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I added the reference to weird today 3rd June 2008, itself very much a destiny day. A fortnight ago Jenny went to look for a book with the title Positively Wyrd.  She went to look because of a book order we had received for The Diagrams of Truth.  An idea came into her head.  It was very much  evidence of timely inspiration.  When she came to look at the book and the notes in it, she found it had come from the publishers in Glastonbury.  Then when I made a note I realised that the date abd the BT area telephone  code coincided on he one day in the century.  The date was 14th May 2008, 14.5.8  The BT phone code for Glastonbury is 01458.  And that is a communications code, just like meaningful coincidence.  Glastonbury too has a long association with mystery and magic, associations with King Arthur and supposedly Joseph of Aramathea.  But latterly the dark side seems to have taken over Glastonbury and I don't just mean the mammoth pop festivals.  This book was published by Gothic image and they seem to have taken a positive delight in getting the fax number 831666.  But that in itself is relevant today, because 831 is one Diana death code.  She died on 8.31.97.   It was not an accident, but murder, the hand of evil, Britain's secret sewrvices.  So perhaps it is appropriate for me to make this link today, the day that links so strongly to the Duke of Windsor.  For today, he got what he wanted, but to achieve his goal, he sacrificed everything that mattered, all that had given his life purpose and meaning.  He married the woman for whom he had forsaken the throne and the Empire.  How much is free will?  How much is Fate?  It really is Wyrd.  So is the time 5 57pm   15/05/2016 13:35:14 +1300  03/06/2008  18:58:01  +1300   FP adds an hour 6:58 is an Alpha and Omega Code.   Code 801 was the basis of the web that predicted Diana's death two weeks early.    A recent TV programme Seconds from Disaster shown on Sunday 18th May  featured the destruction of KAL 801 on Nimitz Hill on Guam on 6th August, 1997.  That was the Code book for Diana's death.  But only on 18th May 2008 at the very end of the programme, after they showed the truncated obelisk which is the memorial to the dead, did I see the other code.  229 died in that crash.  So, again Diana's death is now being linked to the End of the World.  Yes, it is Positively Wyrd.  It is odd I should have just typed this page.  It started as a footnote to The Seventh Sign.  But in the end it connected so much more and provided yet more proof of contemporaneous interaction. 

On a final note, on the original theme, it is necessary to return to Glastonbury.  The last time we were in Glastonbury and climbed the Tor, was July 1991.  Then the BT area phone code was 0458.  458 is 2x229.   On today's back page of the NZ herald are photos from a Scrabble competition.  The elapsed time on the clock is  22.29.  On one of the boards is TEACHER.  Our sites aim to teach people to read the language of Meaningful Coincidence, for the few who have any desire to learn.  The front page has the Queen's admonition to Kate 'get a job' .  From one unsuitable royal marriage to another.

18.31 3rd June 2008.

PS June 3rd is a significant anniversary.  It is the day I first registered the name Lux Aeterna Publishing at the NZ Companies Office.   Only later did I realise it was also the 60th Anniversary of the Duke of Windsor's wedding to Wallis Simpson.  He figures so prominently in the Alpha and Omega Codes.  See Kismet.  Today is Destiny day for the last two princes of Wales, Charles and Edward.  Precisely how is to be found in the books.  And now for Charles, the Crown is behind him.  That was shown so clearly in a photo Jenny took in March 2005.  I was reminded of it by a phto she took on Mt Eden Rd in Auckland on 25th June.  She did not even realise the significance of the car.  But I did, as soon as I saw it this morning,  She took it for the 557, but it is far more important than that.   Today is the anniversary of the sign Charles was personally given in 1990.  But the fool never has wanted to learn to read.  The answer to all these riddles is in the books.  Buy them from us whilst you can.



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