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Predestination - abc or A to Z ?
    A Trainspotter's Guide to Intelligent Design

This is a very different kind of train book!! It connects many threads of seemingly disparate elements of human experience in a powerfully coherent way. It cross-connects many themes of research into the paranormal by following the railway thread over 54 years of Brian Cocksey's life. It is as though the other books produced by Light Eternal Publishing follow individual vertical threads of events, the stories of individual lives -Mary Magdalen, Ankhsoun pa Aten, Princess Diana, the Duke of Windsor, and the cracking of the Alpha and Omega Codes which began in 1988 with the Lockerbie, air disaster.  But this book is like a horizontal thread, weaving across all the other threads in the manner of a shuttle, of the kind found in the mills of Lancashire and Yorkshire long ago, not the skies of Florida or Texas.. Yes Golden Shuttle indeed.  The Ancient Greeks were close to the truth with their ideas of the three Fates, the three daughters of Erebus, spinning, allotting and cutting the threads of destiny in human life..... However did they manage it without i-pads or smart phones?  Perhaps they were just smarter in themselves, using the minds God gave them to try to make sense of the world around them.

There is such powerful evidence of coherent external intelligent design and destiny as the story in this book gradually unfolds. It goes right back to a particular experience on a Manchester railway station in March 1961.   That involved an LMS pacific, of the Princess class. He saw it withj his own eyes, but there was no-one else there to corroborate it.  And so no-one at school believed him the next week.  "It's impossible" said all the experts at Bury Grammar School.  But 25 years later that event took on a new light.  Was it not powerful proof of destiny, because it appeared to be strangely prophetic, a parable in time and space, intricately connected with the experiences Brian was to have in 1986. He found himself listening this time to the voice of another impossible princess.  It was the spirit of Ankhsoun pa Aten, the 'Lost Queen of Egypt' .  And again all the experts, scientists, priests and even the man in the street  said "Its impossible.  Once you are dead, you are dead."   And was it really chance that Brian and Jenny were sent to Paris in June 1986 for Ankhsoun to tell of her terrible death.  Was it to link to a Royal death in Paris soon to come?  And  then  in September, 1997, came a code repeat with another 'impossible princess', with the spirit of Princess Diana, just a matter of weeks after her death.

Brian went to Bath in June 2005 to take photographs of the ‘Diana Assassination code place',  the place he had first visited in September 1991, when he was working in 'The Royal Duchy'.  That June evening gave strong proof of his theories of prophecy and intelligent design woven around railways.  He had gone to get photographs to 'prove the past', but before he could do that he was led to take photographs to show the future. For in Bath that evening not only was there strong evidence of the reality of that Diana assassination prophecy from 1991, and its not being chance, but also an entirely new prophecy, as well as powerful evidence of whence that knowledge came.  At first it was a Code he could not break, but he knew he was being given a powerful message.  That certainty came through his being led to see an old steam locomotive on a mainline express  only a minute or two before its departure from Bath.  At first it seemed like a time-warp....a vision of the past.  Was it real ??? Yes it was real, but it turned out to be a vision not of the past but of the future.   The other pieces of the puzzle were gradually given to Brian as the weeks of that English trip went by.  Everything was so precise.  He knew it had to have a meaning. 

Brian only came to understand it all once he got home to Auckland.  He was able to put all the pieces together.  There were so many signs, all elements of the  Hurricane Katrina disaster and its aftermath.  That English trip was woven around railways. There another Princess, 46201, this time on Bury Sheds, as was, but linked curiously to the Princes of Wales, past and present.  It all had to come from ‘The Source’.  Brian's experiences provided astonishing evidence of synchronous interaction with some external Source of Intelligence.

The unravelling of the Hurricane Katrina disaster prophecy code, for that was what it turned out to be, is described in detail in this book, as is its role as the next instalment of the End Times sequences which began with the Sumatra Tidal Wave. And remember hurricane Katrina came exactly on cue. It was 229 years since the Declaration of Independence and 7 more weeks. ie has the time signature of Code 2297, the identifier as one of the End times events.  For Code 2297 is the key  Alpha and Omega code, the code for the Apocalypse.  It had been so since November, 1988.  Yes all is indeed in place.  To understand the origin of Code 2297 see The Seventh Sign

The book ends with a real-life Celestine Prophecy journey woven around the Glenbrook Vintage Railway, A4 4492 and its NZ chime whistle, the New Zealand Railfan and UK Heritage Railway magazines, and the coming End of the World, ref 2012, and the Second Coming.  Someone is warning us………It is all echoing code 2297 as the events of the  Apocalypse unfold around us.


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