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Update 2015-5 The Paris Massacres 13/11/15

Update 2015-4 The New Zealand Lotto Draw  10/10/15

Update 2015-3 The MH370 Flaperon 29/7/15

Update 2015-2 The Germanwings Cassandra Jigsaw piece 10/3/15


Update 1 2015 QZ8501

The colour of this background was eau-de nil in a paint chart in 1967.

I just realised now as I chose this colour to indicate not most recent update.  It was the colour I chose to re-paint the bathroom in my parents new house back then.  It needed a complete 'do-up'  as it was sold on the death of an old man who had lived alone for many years.  I suddenly remembered this a few weeks ago.  Is it all destiny, all already chosen, decided, known 'out there' way beyond our dimensions of space and time  But my interest in Egypt was not re- awakened until the 50th anniversary exhibition of artefacts from the tomb of Tutankhamun until 1972.  But it then lay dormant until1985 when I was led to investigate communication from the spirits of the dead.  And that lead me back to Ancient Egypt, listening to the voice of a woman 'dead' for 33 centuries.....

But was it all designed long ago.  How did Bram Stoker predict my life in a novel he wrote in 1902 published in 1903...The Jewel of Seven Stars

So is the illustration above just another indication that this conclusion from those words in bold in the right hand column are absolutely correct.  For that also relates to the letters, not the numbers.  z is the last letter of the English alphabet, the equivalent of the Greek omega (    ) .  Q is Queen.  Was the woman whose spirit was sent to me the Omega Queen,   the Herald of the End Times - Apocalypse 2297 ?? Time now 1329 Doomsday code 329   Note added 10th May 2016  The proof of the time is shown at the end of this page.

 Note the result on the calculator for dividing the flight numbers of two Malaysia-based disasters QZ8501/MH370.  Demi Moore should look shocked at the result because its not fiction.  The idea came to me to see whether 229 factored into 8501. It didn't - not exactly. But the result was 37.122.  That is very close to 37.0, I thought...the digit sequence of the lost Malaysian 777.  So I divided 8501 by 370 and came up with the full Apocalypse number 22.97.  See below for why this is that code.  But why is it all Malaysia?  I now know for sure that Malaysia Airlines was a 'chosen one' before May 1995. And Muslims certainly seem to be very prominent in these End Times.  But there is much more in all of this.  Can it really just be chance?   Or am I right?  I contend that everything is already known, the future set in stone.  Its all design.  God does exist, a vast mind beyond our dimensions of space and time  and I don't mean Allah either...... or Jesus .... or Jehovah. See QZ8501 The Seventh Sign for more. 

When did the idea come to me to factorise 8501?  Why on 29th December 2014 of course.  In Yank dating that's 12.29.14. Its all chance of course as any 'rationalist' clutching at straws will insist - James Randi perhaps??..  When did I finish creating the above image?  At 2:29am on 5/2/15.  There was another plane crash today, an ATR72 in Taiwan.  GE235 crashed on take-off.  What is 235?  It's the fissile isotope of uranium used in atomic bombs.  Nuclear war is coming... The Codes of Fate keep warning.... 

And QZ8501 is intricately linked to the Second Coming which signals the time of the End of the World. And it is non-fiction.  After all it really is The Seventh Sign, the Seventh Airbus to crash in God's Signs on Buses reply to the atheists.

Update 2011- Japan 3 in 1
Not long after the second Christchurch earthquake, I suddenly realised that that it had been just three weeks earlier that I had been at Waikumete cemetery in Auckland on the 80th anniversary of the Napier earthquake. I had gone there with Jan for a memorial service for the wife of one of her Tanzanian friends. At the cemetery gates as we left, the trip mileage on her new car, which I was driving, was 229.7 km, the absolutely precise code for the Apocalypse, as derived from the 1988 film The Seventh Sign.

It was a very significant piece of the Cassandra jigsaw which was gradually taking shape for me predicting the apocalyptic scenes to come in Christchurch New Zealand, 19 days later, a place that was chosen by the Source specifically for its name, for a second time, the second more powerful than the first, to convey the message of the Second Coming. But was Waikumete with its thousands of graves also intended as a pointer to the spectre of Japan, 17 days more distant through the mists which men call time? Only 180 people died in Christchurch, 13,000 bodies have been recovered in Japan, with a least a similar number still missing. 

Updated 10th May, 2016

And Japan too was intended to re-iterate the message of the Second Coming but more specifically.  - YOU ONLY live twice......was part of the code for that Japanese disaster.  And just as in The Seventh Sign, the real Second Coming was also a woman....It is just that unlike in The Seventh Sign, there is no happy ending.  Why?  Because the script was not penned in Hollywood and man never learns - mind the Americans do seem singularly bad in this regard   But then neither do the Japanese, the world's greatest pillagers of 'great Neptune's oceans' - hence the 3-in-1 disaster for Japan - a kind of Neptune's revenge perhaps.  Was it the Hammer of God for Japan on the 'six-month anniversary' of 9/11....a term 1st coined by impatient American journalists on 11th March 2002.  After all 9/11 was the Hammer of God for America.   
For more see
Japan- Truly Apocalyptic, but nobody mentions God... 

PS the time of that very powerful earthquake was 14:46 hours local time.  In the Codes of Fate code,  446 means 'on death all are Judged'.  So on 11th March 2011 some 25,000 Japanese were suddenly summoned to God's Judgement.  The time is not far off when it will be the turn for EE ( See Knowing  Everyone Else)

And 149 others were taken to God's Judgement by Andreas Lubitz on Germanwings Flight 9525 in the French Alps on 24th March, 2015 exactly according to the script in the play.  He was cast as death, the grim reaper .  The omen had come, the specific Cassandra jig-saw piece, on the flight deck of the nearly new Air New Zealand 'death plane' in Perth Western Australia, on 26th October, 2014.

If you divide 9525/370 the result is 25.7432432432.  The Germanwings disaster came in the French Alps.  On 25/7/00 came the crash in Paris which finished Concorde. My watch now shows 14:46 pm.  10/5/16.  The Aircraft came down in flames destroying a motel in the Paris suburb of Gonesse.  Was that too design?  Think about it.  It finished Concorde.  The rich are even more scared of death than everyone else - maybe with good reason.  Even after all the modifications to the fuel tanks to prevent a recurrence (14:49:27) the aircraft suffered a disastrous decline in load factors.  It cost too much to fly half empty planes across the Atlantic faster than the speed of sound.  The Concordes flew their last in October 2003.  We saw one over Birmingham on our trip to England that year.  The supersonic era was at an end. Gone SSE - Gonesse. And Ankhsoun's name for God was Ra.  By the way Air France Flight 4590 was destroyed at Gonesse.  4590=2x 2295

As for the rest of the sequence  743 is 'Too late' ( For man) 742+1 742 is an Armageddon code clear also on Asiana 214 in its disastrius landing at San Francisco 6th July, 2013 HL7742.

Then comes the date recurring 3/24 in American dating and 24/3 in British dating.    I make it all fit cry the sceptics.  They give me far too much credit.  A mind far greater than mine made it all fit.  I just explain how it does all fit - its my destiny.  But the lame brains who control thinking in today's so-called universities just claim that what I say is impossible.  Nothing connects all these disparate elements other then connections I choose to make in my mind.  But what if it is all part of a code by an external Source of Intelligence to see if there is any sign of intelligent life on earth.  Can anybody understand the coded signals to be found in meaningful coincidences?  For god's sake don't look in the universities.  They have got all the answers to everything that matters.  After all there only is the material world of space and time controlled now in very large measure by near-universal greed. . But they have no answers about things that lie beyond space and time other than 'There is nothing' My computer clock now shows 2:31pm, the code for God.  Ankhsoun called the same entity Ra; Christ called Him Elohim.

.  9:45 pm 3.05.11  ie Code 503 - The Diagrams of Truth)- update 10th May 2016 2:42pm

Update 2010 Pike River
The Alpha and Omega codes have predicted and/or cross-referenced a number of significant world events during 2010. In many of these events there has been a strong emphasis on the codes for the forthcoming End of the World. Some of these events are intricately cross connected, to each other and to earlier events which had been significant in the Alpha and Omega codes. It is as though these events have been chosen to convey powerful messages for those who choose to understand the code which God has taught me to read over the past 22 years. See The End Times Herald  The echoes of the Seventh Sign Codes, both 229 and 2297, were particularly strong with the Pike River Mining Disaster   in New Zealand in November 2010.  Note that the Alpha and Omega codes are not simple Bible-derived codes as calculated by others who claim as did Miller, for instance  in 1844, that the End would come that October. There have been many others over the centuries.   The Alpha and Omega Codes are continually up-dated in real time.  I do not have time to write it all up.  Never a day passes without more external proof of my Source of Inspiration, the Source that will bring the End for man.  On New Years' day 2011, the countdown moved to four years left. After Easter 2011, it will be down to just Three Easters left.

Doomsday Code 1329

It is 13:29 as I finish this note as ideas came to me.  It is the Code for Doomsday Is it confirmation that Ankhsoun, the lost Queen of Egypt,  was the Omega Queen, the Herald of the End times.  That message has been repeated powerfully in recent days as will  explained on our latest lux-aeterna site at the final revelation .  Was this why Bram stoker wrote so accurately about my life in a book published 83 years before I had my incredible experience. Read Sekhmet Comes and then read Doomsday was I wrong?  Yes but No


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