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Serendip, Arthur C Clarke and Destiny

Now here is a very interesting coincidence.  Before that island was called Ceylon it was known as Serendip.  The first ever book about coincidence was Horace Walpole's 1754 novel The Princes of SerendipThis is a story of three Princes of Ceylon who enjoy fortuitous coincidences.  For more on the history of coincidence studies see meaningful coincidence.   Arthur C Clarke went to live in Sri Lanka in the 1956.  According to his recollections and some biographies , he was taken with the lifestyle, the climate, the beaches, the diving.  Although one or two things I have read more recently suggest that part of his decision to relocate from Britain was the rather more relaxed attitude to be found in Ceylon about men who  showed an interest in boys.  Be that as it may, Clark was another example of someone used by God according to his nature but according to God's purposes.

 Clark was fascinated by coincidence and he specifically refers to it at the end of his novel The Hammer of God, specifically in relation to recent evidence (1993) supporting Alvarez' theory that the Chicxulub asteroid really did wipe out the dinosaurs.  Clarke  found my initial letter (1999) to him about my research on meaningful coincidence sufficiently of interest to send back a personal reply something he very rarely did because he tended to be deluged with correspondence from readers.  He then wrote to me again after 9/11 in connection with a strange coincidence to be found in that first chapter of Rendezvous with Rama, that prophetic link to 9/11.  But he never replied to my sending him a copy of my book The Diagrams of Truth.  Doubtless he did not like its conclusions, even though the inspiration in his work was clearly shown.  But one that did not reflect to well on his spiritual home,the country where he was so much admired, the country that are done so much to turn his science fiction into science fact.

But did Clark have to live in Ceylon because of its historical connections to Serendipity?  Was it his destiny to be fascinated by synchronicity, meaningful coincidence.?  Because it is certainly a fact that his novels are amongst the most significant with respect codes and the inspiration of writers concerning the end of the world.

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