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  Why these sites have been re-formatted now. 

 The Light Eternal sites have been developed over 17 years and there are over 300 pages. For 15 years, the Microsoft FrontPage themes made the navigation easy.  But from 8th April 2014 Microsoft discontinued su[[ort for various old products like XP, office 2003 and Front Page 2003.  So  ISP servers no longer supported Front Page Extensions so the sites could not be republished or updated.  So I had to find a way to differentiate the seven sites.  I got an idea . I got a vision of what I needed..... to put down each page of each site a colour from the rainbow in order to assist the reader in knowing which site he or she is currently on.   then I was led to find the technical knowledge to turn that vision into reality.....It was a real-life practical example of the real God's inspiration and guidance in real time in 2015.

For example the Airbus Codes was reformatted into Doomsday rainbow format  22nd January 2015, 6:55pm. Updated 6th March 2015 4:45pm.  It was the anniversary of the death of Queen Victoria and the accession of King Edward VII.  And poor Prince Charles is still waiting...the longevity of his mother being God's justice for what he and his Rottweiler-like mistress, Camilla Parker-Bowles did to Diana.

I knew this sites' revamp had to been done before I updated the Airbus codes site with a brief outline of the eighth Airbus crash, Germanwings Flight 4U9525, perhaps the most complex example yet of a precise foreknowledge of the future and a clear inference of the reality of an externally orchestrated destiny.  The Ancient Greeks were very close to the truth, albeit symbolically.  Modern man imagines he is in control, rather like Prince Charles, and what he can't control is largely attributable to chance or bad luck.  The belief is laughable for its arrogance and ignorance

Newton's slit experiment

The sites' rainbow spectrum coding was here amended 10th April, 2015 7:22pm .  I have adopted Newton's probable intended selection of colours - He felt that there had to be seven main colours although the spectrum is continuous and thus the actual number infinite.  See below a link to the  Wikipedia article on the colour indigo. 

To the left below is a common representation of the seven colours.  The problem comes with blue, indigo violet.  To the right is the colour wheel I have chosen to better accord with the physical spectrum.  Below is a computer colour wheel offered in Corel Photopaint.  I translated it through 90   clockwise.  It accords well with my colour wheel.

The Seven Colours of the Spectrum




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