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My name is Brian Cocksey and my wife's name is Jenny. The purpose of our websites is to publicise some of the results of our twenty seven years of original research into the paranormal. One of our main findings is  our discovery of The Alpha and Omega Codes. These Codes use meaningful coincidence as a key to authenticate psychic information. Meaningful coincidence, called synchronicity by some, appears to be orchestrated and is evidence both of external purpose and external intelligence. As far as psychic information is concerned, meaningful coincidence is analogous to a Microsoft Authentication Signature on downloaded software. It shows it comes from the Maker and can be trusted! The combination of coincidence with psychic information can also give us evidence of prophecy, destiny and life after death. Psychic information which is neither spontaneous nor externally authenticated should be viewed with grave suspicion.
Trust it at your peril. It is very much a case of  caveat emptor !

This research constitutes the first successful SETI project ever.  There is evidence of a Source of Extra Terrestrial  Intelligence. But. not only is it not of our planet, it is not bound by the confines of our material word of space and time at all.

It seems almost that we have been guided into this area of research and led each step of the way by this source of intelligence. You may think we have spent 17 years following chance. In that case why is there not just a total randomness in our results. What is the explanation for the coherence?  Why do so many strange and intricate coincidences happen to us?  More information as to how we came to be doing this research can be found in About Us.

Our research seeks

expbul1a.gif (699 bytes) to offer fresh light on Enigmas which have puzzled man since the dawn of time
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to offer new evidence that there is more to reality than the material world which we experience with the normal five senses
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to demonstrate the interconnectedness of meaningful coincidence, destiny,  prophecy and psychic information
expbul1a.gif (699 bytes) to offer scientific evidence that the soul of a person does indeed survive death
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to offer evidence that it is possible, on occasion, to interact with some Source of  Intelligence which appears to exist beyond the confines of our  understanding of space and time
expbul1a.gif (699 bytes) to demonstrate that the evidence suggests that this Source of Intelligence is God
expbul1a.gif (699 bytes) to convey the warnings  that God is certainly giving

An enigma is a puzzle or a riddle. It is an appropriate term to use to describe each of the subjects below. They are topics which have intrigued and, indeed, puzzled mankind for millennia. Conventional science can cast no light on any one of these topics, as none of them can be studied directly, in the conventional scientific sense. However, during the course of our studies, we have developed methods  which allow valid, rational conclusions to be drawn indirectly about these topics.

The enigmas with which our books are concerned include:

1. Meaningful coincidence
2. Prophecy
3. Destiny
4. Inspiration
5. Life after Death
6. Salvation, Judgement or Reincarnation?
7. God, Allah, or....

The ways in which these various Enigmas are woven into the Codes of Destiny will be described in the various books in the series ' Enigmas of Space and Time '  



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