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The Lincoln and Kennedy Coincidences - Destiny or .......

Another 22nd November and another 14th April, also Easter

The events of 22nd November 1963 were strangely connected across time with those of Good Friday, 14th April 1865. American President John F Kennedy was assassinated on the former date and President Abraham Lincoln assassinated on the latter. Like the Titanic Lincoln was fatally wounded on the night of 14th April and died on the morning of 15th.

Like the story of the Titan and the Titanic, there are enough elements of coincidence between these two deaths to suggest something more than chance is at work. It is as though a  circle of time seem to links   Abraham Lincoln and John F Kennedy through an uncanny series of coincidences. Both men were assassinated whilst still in office and seemingly when each was at the height of   popularity and power.

Curiously, they had been elected almost exactly 100 years apart to the day, Lincoln in November 1860 and Kennedy in November 1960, and they were each then succeeded by Southerners who both had the surname Johnson. Andrew Johnson was born in 1808 and Lyndon Johnson in 1908. Their assassins were themselves each shot before they could come to trial. Lincoln was shot in a theatre and his assassin fled to a warehouse. Kennedy was shot from a warehouse and his assassin ran to a theatre. A really ironic twist is that Kennedy was travelling in an open-top Ford Lincoln when he was shot and Lincoln was in Ford's Theatre.

Many of the main connections are set out below. While some of these may seem trivial in themselves, it is the large number of these seemingly little things that give one cause to wonder whether it can all really just be chance. Or is there indeed some mysterious thread of destiny?   (I wrote those words in 1999.  The concept of the threads of fate has become ever stronger in the 13 years which have since elapsed.  For much more on destiny read about our experiences around four Airbus crashes over seven months c2008/9 linking strongly in to  The Fates.  See also The Codes of Fate. 3rd August, 2013)


Abraham Lincoln

John F. Kennedy

Personal details

Studied law

Civil Rights concerns during office

Lost a child while he was in office (11 yr old son died of typhoid)

7 letters in surname

Studied law

Civil rights concerns during office

Lost a child while he was in office (Premature baby died aged 2 days)

7 letters in surname

Elected to Congress



Elected President





Conspiracy theories


Conspiracy theories


Shot in back of head

While wife beside him

Shot in back of head

While wife beside him


On a Friday (14th April 1865)

On a Friday (22nd November 1963)

By whom

John Wilkes Booth

a Southerner in his 20's

known by his three names

15 letters in name

Lee Harvey Oswald

a Southerner in his 20's

known by his three names

15 letters in name

Fate of assassin

Shot before standing trial

Shot before standing trial

Where assassinated

In Ford' s Theatre

and then Booth ran to a warehouse

In a Ford Lincoln convertible

shot from a warehouse and then Oswald ran to a theatre

Succeeded by

Andrew Johnson

a Southerner

b. 1808

13 letters in name

Lyndon Johnson

a Southerner


13 letters in name

There are a couple of warnings and prophecies associated with the two presidents and their shootings. However, the mind can be fickle after an event, if something is not written down at the time. It is so easy to cry " But I warned him!"   Often, however, people do have uneasy premonitions and express these to people close to them. And it is all the more disturbing to them when they actually happen. So, there may well be some element of truth in these claims.

It was said that Kennedy's secretary, Miss Evelyn Lincoln, warned him not about going to Dallas that day. Lincoln is said to have been warned by a secretary named John Kennedy not to go to the theatre that day, but accounts on this vary.  Some writers dispute that there was any secretary named John Kennedy.

It is also said that on the day of the assassinations, Kennedy and Lincoln each made a strangely prophetic statement. Lincoln was said to have told his personal guard  "If somebody wants to take my life, there is nothing I can do to prevent it."  And shortly before Kennedy went to Dallas, he is reputed to have said to his wife " If somebody wants to shoot me from a window with a rifle, nobody can stop it, so why worry about it?"  

Egypt and Tutankhamun -  the other 22nd November and the other 14th April at Easter

This is a well known example of curious coincidence. But is it significant?  Certainly many people are fascinated by it. This is one of our most visited pages. What is it that fascinates people. Does it make them  wonder?  It should. Perhaps it is meant to.

Let the skeptics scoff. They have no explanation for anything in the paranormal other than chance or fraud. What closed minds they have and what an arid belief system!

The uncanny parallels appear to defy the laws of chance, especially given the very small number of assassinated US presidents.  Is it indeed meaningful?  If so, what is the meaning?  Should we wonder about destiny? Or is it not the case that Something is trying to warn  us that the modern materialist world has missed something vital?

Another point to ponder is that it was a curious meaningful coincidence in Bath in 1991 that linked for me Kennedyís assassination with Prince Charles and Princess Diana. Did something know even in September 1991, that Princess Diana would be assassinated?  I linked it at the time to Charles, but had I looked more carefully at the events of the previous few hours on that day, it might have become clear that I was being shown that it was Diana who would be assassinated. But perhaps I wasnít entirely wrong in my first thought of Charles.  Maybe there was an assassination link to Charles, after all. If she was to be assassinated, then it must have been known to MI6 and also to the senior members of the Royal Family, as well as the Prime Minister. It was no rogue operation. Can we really believe that those with the most to gain from the problem princessís disappearance from the scene are totally innocent of any involvement in her very convenient death?  Anyway, it had certainly proved very convenient until very recently.

For more details of this meaningful coincidence, see The Death of Princess Diana

We refer to the intricate interconnections between meaningful coincidence, prophecy, destiny and psychic information as The Enigma Codes Of Destiny. Sometimes incoming information may be less obviously psychic. It could then be termed inspired. A significant number of novels fit into this category, as well as the works of various artists and composers. But meaningful coincidences both within and surrounding these various works embed them firmly in the Codes of Destiny

For more on meaningful coincidence, see Meaningful Coincidence

For more on the Enigma Codes of Destiny, see Lux Aeterna Publishing
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