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A New Rainbow Theme

When first created in June 2007, this page opened automatically playing the tune 'Moscow'.  That was when the majority of people still used Internet Explorer.  Microsoft's monopoly has long since been broken Now the majority of visitors to our  sites use Google's Chrome which I don't personally like. Firefox is far better for me.  

But as with so many of their products Microsoft's coders wrote code that was either inaccessible or non-standard - protecting Microsoft's monopoly for a long time.  We first found that hidden code problem when Jenny started to use Word in 2003 instead of the far superior Word Perfect with its open codes which she had used since 1992.  And the Front Page code which opened this web page with the tune Moscow is not supported by any browser at all even Microsoft's IE8

The same comment applies to our page on the Russian Asteroid strike of February 2013 on Chelyabinsk.. See .Let There be Light on Codes of Fate.  That page too opened rather appropriately to Moscow.....It was still working on her Internet Exprer in February 2013, as I discovered when talking to Russian woman now living in Pukekohe.  She came  ...from Moscow

See The Seven Colour s - Why?  for a 2016 update as to the reason for  the colour coding used on the re-formatted sites
Post Script  My use of the rainbow long pre-dates its attempted takeover by the Queer Marriage brigade.  They are trying to do for the rainbow what they did for the poor little word 'gay'.  They should have stuck to their trademark pink.  But then God used the sign of the rainbow long before me in connection with His destruction of a world terminally riddled by evil.  See Genesis 6,5 and 6,6.

The Queer Marriage brigade appear to be incredibly naive , theologically speaking.   That was made very clear to me on 19th February 2014 outside the Queer Cathedral in Auckland, the Church of St Matthew in the City, after the memorial service for Briar Lobb. See 229 and Queer Marriage on our Doomsday Enigmas site 

I just see it now as the words come to me to add in re the darkness, Bush and his minders below.. from John 1,.v 4-5 at the very start of the New Testament. Briar Lobb's memorial service was held on the 11th Anniversary of our recording this hymn for Praise Be.  4:46pm 22/1/15.  Code 446 - Judgement on death for all.  See the Perpignan Airbus Story on The Airbus Codes site.    Code 446 has been powerfully re-emphasised of late in connection with  destiny Egypt, the loss of MH370 and especially MH17. See The Star of 17  God warns through the pinnacle of man's technologies. But nobody heeds. 4:57:22pm

Thou whose almighty word
Chaos and darkness heard
And took their flight
Hear us we humbly pray
And where the gospel day
Sheds not its glorious ray
Let there be light!

The tune Moscow is here

The tune to this hymn is called Moscow. Our choir, the South Auckland Choral Society, was recorded, singing this hymn on 19th February 2003, nearly three weeks after the shuttle Columbia had 'become light' - the light of men-  but 'the darkness - George Bush and his myriad minders and advisers - comprehended it not......

We were recording for the NZTV programme, Praise Be.

Fiat Lux! Let there be light! (Genesis 1,3). Those words were part of the reading by the three men on Apollo 8, on Christmas Eve 1968. That was a time when people were so much more free to express themselves than they are today. Now they must be careful not to cause offence to non-believers or those of other faiths. These men in Apollo 8 were the first men to see the dark side of the moon and the earthrise….. They were in awe, but that’s old hat now. [At this point in my editing, Jenny said “It’s 5.56 on the cooker,” as she went to get her piece of toast. It was 11.17 am on my watch on 19th September, the day of the Dorset Disaster. It was 5.57 by the time I came to photograph it. Yes, Let there be Light!]

And in a way that is what meaningful coincidence does. It sheds light on mysteries, some of which, like the questions of life after death and of the existence of God, have intrigued men since the dawn of time. But it also sheds light on more modern mysteries such as whether Princess Diana was murdered and whether Lockerbie really was a terrorist bomb. It also casts light on the deeper meaning behind many modern catastrophes such as the Challenger and Columbia shuttle disasters, the Sumatra tidal wave, Hurricane Katrina and the English Floods of 2007. Also, meaningful coincidence is a thread which links the inspiration of so many writers across the centuries and over the last century in particular.

You can sum up the purpose of meaningful coincidence in those few words: ‘Let there be light – Fiat Lux’. That is perhaps why I found the tune for this hymn coming into my mind in recent days, as I have endeavoured to update the Lux Aeterna site in a manner better integrating it with the later sites which update our research.
It was on the morning of 14th September, 9-14, that the vision came to me of a rainbow bar on the white pages. Then the ideas came as to how I could create the rainbow effects. It took three different programmes to generate what I wanted, but my software is old-fashioned, like my morality, my preferences and my books.
I was about to delete the ‘left over’ image, out of which I had created the feathered rainbow bar when suddenly I saw it as the bright light coming out of the rainbow, like the light of God at the heart of His Covenant. That file became the background for the Home Page and several others.

That evening, I was working through various pages on the site, checking the theme which was applied, when I came to the Site Plan, the key to finding your way around the site. The idea came to use the full rainbow image I had devised en route to the rainbow strip. I had just applied it to the site map and changed the colour of a couple of large font words when my eye was drawn to the time on the screen. It was 9.14 pm on 14th September 2007, 9.14.7. It was an echo of the Eye of Ra at 12.21 on 12/12/88, the day of the Lockerbie air disaster. This It was an equally significant conjunction as Code 914 links to elements to come, the demise of the Prince of Wales in close time conjunction to a nuclear power station disaster for America.

My eye was drawn to this time conjunction, but it is the Eye of God which sees through time, just as the Eye of Ra saw through the mists before the Lockerbie plane crash. The only thing we had sold at Melrose Station on that opening day of our Egyptian Art exhibition was a painting of the Eye of Ra. The entry in my notebook on that day was cryptic: ‘Sold Eye of Ra. 12.21’. At the time, the words were not intended to be prophetic, just a reminder of what had happened – our first and only sale, as it turned out. It was five years later before I saw the prophetic significance of what I had written shortly after noon on 21st December 1988. I made the discovery whilst I was writing The Jupiter Theme in 1994. Suddenly I had realised that we had sold the Eye of Ra at 12.21 on 12.21.88 – the day of the Lockerbie disaster. And we had already been ‘given’ the ‘coded’ Lockerbie estate car.

At this point, Jenny shouted, “It’s 5.56” (on the cooker clock). It was 5.57 by the time I got out of the bath and got the camera. I photographed this notebook against 5.57. [Note that this was in the original version of this article, written on 16th September. The reference to precisely the same thing happening whilst editing it later (mentioned earlier in this piece), occurred on 19th September. Once again, it was a Code Repeat.]
When Jenny shouted this to me on 16th September, I was just writing about God’s foreknowledge of Lockerbie and His indicating that knowledge to us through the Lockerbie Code number 557. But 556 in itself means Prophecy in the Codes. And the way all those elements of that disaster were brought together in that ‘Lockerbie’ estate car chassis number is powerful evidence of intelligent design.

Jenny’s calling to me is yet more powerful evidence of timely inspiration. She had just got up, around 11 am. She has been in a lot of pain in recent weeks. The cancer seems to have spread to involve the bone and some muscles and although the pain seemed a lot better last night, she made a sudden move this morning that brought on the pain again, just after she told me it was 5.56. Now she has gone to lie down again.

I wonder a lot about purpose. I can see little purpose in Jenny’s cancer or my eye tumour. Yet our medical visits have been surrounded by all the Code numbers and all the signs which indicate that it is all part of God’s plan. We just have to accept. We are both growing rapidly weaker, but it matters little because we can make no headway anyway.

No journalist will look at it. They are either too shallow, too scared, too self-centred, too robotic, or too evil. Perhaps they are all programmed to only scan what comes ‘on the wire’, or furiously copy each other like third rate schoolboys. The few people who look at our Lux Aeterna site, 70 people a day, must see something of value because now 50% of visitors bookmark the site. Yet this site contains only a tiny fraction of our research.

This morning’s recent experience is just more proof of all my theories. I went to check the house power meter after photographing 557 on the cooker clock. It read 68698.8, a number that describes so well that Lockerbie exhibition. It was in June 1986 that Ankhsoun first came, or was sent, 6/86. The Lockerbie Egyptian exhibition was to promote our Egyptian paintings and the story of Akhenaten and his daughter. It began on 21st December 1988, hence 988. I looked back at the cooker clock. It was now 5.58, the death/Egypt Code which was given to us in June 1990, the only visit to Egypt in which we ever reached Ankhsoun’s home, Akhenaten’s city of Akhetaten. [And last night, 2nd October……Footnote 1]

I came to delete some images on the camera as I had not cleared many from the roll yesterday. That was folder 559. But now I found that No. 1 of Folder 560 is 742 on the whole card. 1/81 is 742/823. And 823 was a number I had been reminded of in connection with my visit to Cannon Street Station in London in 1990 (?). Just a few weeks ago, whilst working on Kismet, I had found the notes in a book Maximum Credible Accident, which draws the parallels between a nuclear power station disaster and the Lewisham train crash in South London on 4th December 1957. In Cannon Street Station, on ……………….1990, I had found a Southern Region EMU, S77557. It was ……… years before the meaning of Code 5577 was vouchsafed to me.
 (For the significant way this paragraph was corrected see footnote 4)

Jenny asked me to put on some coffee for her as she finds coffee enemas very helpful for the pain. I picked up the coffee pot and saw the cooker clock was now 6.08. The term ‘coffee pot’ reminds me also of trains – the old ex-Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway engines that were station pilots at Manchester Victoria when I first began trainspotting in 1959. They had large domes, hence the term ‘coffee pots’. 6.04 was the time the ill-fated express left Cannon Street for Ramsgate behind Bulleid Pacific 34066, Spitfire. (At this point, in response to my query, Jenny said the power meter reading was 68700…..68700.9 – ‘Fear and terror’ – too late. 68700.7 Great Western – the Grand Junction for Heaven and Hell – See our book The Alpha and Omega Codes.) [And there was another uncanny railway link……Footnote 2]

A few weeks back, Jenny put on the coffee to percolate and forgot to put on the lid. I heard the strange noise and went in to see the coffee pot boiling away, throwing steam and water into the air. The image number was DSCX557. CHECK
The links to nuclear disaster and the End Times are so strong. It is now 12.09 pm NZ time on 15th September, 1.09 am on the 15th in London, the birthday of Diana’s younger, disloyal son. Odd that yesterday I found Hello magazine in Woolworths, featuring the ‘party of a lifetime concert’ with both the worthless princes in their element, having fun, supposedly in a good cause. At the same time, I bought the Weekly Telegraph, edition 842. Once again, it was a strange juxtaposition between Diana, ‘her’ birthday commemoration concert, the link to her spirit at Warkworth in 1998, and the spirit of Mohamed Atta which I encountered so memorably on Flight UA841 as we descended into Melbourne in March 2002. The coincidences confirming this experience came on the return trip to Auckland, UA842.

When it is 12.09 pm in New Zealand on 15th September and 1.09 am in London, it is 8.09 pm on 14th September in New York, code 9-14. In Los Angeles, it is 5.09 pm, bringing us back to the Codes for The Diagrams of Truth. Remember that the Chicksands Lockerbie prophecy was a combined Code, 9-11 to 9-14; 9/11 is past; 9/14 is yet to come.

It is all so cross-connected in the Web of Destiny. It is clear, so very clear, that there is a Hand behind all of this intricacy of design. And I am sure that the words of another hymn are relevant today, more than ever before:

The world is very evil
The times are waxing late 
For the full words and the tune of this very old hymn see here

The better part of a millennium has passed since those words were written. Is it just chance that the signs of the End are all around, so thick and fast? But is it all just in my mind? Or is it really Fragments of an Outer Mind that are thrown into sharp prominence in mine? Once again, last night I was caused to ‘speak the future’. [and once again it linked back to the Ludlow tragedy……Footnote3]

Was it really random chance that, not long after I had been caused to notice the time, 9.14 pm on 9-14-07 on my computer, Jenny was caused to notice, as she worked on her computer, that the time was 9.46 pm? Code 946 means ‘the Hammer of God’. This conjunction came whilst Jenny was typing up the article I had written on the 6th anniversary of 9/11, the interconnection of the four disasters, Lockerbie, Mecca, 9/11 and Columbia, the Four Jigsaws, the Quartet for the End Times. The significance of Code 946 derives from Arthur C. Clarke’s novel, Rendezvous with Rama. The asteroid hits at 9.46 am on 11th September 2077. Another of his novels on the same theme is called Hammer of God. That 1973 novel is part of the proof that 9/11 was a Hammer of God for America. That is confirmed in the registration numbers of the aircraft which hit the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre. See The Inspiration of Arthur C. Clarke.
A Hammer of God awaits America in the future, and that is The Dorset Disaster, when fiction will become fact, with a nuclear power station disaster.

Postscript 1
I came across the following quote in the magazine Contending Earnestly for the Faith (cetf) for September 2007, Volume 13.3, Issue 41. It seemed particularly relevant to today:

In the last days, perilous times shall come…..men shall be lovers of themselves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy. Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent (without self control), fierce, despisers of those that are good, traitors, heady, high-minded lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God. Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away. (2 Timothy 3: 1-5)

All around the globe, there is the rampant greed which underpins ‘economic growth’. Look at the obscene wealth taken by the worthless rich as their due. All are encouraged to get their share – invest now. But take also – buy, buy, buy! The pollution of the planet proceeds apace as the Indians and Chinese exercise their right to be as corrupting, as decadent and as wasteful as Americans. The ice caps melt. The Brazilians and the Indonesians now want to be paid not to chop down rainforests. They can be bribed to do nothing, just as the Arabs are paid to do nothing, sitting on their black gold, the Beast of the Apocalypse and buying up the planet with their ‘birthright’. How curious it is that the Arabic numeral which is ‘6’, which looks like a ‘7’, is coded 0666 from the Insert symbol within Word! I discovered this by chance a few days ago as I was writing of the similarity in appearance between the Arabic  and the western 557 in The Coherent Thread of 557.

The earth cannot stand the commercial onslaught which is corrupt, greedy, evil man. But it is even worse, for there is also man’s lust for power, whether it be the evil man in the Oval Office with his near-irresistible military might, or the military junta in Rangoon. They are true kith and kin. One just does better PR and wraps himself in a wretched flag. American spending on weapons of war shows the fiction of its Christian beliefs. Now Russia too is sabre-rattling, with its geriatric weapons from the Cold War. Will it be a Russian mistake or a Yank one that precipitates an exchange?

But remember, in the background there is a warning form God that when men have finished destroying each other, He will finish off what is left with Sekhmet, the Hammer of God from the Heavens. It will be the ultimate Lux Aeterna. The warning Codes for the Hammer of God have been so strong since we submitted our writing prize entry on 16th July 2007. It was a most significant day, being the anniversary of Comet Shoemaker-Levy-9 hitting Jupiter in 1994. That impact was a trailer for the Earth, a warning shot across the bows, as it were. But man has sailed blithely on, oblivious to God and His Signs, oblivious to any question of right and wrong, certainly oblivious to morality.

A Second Postscript:
Today is 28th September. I did the second edit on this article. This morning, the CLL Writing Award winner was announced in the NZ Herald. Naturally, it went to someone well-connected as ever, in the NZ way. He won the Montana Prize in 200(?), finalist in 2000 and 2006. Remember Code 2077. The other winner was a culturally sensitive choice, writing about a Maori chief from long ago. Perhaps the headline announcing the prize was inspired………….

Tomorrow in the Enigma Section of the NZ Herald where the Word Wall, Word Wheel and the Cryptic Crossword appear; the Codecracker Crossword will be No. 2077. It will be 29/9/7, 29th September is so often significant, 229+7, perhaps. Anyway, for whatever reason, it is significant. It was on 29th September 1984 that a key event occurred which precipitated the start of my psychical research career and even around that, there was much evidence of inspiration.

Almost certainly to complete the picture, I was awakened early this morning. INSERT A As a result, I saw the five minute period in the day when the crystal sphere in the window refracts the sun’s rays on to our model of the Sentinel of Eternity. I had had that cross between the 2001 monolith and an Egyptian obelisk made for a psychic fair in Manukau in June 2006 but its finishing caused a delay and we first exhibited it at a psychic fair at Ellerslie on 22nd July 2006, the Feast Day of Mary Magdalen.

Today is the first day I have ever seen the rainbow fall full on the face of the obelisk. It all depends on the angle of the sun in the sky and the time of day. At another time of the day and in another season of the year, the rainbow falls on our painting of The Ancient of Days. Today it was on the obelisk, the symbol of The Sentinel of Eternity, which happened to be the title of Arthur C. Clarke’s failed entry for a 1946 Short Story competition.

The rainbow was picking out the obelisk when the cooker clock showed 2.28 – 7.42 am on my cellphone – Symbolism and Communication covering Revelation and the End Times.

The rainbow was also very bright above the door lintel, emphasising God’s way. Sacrificial blood above lintels might help thugs know who to slaughter. It has nothing to do with God or His angels. God does not need the signals used by evil men. And evil men do not heed the signals given by God. The rainbow is the sign of the Covenant, with the righteous, not with any self-promoting, so-called chosen race.
Lux Aeterna – the rainbow – the sign of His Covenant. And the white pillar is the column which comes out of the rainbow.

9.35 am 27th September 2007.

A Third – The Coincidences of 2nd October 2007
Footnote 1 :
 And last night, 2nd October, 686 again proved highly significant, once again linking the first Impossible Princess to the second. It was the number of a DMU at Papakura Station, a reminder that the Diana Inquest, which opened, yesterday will be more of the dame – official deception. As my car mileage changed from 215569 to 215570, car CMK 503 came the other way. It was still 215570 when I reached home. I first saw the car NZ5570 on 29th August 1997. It was a precursor to Diana’s death that weekend. Once again, yesterday was a ‘code repeat’. The signalman experience recounted in Fragments of An Outer Mind, Volume 2, explains how the verdict was given on the Stevens Report just before it was published….official deception. That coincidence involved the same DMU 686 and another. (Note added 9.07 am 3/10/7).

Footnote 2 :
And there was another uncanny railway link on 2nd October. Earlier I had bought Steam Railway, the ……..issue. There was a photograph of 344067, Tangmere, a key part of the Katrina flood prophecy, a location I saw at Bath on 29th June 2005. See Predestination abc or A-Z, A Trainspotter’s Guide to Destiny. But the photograph here was at Bury, at the Buckley Wells engineering works of Rabey (?) & Son, so close to the Bury Grammar School sports fields of my school days. Below it was an item about 34067 being disguised as 34066 for two ‘specials’ in September. To show how stupidly over-sensitive the modern world is, there was a reference to its being con…… for Slipland Neame Brewery (Brewery link to my father) to run a ‘special’ promoting their Spitfire ales, because 34066 was involved in the Lewisham train crash.
You could call that visit my ‘flood’ trip because it predicted the Katrina floods of 2005 and the English Floods of 2007. See……… But the place I visited en route between Ludlow and Diana’s home at Althorpe was the Severn Valley Railway. £1.25M of damage was caused to that railway line by one month’s rain in an hour, on 19th June. Embankments were washed away, leaving the tracks in fresh air. 19th June is Wallis Simpson's birthday.   One locomotive I had photographed at Bridgnorth had been 1502. I had been at Ludlow only because of the events of 1502, the death of Prince Arthur and its consequences to the line of British kings. I was struck by the contrails in the sky. I photographed the ex-GWR signals against the  signals a frequency in the sky.

Footnote 3 :
And once again it linked back to the Ludlow tragedy. (Thought – next week is the Plague). It happened during a programme, The Tudors. Of course it is Henry VIII who is at the centre of it. The programme trudges on excruciatingly slowly, with its badly cast retinue and scant regard for real history. The king is still waiting for Wolsey to get the Pope to dispense with his predecessor’s dispensation. The particular sequence showed the king toying with Anne Boleyn in the midst of the court. I said to Jenny, “I suppose they are going to drag this out to her execution…..” I had no sooner uttered those words than Henry stroked her neck and commented, “Such a pretty neck….I love your neck.” And that was the neck he was to have severed some five years later on Tower Hill for her supposed unfaithfulness.

What caused me to think of that then? It was another very ‘ter…ily throwaway comment like the one that I made to my then wife in October 1986, the comment that precipitated her confession her unfaithfulness, the comment that thus ended my marriage and began my career in psychical research.

And outside in the drive stood the other link suggestive of design, the car whose number plate linked me to the spirits of Diana and Mohamed Atta, and whose mileage stood at 235570, with its links both to Lockerbie and, via the LMS Railway, to New Zealand……
Just after The Tudors finished came the late news on TV1 with its coverage of Helen Clark being turned out in the rain by Gordon Brown, probably because of her recent comments of her desire to dump the Union Jack from the New Zealand flag. The final sequences of the report covered Clark at the Oxford Union, a powerful link to my youth, but also the Last Days.

This page was never corrected.  It was overtaken by the sudden signs I had to go to the Frankfurt Bookfair.  I left NZ on 8th October.  Only today 17th October did I find this partly done page not properly linked in.  I came to fill in the missing details as below.

Footnote 4 :
came to delete some images on the camera as I had not cleared many from the roll yesterday. That was folder 559. But now I found that No. 1 of Folder 560 is 742 on the whole card. 1/81 is 742/823. And 823 was a number I had been reminded of in connection with my visit to Cannon Street Station in London in 1990 (?). Just a few weeks ago, whilst working on my book Kismet, I had found the notes in a book Maximum Credible Accident, which draws the parallels between a nuclear power station disaster and the Lewisham train crash in South London on 4th December 1957. In Cannon Street Station, on 11th June 1993.  It was the anniversary of that tremendously significant rainbow on our way to Paris in 1986, Seven years...2557days??  At Cannon Street that day,  I had found a Southern Region EMU, S77557. It was another year before the meaning of Code 5577 was vouchsafed to me. 

Having put in the missing date of 11th June 1993, I realised it was exactly seven years from when Ankhsoun spoke of her death and the rainbow, only hours after our train had sped for miles under a rainbow, before the sun had set.  Was it a reminder of God's Covenant, his promise of life after death for those who are worth it, but also his promise of Justice for all worthy or not?  The events of 4th December 1986 were so strongly connected to those of 4th June 1999.  It is all to do with heaven and hell.  The stories are given in our book Mary, Daughter of Elohim.

glanced at my watch after finishing the above paragraph.  It was 5.06pm.  I went to get the camera.  It was 5.07pm as I wrote the note but 5.08pm as I finished it and took the photo.  The Americans failed to heed the warning of Code 508.  Instead they invaded Iraq.  After all Sharon Stone reckoned the Szechuan Earthquake of May 2008 was karma for what the Chinese did to Tibet.  So what about karma for what the Americans have done to Iraq?  So is the Dorset Disaster coming soon?  Or is she wrong? Am I wrong?  Is it all just chance?

Today's date is 17th June, 2008. 17.6.08.  The Bulleid light Pacific Spitfire left Charing Cross at 6.08 pm on 4th December, 1957 on the way to its Maximum Credible Accident at the Lewisham overbridge.  The Prime TV programme Mayday on Sunday 15th June 2008 had the story of Aeromexico flight 498, a DC9 which crashed on 31st August 1986 in suburban Los Angeles not far from LAX.  That too was a maximum credible accident.  The scene on the ground in suburban LA was eerily like what was to come at Lockerbie in December 1988.

Perhaps I'm wrong and there really is nothing in it all.  But, so often when I doubt something happens to say 'You are right.  Carry on.  They are all wrong."  We'll just have to see!!  See Am I Right ?

For some of the latest codes and signs see our new site The End Times Herald Blog.

v3   18/09/2007 15:35:55
v4   27/09/2007 14:35:26
v5   04/10/2007 18:31:57
v6   17/06/2007  11.14pm

The Fourth Postscript
The full theme has recently been deleted.  The sites were built on Front Page 98 and FP2002 in a time when the internet was so much better, more text based sites.  People had to read.  Now its so much more about entertainment, videos everywhere even on newspaper sites.  And so much trash on anti-social networking sites.  Microsoft stopped producing Front page in 2003 and stopped support for it on 8th April 2014, when it also stopped support for Word 2003 and XP.  So the webhosting servers using cpanel stopped providing Front Page Extensions.  So many features on our sites stopped working.  They have been slightly modified to allow them to continue to be used and updated. 

But then the Codes of Fate keep re-iterating that computers will help to bring the End for man.  It is the time of 666.  Consider the word computer to the base 6  ie A=6 B=12 C=18 etc ....Add C+O+M+P+U+T+E+R..... The sum is 666.    And now 666 in its many forms rules this world, during this last battle of Armageddon.

22nd January, 2015 1238pm  

U=238 uranium,  the last chemical  element - omega and a key element in the End Times.  Now as I type it changes to  12:39pm.  239=Pu  and the death toll on MH370, 'by chance' of course.  So many times every day I am shown I am doing everything at an appointed time.  So are many others.  At best we are actors on a stage, playing out a script already written, if unbeknown to us.  The difference is that I know it and I know who is 'pulling my strings'.  Most don't. 

The sad thing is most do not even care.  Hence the End is nigh.

22nd January 2015

The Fifth Postscript
I first re-published of this site, on 20th January 2015 and updated this page on 22nd January... incidentally both dates of  anniversaries of royal death, a key theme in the Codes of Fate. The pages of this site were devoid of colour apart from this one page.  If I republished all the other sites, in a similar way navigation would be nearly impossible.  I  had neither time nor inclination to re-format every page as I did this one.

But I had a vision of what I needed.  Then I was gradually led along a 'path of illumination' to enable me to translate that vision into reality.  That is the way the real God works.  I soon saw that what  I needed had been put in place nearly 4 years ago....set in train by a flood.   The result is seven sites in a new doomsday rainbow format.  This site, the earliest begins in the red, the low energy end of the spectrum....

6th March 2015.8:51:10pm BS23041449
First publishing of Light Eternal in the doomsday rainbow format.


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