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PenRose and the Murder of Princess Diana

The full extent of the continuing proof in the Web of Destiny of Diana's murder  was not made clear until February 2008, during the Inquest into her death. Of course, the jury came up with the right result, guided by the legal eagle judge. Enquiries always do, just like the Hutton Inquiry did. You can always trust the safe hands of some carefully chosen 'Learned Judge' or other.  But the Priests of Maat should all remember that, though they happily sit in judgement now on all sorts of errors, the time will come when each of them will be Judged.  Then there is no appeal.

The extensive web of alternative evidence is described in detail in our book PenRose .  The intricacy of the inter-connection between events in the High Court in London and our lives in New Zealand were truly wyrd. The evidence all began with a car crash which we suffered outside Jenny's doctor's surgery in Meadowbank, Auckland, New Zealand,  just days before the senior SIS man gave his evidence to the Inquest in England.  That accident very graphically contradicted the words spoken by a man whose trade was treachery, a man trained to lie 'for his country' or at least for the benefit of the powers that control his country.  But the signs which God gives do not lie.   I had been given the powerful sign in Bath of Diana's assassination and what would revolve around that event,  way back in September, 1991.

 At the time, I was on my way back to my job in the Duchy of Cornwall,  commissioning sewage works.  By chance I had been asked to do some work for the Prince of Wales by his private secretary only seven months earlier, in February 1991.  That had been during the Prince's brief interest in such unsavoury topics.  On the very day that reply arrived from the Prince's Private Secretary, I had been involved with meetings at Newbury sewage works, involving the commissioning of an upgrade to the aeration plant that sewage works.  Shortly after the phone call to Jenny, during which she told me of the surprise letter from the Royal household, the foreman of Newbury sewage works made a rather curious comment.  It was only from what he said then that I realised that Highclere Castle was very close indeed Newbury sewage works.  So I made my way up to  place so intricately connected with the tomb of Tutankhamun.  The house of Windsor was being closely cross-connected with the House of Amarna, as it was to be again on the day of Windsor Castle fire.

But I just never put those early signs in Bath together until after Diana was murdered.  Mind,  the signs were shown to me suggesting that Diana would meet with an early death when coincidentally we both decided, both seemingly on a spur of the moment decision, to travel to Luxor at exactly the same time in May 1992.  Later it became very clear to me that we had both been sent to Luxor independently by the Source in order to suit His purposes in the longer term.  I now see that very much as 'Actors on a stage'.   Perhaps it was at that time that Diana signed her own death warrant in a way, by telling the truth and talking to Andrew Morton about the reality of life with the Windsors.  The Windsors were so much more comfortable with 'Charades'.   Perhaps from June 1992, she was a dead woman walking. 

But the fact remains that the signs were there in Bath.  What is more the Voice had been quite unequivocal in the early hours of 17th August 1997.  Diana was about to be murdered.  That action was carried out 14 days later.  It would look like an accident.  How many people in Britain really believe it was?  Perhaps a minority.  But how many people in Britain today care one jot?  The answer is very few, especially now in the Golden Glow of '60 Glorious Years' and (Print Screen 7:17:17 pm 16.08.12  d229/12 - the anniversary of the Diana murder web at the the Time of Windsor. Just been to look at the table to try to see how many gold medals Britain finally won and noticed that the time on the screen was 1917.  DT box brought up the above time) medals.   Britain is 'great' again if only transiently on something that is of no real consequence.  But the London Olympics have been very significant in so many ways for the many signs of inspiration and design.  You could call them the James Bond Olympics, because the time of justice for the house of Windsor is not far off.  There is many a true word spoken in jest.

But why does it matter what happened to Princess Diana?  After all, 'we have all moved on', as the opinion formers, the hype and lies merchants of the House of Windsor would like it to be. Only the magic inner circle was allowed on  the royal barge for the Thames pageant, the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh, Charles and Camilla, William and Kate. Oh and of course the Potter prince. It must really rile William that his title has had to be downgraded to suit Camilla.  His father has a Morganatic marriage because his wife does not share his rank.  It is  Charles, Prince of Wales but only Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall.  She dare not use the title Princess of Wales.  Even the legal validity of that union is very much in doubt.  Why else has the legal opinion on that marriage been locked away for 70 years.  Now whereas Prince William was always Prince William of Wales, he has now been downgraded to the Duke of Cambridge because Prince Charles will not stand for Kate becoming Princess Catherine of Wales, a title which would imply she was above the non-negotiable one.  ( but God... I finished correcting that paragraph and my eye is close to glance down at the computer clock.  It shows 2146 on the night of the 16th August 2012.  2146 is 9:46 PM it is indeed now time for the Hammer of God for the House of Windsor.  The English royal line is traced back to the Battle of Hastings in 1066.  If you add 946 to 1066, you get 2012.  So 14th of October 2012 will see the time of 946 for the House of Windsor begin.  21:49pm Tangiwae - remember Christmas Eve 1953?  It is all about the Ka -  both Diana's and the NZR's.  strange coincidence that I come to edit this page tonight exactly on the 15th anniversary of those precise predictions of Diana's murder 14 days in advance.)  (Typos corrected Then I see time 8:01pm 17th July, 2013.  The crash of KE801 on Guam on 6th August 1997 was the 'Code Book' for Diana's murder.  Today is Parker Bowles' 66th birthday and the 96th anniversary of the House of Windsor being magically created out of the House of Saxe Coburg Gotha)

As I said earlier, Diana's murder doesn't matter to most of the people of Britain now.  Diana's supposed 'friends' have either gone over to the 'New Court' or have found alternative people to use.  The Royal Family has managed to do to Diana what the priests of Amun did to Akhenaten.  If you look at Seti's king list in the temple at Abydos, you will see that there are no Kings between Amunhotep III and Horemheb.  Akhenaten and Tutankhamun simply never existed.  How embarrassing it was far Howard Carter to find the tomb of Tutankhamun in 1922, totally untouched for 33 centuries, especially since according to the Egyptian establishment of the day, he never existed.  But then it is all part of the intricate web of destiny which connects the House of Windsor  to the Royal house of Amarna   and both to the End of the World. now is the time of 946 for the house of Windsor and in a bit over two years time it will be 946 for man.  The Royal house of Amarna is intricately connected to the Second Coming and it is all part of the first successful SETI project  in the history of mankind.  It is another of God's subtle little jokes, a play on words,  for those who have bright enough minds to comprehend.

The House of Windsor might have succeeded in making Diana into a non-person, but as far as the Source is concerned what they arranged for her does still matter, hence the powerful connections which were revealed over those final months of the 'inquest'.  It seems that the truth about Diana's end is intricately interwoven with the End for Man.  The evidence for the former is detailed and powerful.  The evidence for the latter grows ever more insistent as the years count down to T=0.

And then of course there is  the little matter of the code repeat in November 2008.

17th August 2012
Errors corrected   8:08pm 17th July, 2013

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