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The July 2007 floods affected Worcestershire and Gloucestershire worst. Worcester College  was my college in my time in Oxford between 1965 and 1969. Its predecessor, on that site was Gloucester College.  It was on 7th June, 2007, in the midst of my writing Kismet that I finally realised why I had been meant to go to Oxford and not Cambridge. Whilst waiting for my computer to load, I was idly glancing through an Oxford University Calendar for 1963. I came upon the heraldic description of the Oxford University crest. There are three crowns set around an open book. Upon the book are written the words : Dominus Illuminatio Mea - The Lord is my Light. It comes from the first words in Psalm 27. The line concludes….’and my salvation’.
        And the Lord has indeed been my light for the past 22.9 years, guiding me through meaningful coincidences and through communication from the spirits of the dead.

But that heraldic description told me something I had never before realised. On the side of the book are set, 'dexter, seven seals of the last.’ The emblem is graphically represented in different ways, I discovered over the following days, but always as the seven trumpets of the Last Judgement.   The two below are taken from the same report. the Franks Commission on the role of Oxford University in higher education in Britain in 1966, in the light of the Robbins Report.   Lord Franks was Provost of Worcester.  It is noteworthy how the crest from the spine has the Seven seals of the Last to the left, yet on the cover, the Seven Seals are to the right. 

I see now on looking at the book, that I found that copy of the Franks report in the Oxfam bookshop in Oxford on 4th February 1992, a visit that turned out to be strongly focussed around the Victorian painter John Martin, and something that happened to me in my first Long Vac in the Isle of Man.  We had gone to Oxford for an antiquarian book fair in the Randolph Hotel.  It was the first time ever I had set foot inside that particular portal of the rich.  I found a book on John Martin, not the one I was looking for, but a rarer one and a particularly significant copy of it.  I wonder now if the full pattern is only at last being revealed to me, because  John Martin was particularly famous for his last paintings, his Judgement tryptich.  The first painting is The Great Day of His Wrath, when the Seven Angels sound the Seven trumpets of the Last Judgement. The second painting is The Last Judgement itself.  The third is The Plains of Heaven.  All three paintings hang in the Tate Gallery in London.

The Great Day of His Wrath The Last Judgement The Plains of Heaven
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For more details of the paintings go to the Tate Gallery site pages below
More painting details

More painting details

More painting details

For more on John Martin see  John Martin visionary artist and for more on the particular relevance of these paintings to Mary Magdalen see Daughter of Elohim.

So is the drawing of my attention to this aspect of the Oxford crest significant now , 42 years after I first went up to Oxford?  And was there a strange confirmation in other enigma codes, in a cryptic crossword only two days ago?

My scientific research not only proves overwhelmingly that there is design, that there is a God, but also that He has warned and warned and warned, for millennia. Man has not heeded. Instead, greedy man rushes on headlong, determined that economies everywhere have to grow and grow, profits have always to increase. And so it is the time of the Last Judgement. The End is here. The signs of global warming are everywhere, but far worse is to come….

Of course that old motto is irrelevant to the money-grubbing market forces driven Oxford of today.  The light of God is barely a glimmer within the University.  The Gospel of its New Zealander Vice-chancellor John Hood, the Gospel of Market Forces, reigns supreme, even if his changes to its corporate governance, to give more control to his business chums, came to grief.  God is unfashionable in the Universities of today.  Dawkins, and Atkins at Oxford and Hawking at Cambridge  are very much an unholy trinity, the atheist kin, vocal High Priests of nihilism, mis-leaders for the End Times.

When the July 2007 floods reached Oxford, the colleges were not affected, but there was a powerful sign in one flooded Oxford street, out west, down Botley Road.  To the ancient Egyptians, 'going to the west' meant dying.  I learned this from the spirit of Nefertiti, just a few days before that visit to Oxford in 1992.  To read more of what she said see our book Ankhsoun, Daughter of Ra.

The sign in the midst of the floods to the west was a car with a number plate R388G….the rest of the number plate is cut off. The next letter could be V or W, but it doesn’t matter. Our address is P O Box 388, Drury, New Zealand. 388 factorises as follows: 2x2x97. Code 2297 is the specific Code for the Apocalypse. See The Seventh Sign. This image appeared at the address   http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/1871675/posts. (link now dead). I Found it from searching on Google for 'Oxford floods'.  There were many other thought-provoking coincidences that day, which are described in Fragments of an Outer Mind, Volume 4 Grave Consequences

Another Very Meaningful Coincidence
There was a relevant meaningful coincidence on that website, corroborating the Justice conclusion relating to the English floods. And the name of the website which carried this Botley 388 photograph explained why the floods had come to England.  The site was www.freerepublic.com (link now dead).  It was highly symbolic.  At the end of the webpage was an admonition 'Support the Free Republic !'  That was exactly what Britain had done.  It had supported the Free Republic, in Afghanistan and especially in Iraq. 

The 'Free Republic' is what Americans like to kid themselves their country is.  Fewer and fewer people in the rest of the world believe that myth as time goes on.  Bush and his mates have done more to diminish America's standing in the world than any other administration in its 231 year history.   The Katrina floods came in year 229 of America's existence as an indication of the End times, for Code 229 is the code for the End Times.  Now America's loyal lap dog is punished as year 231 begins.  In the Alpha and Omega Codes,  Code 231 is God.


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