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Princess Diana - Life After Death
Life After Death 4

A few weeks after her death, we experienced the first of a series of communications from the spirit of Princess Diana herself. Again it was Jenny speaking in a trance. This first instance was triggered by a comment I made about Diana and the Queen Mother from a book which I had been reading. I now realise that my comment must have been like a red rag to a bull and it triggered Diana' s spirit to speak through Jenny' s trance. I was quite surprised at this because I had never been one of Diana' s many fans. In fact, almost her first words were "I know you don' t like me...... "

Diana spoke to us at length on that occasion then and did so quite regularly over the next two years and still sporadically does so today. But the Diana who speaks to us does not sound like the Diana other mediums claim to have received. In fact, as with other spirits who have spoken to us, she never named herself but it was evident from context and coincidence who it was. I fully accept these other mediums were aware of spirits calling themselves Diana but were these spirits really who they claimed to be?

 Either one or other of these mediums is correct or we are, but the information is so different that we cannot all be correct. Their 'Dianas ' are all love and light and do not wish to speak of the Royal Family. The Diana who spoke to us spoke at length about the Royal Family and of the pain she endured at their hands. There is a sharpness and a wit in her words- a real human being. Despite my being hostile initially, over the weeks and months even I developed a certain sympathy for her, but then I suppose she always had a way with men- well most of the men she met, with one notable exception,  the one that she made the mistake of marrying.  He was already controlled by another woman, one rather more skilled in the art of manipulation, certainly when it mattered. But then perhaps that was Charles's destiny, because Camilla Parker Bowles was always meant to be the Doomsday Comet for the House of Windsor.  It is there her in her birth date just as much as Diana's death is encoded in her passport.

There are so many signs of destiny to be found in various Princes of Wales over 800 years.   See our books in the series   Royal destiny and Royal Death  Vol 2 - The Quest  Vol3 - Land of My Fathers  Vol - 5 - Belshazzar 's Feast

For more on my experiences of  the spirit of Princess Diana speaking to me, through my wife Jenny, see Volume 1 - Diana Beyond the Veil  For more on her murder see Vol. 4 PenRose

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