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507 x 2297 - Chance or Another warning?  
The Elements Will Melt with Fervent Heat
The previous ten days had carried our work forward to include the Australian heat wave and its associated fires. On 31st January, 2009  I had written an article about strange Fire coincidences concerning our visit to Sydney in February 1996, and books by the Australian John Baxter and Arthur C Clarke.  I intended to include it on my latest website, which is making only slow progress as world events and Jenny's declining health impede my progress. As well as working on the website, I am also writing my book explaining the meaning of the Airbus crashes, as well as giving all be supporting evidence of prior knowledge before the event. I explained the background to the very clear warnings that, on death, everyone goes to God's Judgement, unfashionable though the concept is in our selfish, corrupt and decadent world.

After lunch, I went to get some morphine for Jenny. As I parked in the Roseland shopping centre car park, I couldn’t help but notice that the car parked in front and to my left had the registration plate ZE2297. Code 2297 is the key Code for the Apocalypse. I looked down at my car mileage. The reading was 229507 km. 229 had been  the earliest version of the Apocalypse Code which was first made known to us in November 1988, and was refined to 2297 in September 1989. See The Seventh Sign

507 is the World’s End Code which I first encountered in July, 1985 but which I did not see for what it was until sometime in 1990.

For a lot more on the 507 sequences see The Threads of 507 on our much later Codes of Fate site  
This page was never finished and is superseded by the above link. ( 21st May 2014 9:31pm)  
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