then in its true wartime camouflage livery,  has a strong connection to Jenny and her job at the Flight 2000 flying school, one of the Cassandra puzzle pieces which predicted 9/11. When I zoomed in on the images I had just taken and read the registration NZ3546, I thought that that number seemed familiar.  3546... It was:  I realised that I had just phoned that number.  Glenbrook station is 09-235-3546.  Clearly I was being given a sign to go again on that 80km round trip to Waiuku.  That third Sunday in Advent indeed prove vital for the next stage of my Celestine Prophecy Journey (Tui in tree again calling away - Jenny link - last tiny vestiges of Kowhai blossom  1.11pm 27th October, 2012)   For more on that Advent 2011 to Epiphany 2012 Series of events woven around Spiritualist mediums and railways, read the concluding section of my train book Predestination abc or A-Z, a Trainspotters Guide to Destiny.  That final section is entitled  The Banker. 

The idea of the coincidence of people's phone numbers appearing in an apparently  prophetic coded way, emerged in fiction three months LATER in the Fox TV series Touch.  See In Touch The Amelia Codes.  But that whole 'Banker' section of the book began with a phone call from a spiritualist medium whose phone number itself is doubly significant but made triply so by the date when Paul Edgehill was caused to phone me, Advent Sunday, 2011. It was 27th November, the third anniversary  of the Air New Zealand Airbus crash of Perpignan.  That crash had been prophesied in advance by two 557 codes, just had been the Lockerbie air disaster on 2nd December, 1988.  The Codes were conveyed to me in the best traditions of spies of former times.  Then it was on the front page in the personal columns of The Times.  And my codes too appeared on a front page, the front  of Section C, the New Zealand Herald Business News for 27th November, 2008.  For that coded message passed to me in clear for no one else to understand see The Perpignan Airbus crash story.  For that Lockerbie  557 code see Lockerbie and 557.

Advent is the time when the Christian Church remembers the coming of Christ and in past, less rosy-glow, feel-good times remembered also the Second coming which just predates the End of the World and The Last Judgement.  Pauls Advent Sunday phone call began that real life Celestine Prophecy Journey, which echoed again and again World's End and The Hammer of God through train numbers.  It was mainly on Sundays.  People worship their gods on Sundays Church shopping rugby, football, the beach.  I was  sent to the railway week after week. That was where God's revelations came to me showing me the coded messages laid down decades ago waiting for me to find at the time appointed.  Everything fits.  Make of it as you will.

Paul's cell phone number is 021 1142 002.  That is how he chooses to write it.   ( Mileage on my car at his house 260810  private sitting - check  ...1142)  But you can write that in a different way 02 1114 2002.   1114 is 2x557  and he rang me on Sunday 27th November Advent Sunday 2011 the third anniversary of the prophecy of the first Airbus crash by 2x557s as described above.  And 2002 brings us back to Arthur C Clarke.  Its 1 past 2001, too late.....for man.  The message repeats again and again and again as it did with the dates of Christchurch earthquake number 1 (4th September, 2010 and Paul was one of the Cassandra puzzle elements for that) and also Christchurch earthquake number 2 - the Big One.  There had been so many links to Paul Edgehill, all proof of Destiny.  We really are but actors on a stage.......Our free will is really very limited.... just enough to determine our fates...

22nd February, 2012.  13:48 (The Black Death - my papers and groceries bill at Countdown last night - ref Comet Lovejoy Christmas 2012). 

Why on earth did I put that date?  That was first anniversary of the second Christchurch earthquake, the 'big one'.  The date yesterday when I wrote this postscript was 27th October.  Last night Paul rang me to tell me various things, amongst which was that he had been asked to do the service at my local Manurewa Spiritualist Church tonight.  He lives 50km away across the Auckland Harbour Bridge.  28th October is Hermes Observation Day (1937) , another significant Sunday, a powerful echo of The Hammer of God.  And that theme had been repeated in the New Zealand Herald on Friday 25th October.  It concerned  Piha, Lion Rock, and a Judge who didn't even care about man's laws, feeble as they are - the Iraena Asher case.  He chose to blame members of the public who tried to help Iraena.  He did not choose to criticise the incompetent police who did a wonderful job ..............of shifting blame.  Once again there is the emphasis on Piha and a judge, contrasting the evident fallibility of man's laws.  God is a Judge who is not biased in favour of anyone, especially the Establishment busy looking after itself.  See the warning for mankind in The Parable of Lion Rock the warning of the hammer of God to come for man written around the deaths of two young New Zealanders.

28th October 2012 4:35pm. In 40 minutes Paul will begin the 'church service' at Manurewa.  The question is what  god are they worshipping?  Does any one of them really know?

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