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Meaningful Coincidence 4

Nearer My God to Thee - Divine Guidance or what ?

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See 404 Divine Revelation to understand why.

This page described the strange coincidences involving my finding a keyboard, playing on autoplay, reaching Nearer My God to Thee on an organ setting at the precise moment when I was looking for a way to test a secondhand microphone for recording church choirs in which we sang.

Nearer My God to Thee was the last item the band played before theTitanic finally sank..


Another curious set of 22nd November and 14th April Easter Coincidences


The other 22nd November and the other 14th April at Easter

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I am indebted to my fellow chorister Mac Lynch for enlightening me about this hymn.  At choir practice at St Mary's Church, Pokeno on the evening of 14th April 2003, he had asked me which tune I wanted  for this hymn so he could make a midi file. I only knew  one tune and when I sang it, he told me that tune was Bethany. That evening I had mentioned to him that I had finally published my website to the internet that morning after two months work. Early the next morning, he sent me this very timely link.  It was at 5.11am on 15th April 2003.  The hymn must have been played a little before 2am on 15th April 1912 as the Titanic   finally sank beneath the waves of the North Atlantic at 2.20am. 

I am  grateful to Mac for guiding me to Midi files via his Hymn website:   I am also grateful to him for producing  midi files for me.

For more coincidences surrounding Mac and St Mary's see  All in an April Evening  

Another Titanic Coincidence - 'Futility and the Wreck of the the Titan 

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