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Prophecy 1   The Lockerbie Disaster 'Bombing' and 557

Update 2013 : Lockerbie, Coincidence and the Russian asteroid strike........
For more see Let There Be Light the latest update on our Codes of Fate site - March 2013

Update 2009 :  Prophecy in the Meaning of 557?  

To see how the 557 prophecy code repeats came almost exactly twenty years after Lockerbie , see The Perpignan Airbus Story  on our later site The Airbus Codes. The Airbus crash sequences produced powerful proof that God does indeed exist.  557 coincidences foretold three airbus crashes, the Air New Zealand A320 at Perpignan in November 2008, the Air France A330, Flight 447 in May 2009 in the Atlantic and the Yemenia A310 crash, Flight 626,   off the Comoros Islands in June 2009. Yes Pan Am 103 really was the 6 O' Clock Bus. Think of plane crashes as Code Books. It is the way God seems to have chosen to prove He exists. The atheists are simply wrong. They put the signs of their lack of conviction on Britain's buses early in 2009. Is all of this God's reply?

Scientists want repeatability and pattern.  Well here it is.  But the warnings are very powerful, at least for those who have the minds to understand and the morality to care.  The time is 5.07.42 on my watch . It is 6th August 2009.  PS Remember Lockerbie happened because of an Airbus crash too, an A300 Airbus Iran air Flight 655 in July 1988.  Lockerbie was about justice and these latest Airbus crashes are about Judgement.  Yes, God really does exist. 6.25pm. 6th August, 2009.

The Original 1988 Story

(A more detailed account of the background to our being offered this car will be found at Lecture No1 Lockerbie, Prophecy, Destiny and Design.  May 2013)

On 2nd December 1988, a local Scottish Borders garage manager rang me to offer me a car. I had casually enquired about a model of this particular type of car some weeks earlier.  We drove over to St Boswells to look at the car


E136TONaS.jpg (20627 bytes)
I lifted the bonnet to look at the engine and Jenny's attention was drawn to the number 557 chalked on the top of the engine. 
This was a reference to the car chassis number dating from the original assembly of the car over a year earlier.

We took the car for a test drive and another strange coincidence occurred involving the number 557 on another car at a place we stopped. It was as though the number was somehow being emphasised, almost brought to our attention.

7AM396557aS.jpg (16138 bytes)

On 21st December 1988, Pan Am 103 crashed only forty miles away at Lockerbie. that night, when we read of the crash on TV teletext, Jenny looked up Lockerbie in an atlas. the map reference coordinates for Lockerbie are   55o7'N,    3o21'W  !!!!

The chassis number of the car was       7AM396557 

Enlarge this image

The next day we watched the local Borders ITV channel to try to discover the identity of the plane that crashed. We managed to read the name on the cockpit. It was ‘Clipper Maid of the Seas’. One of my aircraft reference books gave me its registration number. It was N739PA.

To our amazement, we realised this aircraft registration number was makes up the first three numbers of the  chassis number of the car we had taken for the test drive.  7AM396557What is more, the two letters which occur between the fist and second numbers of the chassis number 7AM396557 are the second word of the name of the airline - Pan Am. How strange, we thought. The chassis number was like a code identifying which plane would crash and where.

Only one number in the sequence was unused. It was not until the following July that we understood the meaning of the apparently unused ‘6'. It was actually an important part of the code also, part of the ‘why’.

I came across a newspaper article referring to the first anniversary of the loss of an Iran Air A320 Airbus in the Persian Gulf.  Suddenly I understood the 'why' of the destruction of Pan Am 103. It was the shooting down of Iran Air Flight 655, on 3rd July 1988. This was the meaning of the unused '6'. 
(PS.  I have just noticed I put A320 when in fact it was an A300B2.  The significance of the A320s only came 20 years later.  18.42 6th August 2009. )

AvSaf_webblueR.jpg (12322 bytes)

The cross-correspondences are uncanny - some people call it ‘spooky’. Pan Am 103 was destroyed at 7.03 pm on 21st December 1988. Iran Air 655 was destroyed on the 7.03.88 in the standard American dating system. Both aircraft even had almost identical liveries, white with a sky blue cheat line. The only real  difference was the Iran Air bird on the tailfin rather than the stylised Pan Am globe and its associated American flag.

Was it all just chance? Why should that car, of the precise make, model and engine size I specified, have arrived at a local garage less than three weeks before the Lockerbie disaster?

Did something know the future? 
I had got the idea to ask about a car of this particular make and model early in November. Why did I even bother to enquire because we had no money to buy a new car?  The idea just came into my head one day as I was paying for petrol at that particular garage when we were on our way to Edinburgh. Was something setting in motion a train of events which were to link to another momentous event 40 miles away and five or six weeks into the future which it knew would happen?  Was something warning that it knew the real truth?.

The question raised of destiny is further discussed at Destiny and the two N739PAs.  Are we really but actors on a stage?  Was Shakespeare closer to the truth than anybody realises?

Of course you could always fall back on the skeptics 'explanation' for everything. It is all chance. Their great problem is that their religious belief system, scientism, precludes any other explanation. No mathematical theories can address something which lies beyond what we call space and time. They cannot be applied  to some greater reality beyond. This is one reason for  the vitriolic attacks by skeptics on any evidence adduced from either personal religious experience or psychical research. By their nature such experiences are not repeatable. They can therefore be dismissed as at best anecdotal, at worst fraudulent . In either case they are not worthy of further attention. But the limitations of conventional science are precisely that. Its limitations should not prevent man using his mind and his logic in seeking to learn what lies beyond the reach of conventional science. The skeptics say there is nothing.  Their lives are all the poorer for that. Why do they exhibit such messianic zeal  in trying to convince others that there is nothing but the sad world of materialism in which we all attempt to live today.

In July 1992, Newsweek published a long article to mark the anniversary of the shooting down of Iran Air 655 by the Vincennes. The cover story was entitled ‘Sea of Lies’, a reference to the dishonesty shown by both the Pentagon and the White House after the catastrophic act of incompetence by the crew of the Vincennes.  I found this magazine at the bookstall at a USAF base, in fact when I was working at RAF Chicksands. 

To use a related metaphor the investigation into the loss of Pan Am 103 would be best described as an 'Ocean of Lies'. So many things have happened over the years, so many strange ‘coincidences’, that indicate to us that despite whatever so-called ‘evidence’ was produced at the Scottish inquest and the Netherlands trial,  there was no bomb. The two accused Libyans were completely innocent. Their crime was to be Libyans. But the British and American governments have been determined that their version of the ‘truth’ shall prevail. Now the one convicted will rot in a Scottish prison for a crime he did not commit.

N739PA was a geriatric plane that had been modified by the Pentagon for use in the Strategic Reserve. It merely suffered from massive structural failure. The blame for the disaster, can be placed entirely on American shoulders - the Pentagon and Pan Am. But, there is a natural justice in the fall of Pan Am 103 - hence the references in the chassis number  Code of Destiny?

It fell because of American incompetence - as did Iran Air 655.

To understand how this disaster is part of a larger interconnected puzzle, see The Four Jigsaws

More details of our discovery of this code of destiny and this strange series of coincidences can be found in the article 'Problems with Probability' on this site.

A more detailed account of the background to our being offered this car will be found at Lecture No1 Lockerbie, Prophecy, Destiny and Design.  ( May 2013)

Further details  can be found in our book entitled ‘The Enigma Variations’, and a full account will be published in  another book  'The Jupiter Theme' 

The corruption of the churches was neatly revealed in Part 2 of Prophecy and 557

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