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The Afterlife

Princess Diana is not dead. Her physical body is no more,  but like Ankhsoun pa Aten, the Egyptian Queen from long ago, her soul, her spirit if you prefer, survives beyond our material world of space and time.   See The Diana Enigma. It is strange that some of my strongest evidence for life after death comes from Ancient Egypt. The Egyptians were more certain than any other people on this planet before or since that there is life after death. Perhaps some of them at least understood more about what really matters than most people in this world today.

I cannot explain how the spirit survives the death of the body, the final switching off the brain. One of the best representations of the near death experience comes from ancient Egypt. It shows a human headed bird leaving the body at the moment of death. It has the head to symbolise the uniqueness of the individual.   We recognise someone from a face. We can do little with a foot, a leg, a hand, an arm or a body, but a face is instantly recognisable.

People who have experienced, near death experiences, describe floating out from their bodies and hovering over the scene of their medical treatment. What else can hang almost motionless in the air but a bird? So the Egyptian image is really quite inspired. A recent BBC tv programme 'The Day I Died' failed to come up with any representation at all. There were bright light sequences and shots from above the patient showing the spirit's eye view, but no attempt to represent the spirit itself. How do you represent a non-corporeal entity. Perhaps the Egyptian version is the best we can do.

 I have no explanation of the mechanism by which how Ankhsoun's spirit, or Diana's spirit,



entities which must be outside our physical reality, indeed beyond both space and time, can link somehow into the unknown depths of our minds, but the evidence is that they can. And both are somehow tied in the webs of fate to 'Death in Paris' and 'Rainbows End'

It is a pity that too many today take the view of the arrogant second rate scientist - 'It is impossible'- or 'I do not believe in that kind of thing'. Their problem is that their theories are not sufficiently comprehensive. They are constrained  both by their limited understanding of our world of space and time, especially with regard to the mind, but more importantly by their own rigid experimental protocols.

But the spirits and doubtless God himself, are not so confined.

My father-in-law, Charlie Phillips, described precisely such a scene to me on 13th May 1984, following his heart attack on the previous day, my 37th birthday.   But is death not tied in intricately to destiny?  That was my last conversation with him.  He was found dead by the night nurse around 4am on 15th May.  The experts at Gateshead's Queen Elizabeth Hospital  had judged him to be 'out of danger' and so moved him out of Intensive Care.  They were wrong.  But he was meant to die then.  In a way it started everything off.    That has become very clear as I have been led to crack the Enigma Codes of Destiny over the ensuing 30 years.  

The date of his death could be written  15584.  In 1986 I became deeply involved with Life after death and Ancient Egypt.  It was my destiny.  Then in July 1990 as we began to understand the progression of the coincidence prophecy codes, 558 became associated with death, Egypt and the Muslim world.  What is more Code 558 is in Diana's passport.  Her death was most definitely associated with Egypt and the Muslim world.  She died in one of the Phoney Pharaoh's chariots ,together with the first-born of Pharaoh, just after midnight in Paris.  Almost a century before a Frenchman had noticed a curiously strong association between death and coincidences.  That was the renowned astronomer Camille Flammarion.  He discussed the matter in his book L'Inconnu (1900) The Unknown.  And 115 years after Flammarion, it is little less unknown.  But Paris is at the heart of the Webs of Fate.  Charlie Hebdo is the latest thread, very much tied in to the Muslim World.

And is it chance that we were sent to Paris in June 1986 for Ankhsoun to tell us of her terrible death at the hands of evil religious fanatics.......?

I am a scientist who has sought to understand, not to mock or scoff.  Strange things happened to me.  I asked how could that be?  What lies behind it all?  What a pity there are so few today who really seek to know the truth. Research into the paranormal today is  probably held in even greater contempt by the conventional academic world than it ever was. It is a pity that something that is important to everyone alive today is of so little interest to science.   Perhaps it is just too difficult for them and their are no people who see great profit to be made in that field.  So there are no sponsors.

We will all die. What happens then? There are methods we can use. I have developed some of them. There is guidance available in your own life if you choose to look for it.  Meaningful coincidence is there to guide you.... but only if you are 'worth it'

Below are links to pages telling of how four of the spirits of people from the past  have come to communicate with us. There has been a significant number of others.  But it is all part of the webs of destiny

Ankhsoun pa Aten
Mary Magdalen
The Duke of Windsor
Diana, The Princess of Wales

My wife Jenny died on 14th April 2009, our 19th Wedding anniversary.  Terribly sad as I found this, I was at least a little consoled that the timing was powerfully suggestive of destiny... all proof of God's overall design.  Her final illness and death had woven them four Airbus crashes.   Around the third Airbus crash, Air France 447 was strong evidence of inspiration and prophecy.  Around the fourth, Yemenia IY626 was powerful evidence for the survival of her soul beyond the grave.

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