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Fragments of an Outer Mind, Vol 3, Kismet and the Keys to Space and Time, is concerned with destiny on a personal level in progressions in my own life over fifty years and also the Princes of Wales over 700 years.  And there are the powerful personal links between  two Princes of Wales and me, Charles in this world and Edward in the next.   And as I wrote the book more synchronous meaningful coincidences poured in.  Was it chance that this ghostly image was created by the power of the sun on the dust jacket of a 1937 book about the man who had once been king.  Was it meant to sit in the window of an Auckland bookshop in the burning rays of the Aten, until Turin-shroud like the image of the King was seared into the bookcloth. 

And is it not curious how the illumination of the rainbow cast by the crystal sphere throws the ghostly image into clearer perspective than a simple scan of the cover?  In the light of the Aten, all becomes 'Crystal Clear'...........And by what circuitous route did it end up as junk, to be thrown away for next to  nothing in a North Shore bookfair.  And was it really just chance that Jenny found it, not me?  It was through her mind that the spirit of the old king came, with his warning message on the eve of Prince Chrales' birthday in 1989.  The meaningfuk coincidences [Just noticed typo, but decided to leave it.  It identifies the origin of the warning.  Ra is Akhenaten's name for God.  But for Prince Charles God is not real.  Only the non-negotiable one is real.]  {Realised 2nd typo also. Ditto.  That is most peoples attitude to meaningful coincidences.  It is certainly the attitude of the present Prince of Wales.]  How strange I should write this on a date so strongly tied in to Destiny, the day which links both into the Alpha and Omega Codes, albeit a century apart.  But what is 100 years to the Sentinel of Eternity for whom in the words of the hymn writer, A thousand ages in thy sight are like an evening gone.

But Jenny's finding that book was exactly equivalent to my finding the Edward VIII Bible in an Onehunga charity shop-more junk to be disposed of cheaply -just another bible.  For she found it on 12th May 2000.  It was a destiny day for us both.  I was born on 12th May 1947.  He should have been crowned King Edward VIII on 12th May 1937.  Instead in Westminster Abbey that day, his brother was crowned King George VI. 

And on Shap Fell in Westmoreland in July 2005, came another destiny day linking a painting I had done in 1979, through an idea that came to me one day in Chelsea in 1985, to the first Prince of Wales to be invested at Caernarvon, the very same man, then Prince Edward in 1911.  The details of that Date with Destiny and all the elements that came together then are to be found in Predestination abc or A-Z? A Trainspotters Guide to Destiny  There is so much evidence of destiny and external intelligent design.  How much free will do we really have?  Does something know our future from the moment we are born. Is it back to the Ancient Greeks with their ideas of the Fates.  Were they a lot closer to the truth than Dawkins et al with their 'gospel of random chance'. Does something know our future from the moment we are born.  With King Edward VIII, there was the strange throwaway comment of Kier Hardie in the House of Commons in June, 1894.  But was it more than that?  And likewise was it really just a throwaway comment of mine that caused my then wife to confess her affair?  That throwaway comment marked a key point in my life, the starting point in my odyssey into the paranormal.  That train of events is also explained in Predestination...   So, are we really actors on a stage?

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