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The Sekhmet Countdown Clock  -  and Why The End is Nigh



I first created this in-page counter on 12th February, 2013 initially on the Light Eternal home page as I came to revise it. 

The Source - God - Ra - Elohim - Ahura Mazda - different names for the same One God - has led me to understand that this is all the time you have left. (The Happy New Year message for 2014 continues in the same vein.....)

 Use it as you will.  For most this will be unwisely.   The countdown has been in progress since 2007.  The End date for all was first indicated to me in March 2005, Palm Sunday, exactly a decade in advance,  although I did not realise that until March 2010, Palm Sunday again.  In 2004 I merely saw the date as referring to 'My end'  the end of my career in wastewater treatment, my only real job in New Zealand. The events of Palm Sunday 2010 caused me to see the general message, the End for all mankind.  The Source continues to reiterate that message, counting down by one unit every Easter.  I suddenly see the time as I type this.  It is 12:32pm on 12th February 2013.  I was typing this through 1229pm...But it is too late.  (See clock note opposite).

html header problem and text typos corrected: 4:04pm 22nd February 2013



This clock is set to reach zero at 12:29pm on Palm Sunday, 29th March 2015.  That is when the Source - God - Ra - Elohim - Ahura Mazda - different names for the same One God -has indicated that Sekhmet ,the real doomsday asteroid, not Carolyn Shoemaker's inspired, but misleadingly, named one, will do for mankind what the Chicxulub asteroid did for the dinosaurs in the Gulf of Mexico in 65million BC. 

The principal difference is that man deserves it so much more.  The dinosaurs were God's first mistake, if you like.  Man is his second, a mistake He intends shortly to rectify.  Creation 2.0 will go the way of Creation 1.0.  

Thanks be to God


Coincidence - Yes - But is it really blind random chance?

Two days after I first created this clock on 15th February 2013 came the cosmic conjunction of the two asteroids, the close encounter they all expected, the closest yet (8:25 am 16th February NZ time - 7:25pm 15th February GMT) not very long after the direct hit on central Russia that they were not expecting (4.20pm New Zealand time, 3.20am GMT) .  That came 'out of the sun' as WWII fighter pilots might have said.   It was all part of the latest Cassandra Jigsaw puzzle woven around a Russian woman who produces a local magazine and a series of article on aliens.  Its nothing to do with aliens of course, but it is to do with real Source of
Extra Terrestrial Intelligence.... (SETI).......God is a better name.   Target Earth.......for all its greed, corruption, lies, depravity and perversion.   Believe it's all chance if you like.  That's what NASA says anyway.  There is no connection between the two asteroids far as they can see.  But they see with the eyes of the blind.  I am working on writing up the events of the whole week, a mini follow up to The Diagrams of Truth.  After all, the latest act in the play too is woven around the end of a Pope, albeit by abdication, a choice designed like his accession to link to the English royal line. 

The heavenly conjunction ties in to both of Dan Brown's inspired novels, The da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons.  So many of the signs are woven in New Zealand.  In the middle of it was a link to a da Vinci Code clue....  A Knight was by A Pope interred.   New Zealand's most newly minted knight, SIR Paul Holmes only 14 days old, was recently interred, but NZ could only manage a senior priestess.  That was on 8th February.  The Pope was too busy getting the Latin right for his letter of resignation on 11th February.  But at least there was the  bolt from the blue on the dome of St Peter's.  Well done that man.  Time to sign off.  Newton's Principia was not far away either. 

And the last Pope will be chosen by the last Conclave in time for Palm Sunday, 24th March.  When the last Pope celebrates his first Good Friday, 29th March, 2013, in the seat of infallibility, two years precisely will remain for man.  According to Malachi's Prophecy, the End will come during the time of this last Pope on Malachi's list.  And be it from 1290 or a even a medieval forgery from 1595, its still pretty good.  418 years is not to be sneezed at.  Today's  weather forecasters, even with all their fancy computers, struggle to predict tomorrow's weather. But then, like Nostradamus (1503-1566) the Composer of Malachi's list was inspired by the same Source.

Malachi's list ends with the words:

112. Peter the Roman, who will pasture his sheep in many tribulations, and when these things are finished, the city of seven hills [i.e. Rome] will be destroyed, and the dreadful Judge will judge his people. The End.[14]

From wikipedia  - Prophecy_of_the_Popes

As I brought up Wikipedia's page on Malachi's Prophecy my watch showed 4:46pm 22nd February, 2013.  Today is two years to the day since Christchurch suffered the Hammer of God for New Zealand.  It is all part of an incredibly precise plan for these End Times for man upon the earth.  A photo shows my watch at 4:46:18.  In the Codes of F8, 446 is the Code for Judgement on Death ( by the dreadful Judge) see The Airbus Codes - The Perpignan Story.  Incidentally the funeral service or rather celebration, for New Zealand's newest Knight was held at Holy Trinity Cathedral.  Its address just happens to be 446 Parnell Road, Auckland.  That Knight was another Actor on the stage, although his part was fairly brief.  618 brings us  back to The Da Vinci Codes and the Golden No  viz 1.618 -1=1/.618

 22nd February, 2013 5:07pm  The Code of Fate for World's End is 507.  See Koestler and The World's End.


22nd February 2014 brought the second major Cassandra crossword code for the loss of MH370.  I couldn't understand the Chinese link to World War III in the message until MH370 vanished exactly on the route identified in that clue.  Three years from the Hammer of God for New Zealand.  This was China's turn albeit in a minor key

Why Palm Sunday? 

As Mary Magdalen said it is 'The feast day of donkeys for donkeys'....... Man is just 2 Dumb  like the TVNZ 'current affairs' programme.  In February 2013, TVNZ had hilariously called their new programme 7Sharp even though it is most definitely really targeted at a 2Dumb target audience, the very one which the advertisers love so much...Still 7Sharp did cover the Mayor of Auckland ... the trouble was that by then, Oct 2013, his affair with his Chinese cultural adviser was no longer current ... Its the nearest 7Sharp ever got to Current Affairs.  - mind that little episode  did have the now oft- recurring theme - 'Don't trust the Chinese', especially relevant now as the Chinese colonise New Zealand, especially Auckland. Yes, its definitely a case of 2Dumb kiwis.  Still money talks doesn't it?  And the National Party in particular are avid listeners.

More Brown connections to the End
But of course there is the other message.  Never trust a Lawyer.  Yes Mr Brown is one of our legally qualified brethren, so of course by his very nature, passionately concerned with Truth and Justice.  And as the song goes Mr Brown  went off to town on the 8.21.... here chauffeur driven of course.  The 8:21 from Manukau City, a battered old ADL diesel multiple unit , bought, life - expired from Australia, sold as scrap  in 1994 to NZ Railways - when Perth got new electric trains - was a touch unreliable for Auckland's busiest man.

But Mr Brown was ready with his gun long before he got home.... By the end of the day  he was just too tired.   You try managing 'the world's most liveable city - his words -  So sometimes, he stayed in a free Sky City hotel room where he got cultural advice....Mind it did not influence his change of opinion on the Sky City 'free convention centre' deal - a real 'bargain' for NZ that one.  .  Brown was too smart a lawyer for that.

Of course, the fact his wife couldn't trust him doesn't mean that the Auckland ratepayers shouldn't...  Ironic she was a lawyer too.  Still its what passes for morality nowadays in clean green corruption-free New Zealand.... Politicians' private lives are out of bounds... and the feeble NZ media go along with this charade - no nastiness in NZ thank you....No truth either.   Its all a sign of why the End is nigh, why Sekhmet is en route now.  And so many of the signs of The End are given in NZ especially now See NZ and the End Times  12:49pm 28th April 2014.

Odd I came to do this edit on the very day the new electric trains begin operating between Onehunga and the Auckland Central City station Britomart. Yesterday there were free rides from Britomart to Newmarket.  In today's NZ Herald, there was Len Brown  quoted from an earlier test ride on these 'stunning' new electric trains. "You'll love them- they move beautifully"....even the NZ Herald  called it 'gushing' .  You would think it was a world first for NZ.  They have had electric trains in Europe for a century.  Yes, they do have impressive acceleration.  In my first year at Bury Grammar School I used to catch the electric train from Manchester to Bury, from Woodland's Road Station to be precise.... ironically, a station killed off just a few month's ago in the name of 'progress'.  My first ride on the 'old electrics' was in May, 1958 and the old Lancashire and Yorkshire electric trains were by then 42 years old.  Of course it was only 1200v dc 3rd rail. Mind they were 'side contact' so there was never any problem with 'the wrong kind of leaves' or 'the wrong kind of snow...' And Manchester also got the first 25kv overhead local electric trains in  Britain...... in1960.  So Auckland is only lagging that by a mere 64 years, barely time to get anything through Auckland Council.

So 98 years after the Lancashire and Yorkshire railway made history with its all-aluminium electric cars, Auckland is hardly 'out in front'  ....unless its a 'Donkey Derby'.....

1:21pm 28th April, 2014.

PS Is it chance that I broke a tooth on Maundy Thursday, 2014 and so had to visit my dentist on the far side of Auckland ... in Onehunga on 24th April.  It was the eve of Anzac Day -Lest we forget and the codes positively screamed Hammer of God and World's End.  That night on Papakura station,  the Wellington goods was pulled by a loco I had never seen before.  It was what trainspotters call 'a rare cop' .  It was No 5074  on the down main. I watched it roar down to the green light on the down main at PAP2215.    I knew that the next signal on the down main, glowing bright green in the darkness would be at Boundary Road level crossing, signal number PAP2229.  And Boundary Road  is just past Gaylands Place, and just before Snowden Place. Yes, it was definitely pegged off all the way to Doomsday.

And 5074  was only there at all because you can't trust the Chinese... Note the reference opposite re 507.

Is it all just in my mind or is my mind being used as a conduit to convey the warnings from a far greater Mind?  Is everything designed, everything already known?

Not that anybody gives a bugger !!! They are all too busy getting what they want and 'having fun' and telling the world on Facebook and Twitter.

That's why the End is Nigh.

And later I found there were more coincidences in today's NZ Herald re Asteroid impact and Dad's Army.  Is it really chance? Did those words 'Mr Brown goes up to town on the 8:21' come into my mind because God knew that Dad's Army  item was in the NZ Herald today.  I can't remember ever seeing anything in the Herald re Dad's army.  The series is so old.  The survival of Len Brown as the mayor of Auckland shows how little morality there is in public office these days and how little the public really care.

That's why the End is Nigh.  And as I add this final note today, 30th April 2014, there are 333 Days left to Doomsday. 

Yes EEE Emphatically Everyone Else.12:27:42pm


Too late 12:29:00 - 333.11:49:45 - You all must die See Purpose of Anders Breivik


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