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Prophecy 1

Can there really be a knowledge of the future?  How can knowledge of something that has yet to happen exist anywhere? Were seers like Nostradamus just frauds as the skeptics claim? Or does something  which does know the future on rare occasions link into the minds of certain men and women.

In the light of the first really strong evidence in our research for a precise knowledge of a future event, which was centred around the number 557, should we not wonder at the source of the prophecies of Nostradamus.  James Randi is  a professional magician who has made a career in trickery and sleight of hand, for that is all that so called magic is. He is a prominent member of the skeptics organisation CSICOP. This organisation styles itself the Committee for the Scientific Examination of Claims of the Paranormal. My personal experience of them is that ridicule and mockery appear to be the strongest weapons in their armoury, and that is not especially scientific.  Then there is the technique of just ignoring what cannot easily be explained away. James Randi wrote a book in 1990 entitled 'The Mask of Nostradamus'.   In this he endeavours to show that Nostradamus was a fraud.  On page 176, Randi makes the statement   "One of the two most compelling of the nearly 1000 Nostradamus quatrains is this one, number 5-57". This reference is to Century 5, quatrain 57. The verse is:

Istra du mont Gaulsier & Aventine,
Qui par le trou advertira l'armee
Entre deux rocs fera prins le butin
De Sext mansol faillir la renomme.

Nostradamus verses are notoriously difficult to translate, the compositions being a mixture of old French, Latin and obscure perhaps coded references. Added to this will be the inevitable typesetting errors.  One example here is the word 'Gaulsier'.    Was the original Gaulsier or Gaulfier?  Randi reproduces a photographic reproduction of the above text from a 1672 edition by de Garencieres of 'The True Prophecies or Prognostications of Michael Nostradamus'.  What is noticeable in the photographic image is that the 'f'' is almost identical to the 's'.  So, the question is whether mont Gaulsier is really a reference to Montgolfier.  The Skeptics say that it is not and the verse is little more than gibberish, whereas the supporters of Nostradamus contend that it is quite prophetic.  One translation of the above verse is as follows:

There will go forth from Montgaulfier and the Aventine
One, who through a hole will warn the army
The prize will be taken between two rocks
The renown of  Sextus the celibate will fail

Montgolfier was the inventor of the hot air balloon, the first flight of which was in 1783, more than 200 years after the death of Nostradamus.  A balloon was apparently used by a scouting party at the Battle of Fleurus in 1794.  The French victory at Fleurus was the turning point in the first phase of the Revolutionary Wars paving the way for the sack of Rome and the Aventine.   Some interpret the hole to be a hole in the bottom of the gondola.  The word 'mansol' is said to be derived from 'manens solus', 'he who remains alone' which could refer to the Pope, and Sext. is short for Sextus.  The only pope since the time of Nostradamus, apart from Paul VI was Pius VI .  He occupied the Vatican throne from 1775 to1799 i.e. at the time of the Montgolfier brothers.    By the Treaty of Tolentino of 1797, the Pope was deprived of much of his lands, the rocks on which his power was based.

Yes, it is obscure.  It can have many interpretations.  As with so much in this field, there is a certain intangibility.  But is that sufficient reason to say that there is nothing to touch at all?  Did Nostradamus actually encode his rhymes at all?   Or did he write down what came into his mind?

Perhaps Nostradamus was inspired by the same Source of Intelligence that appears to have engineered the coincidences surrounding the Lockerbie disaster, the enigma estate car and the mysterious number 557.  For Century V, Quatrain 57 expressed in a shortform reference becomes V,57 or 5,57.

Meaningful Coincidence as Verification or Confirmation

Meaningful coincidence appears to cross-correlate with either inspiration or psychic messages as a kind of external verification or confirmation. The following illustrates what I mean. This is what happened at the time I first composed this page.

It is now twenty minutes to midnight as I write this.  At midnight the date will change to 14th March, 2003. The one specific date which Nostradamus gives is in his Epistle to Henry II , King of France. He mentions the date on which he is writing his letter to the king. It is 14th March, 1557. Today a strange thing happened whilst I was scanning images into the 'Nearer My God' to Thee page of this website. I had scanned a small portion of a photograph at high resolution so that the titles of the different tunes would be legible. I chose the section with a cropping tool.  I included Pachelbels Canon simply because I like it  and cropped the bottom edge to give approximately the format I wanted. The image was then too big for the location in the page. I selected the image resizing option. The idea came into my mind to set the image length as 300 pixels. The computer instantly returned the following information:

Original image size:   454,656 bytes
New image size:          155,700 bytes

NearerMy God 1557.jpg (10420 bytes)

This number has 1557, 557 and 00, ie century. Is there Something that puts thoughts into our heads on occasion, Something that knows precisely how much area is to be included in an image so that when resized it will occupy precisely the correct number of bytes of memory in my computer that will convey a message to me?

Such a  precision in knowledge is incredible in man, but perhaps Something guided my hand this morning.   Perhaps it was the same Something that guided the hand of Nostradamus 446 years ago tomorrow.  That is not so fantastic when you consider that, well before 2nd December 1988, this same Something would seem to have known that Pan Am 103, flying at 500 mph, on  the night of 21st December, would be destroyed at such a point that the body of the aircraft would gouge a crater cutting the line of latitude at precisely 55 degrees 7 minutes North.   As if to indicate what this Something might be, the cockpit which had separated from the body of the jet was pointing to the lonely little church of Tundergarth high up in the Border hills. 

And remember that no human agency could have predicted the destruction of this particular aircraft so precisely. Of course, you could fall back on the Skeptics' pathetic explanation of 'Chance' but then they don't have a lot of options since there is no room for God in their scientism.

Incidentally, I had to buy James Randi's book by post.  It arrived on 17th January 1992, the first anniversary of the start of the Gulf War, my first successful prediction using the Enigma Codes of Destiny. God would seem to have a sense of humour.

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First written 14th March 2003
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