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Inspiration 2
as I come write this page I notice that it is an auspicious anniversary It is the 13th anniversary of 17th January 1991,when America took an important step on the road to Armageddon.

It was some time in early in November 1988, that I saw on Barry Norman's Film Review 1988 a review of the film  The Seventh Sign. Barry Norman was not impressed, but the words came into my mind that the film was important and I had to see it.  The opportunity came a few weeks later when had travelled across to Carlisle to see a lawyer, trying in vain to find justice in the courts of man. After the meeting, as we made our way to the town centre, on the main street, Warwick Road, just around the corner, we found a cinema showing that film.  That night was the last night of the film's run, 24th November. That seems particularly  appropriate as it has since become clear that  we are now living in the Last Days. We went to see this final 8pm showing of the film.

We were astonished to find the plot revolves around coincidence and the number 229. Only eight month's earlier, we had linked the number 229 to Egypt , the death of Lord Carnarvon, and the Justice of Ra.  Akhenaten’s name for God was Aten Ra.  Now we were seeing a film where 229 was being linked to the End of the World and the Last Judgement, as described in Revelation, the last book of the Bible. Was this coincidence of numbers meant to indicate that the God of the Bible and Akhenaten's God were one and the same? The coincidence is based on the verse Joel 2.29 in the Old Testament and the birth of a baby to the character, Abby, played by Demi Moore.

These are the relevant verses from the Old Testament book of the prophet Joel

2.27 And ye shall know that I am in the midst of Israel, and that I am the LORD your God, and none else : and my people shall never be ashamed.

2.28 And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh : and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions :

2.29 And also upon the servants and upon the handmaids in those days will I pour out my spirit.  ( ie to those who read and heed the signs He gives

2.30 And I will shew wonders in the heavens and in the earth, blood and fire, and pillars of smoke.

2.31 The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and terrible day of the LORD come.  ( four 'moon to blood' eclipses 2014 and 2014 on most significant dates  See The Final Revelation- The Moon Turns to Blood - Four times))


Proof of the Doomsday Codes Threads of 229 or 2297

Update 2015-5 The Paris Massacres 13/11/15 2297

Update 2015-4 New Zealand Lotto Draw  10/10/15 229

Update 2015-3 The MH370 Flaperon 29/7/15 2297

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Update 2015-1

Note the result on the calculator for dividing the flight numbers of two Malaysian-based disasters QZ8501/MH370.  Demi Moore should look shocked at the result because its not fiction.  The idea came to me to see whether 229 factored into 8501. It didn't - not exactly. But the result was 37.122.  That is very close to 37.0, I thought...the digit sequence of the lost Malaysian 777.  So I divided 8501 by 370 and came up with the full Apocalypse number 22.97Much more.....

Update 2011 Not long after the second Christchurch earthquake, I suddenly realised that that it had been just three weeks earlier that I had been at Waikumete cemetery in Auckland on the 80th anniversary of the Napier earthquake. I had gone there with Jan for a memorial service for the wife of one of her Tanzanian friends. At the cemetery gates as we left, the trip mileage on her new car, which I was driving, was 229.7 km, the absolutely precise code for the Apocalypse, as derived from the 1988 film The Seventh Sign.  More ....
Update 2010  The Alpha and Omega codes have predicted and/or cross-referenced a number of significant world events during 2010. In many of these events there has been a strong emphasis on the codes for the forthcoming End of the World. Some of these events are intricately cross connected, to each other and to earlier events which had been significant in the Alpha and Omega codes. It is as though these events have been chosen to convey powerful messages for those who choose to understand the code which God has taught me to read over the past 22 years. See The End Times Herald  The echoes of the Seventh Sign Codes, both 229 and 2297, were particularly strong with the Pike River Mining Disaster in New Zealand in November 2010.  more...

2.32 And it shall come to pass, that whosoever shall call on the name of the LORD shall be delivered : for in mount Zion and in Jerusalem shall be deliverance, as the LORD hath said, and in the remnant whom the LORD shall call.

The film is concerned with the Second Coming of Christ and his character in the film opens the Seven Seals.In the Book of Revelation, it is the seven angels who open the Seven Seals.

The film is interesting and well-conceived, although it did badly at the box office. Perhaps it was just too intellectual, like Enigma - no bombs or missiles blowing people to kingdom come, not a single car chase, almost no violence and no sex ! It is rarely mentioned in reviews of Demi Moore’s history.

By 'coincidence', she happened to be pregnant at the time with her first child which is perhaps one of the main reasons why she got the part. Of course she was fairly easy on the eye too. It is implied in  film that she is supposed to be a reincarnation of Mary Magdalen. Unfortunately, at the end, the film deteriorates into a standard Hollywood ‘happy ending’ and Abby dies to save the world ‘because she has so much love’. God supposedly gives man another chance.

But there are many elements in the film which relate to the real world, the times in which we live. Just as although Morgan Robertson’s novel Futility had many elements of the Titanic disaster, it wasn’t an exact description of what was to come. In like manner, The Seventh Sign has many elements of what is to come.


The script writers were truly inspired. How did they come to choose the number 229? It turns out to be a key number in the Enigma Codes of Destiny, for it appears to be the key code for the End of the World.

Several events were to occur linking 229 into the physical world of space and time in the next few years. The first was less than two hours after we left the cinema whilst looking up the biblical references in the study in our Scottish Borders farmhouse. The End of the World is also referred to as The Great Day of His Wrath in Revelation 6.17. This particular verse Revelation 6.17 is

For the great day of his wrath is come and who shall be able to stand?


It just happens to be on page 229 of the Scottish King James version of the Bible. We lived in Scotland at the time. The English editions of the King James bible have a totally different pagination.  For some reason it is the Scottish Bibles which are emphasised in our research.  The rare King Edward VIII Bible, part of the evidence in this world for reality of communication from the spirits of the dead, and its purpose, was also a Scottish Bible.

It was nearly ten months later that the next dramatic coincidence occurred. We had moved to Epsom in Surrey and had had difficulty getting a copy of the video of the film. I happened to locate one at 10 pm on 22nd September 1989 - 22.9.89 - but the shop had just closed. I went back the next day and joined the video club. The computer allocated me the membership number 2297 !!!  How much more precision could you have?
     The plot of the film revolves around the coincidences of 229 and its title was The Seventh Sign and it is concerned with the Seven Seals, the Seven Angels  and the Seven Spirits of God.  Some fifteen months later, we came across an ex-rental copy of The Seventh Sign video for sale. It was 19th January 1991, two days after the first Gulf War began. On 13th January, I had used my  coincidence codes to calculate the date of the start of the Gulf War. This prophecy was proved correct around 2.30 am on 17th January. Who knows, it could even have been 2.29?  Jenny found the copy.

We were both astonished.  We had gone into the video shop because we had noticed its address - 557 London Road, North Cheam. 557 was the first code that, on 2nd December 1988, had prophesied the Lockerbie disaster, barely a week after we saw The Seventh Sign. See the prophecy page Lockerbie and 557, to understand the significance of this.  Remembering the earlier experience of the video club membership number, I decided to join this video club. Quite incredibly, I was given the membership number 2293.And it was our third encounter with the film - the first was seeing the film, the second was renting the video and now the third was buying the video.

 (Note also a link to another relevant film, Alternative 3). To fully understand how we came to be in the right place at the right time and the high level of interconnectedness in of all this, it will be necessary to read the full account  given in. Volume 1 of 'The Enigma Variations'This is merely a summary outline of some of the main meaningful coincidences involving this film.

There is one final, some might say eerie coincidence.  But weird is a better word.  It derives from an old English word, wyrd meaning to do with destiny fate or the supernatural.  We have to look back again to the heroine of the film and her baby. In the film, Abby’s baby was due on 2.29, i.e. 29th February of some leap year.  Demi’s baby was born on 16th August, 1988 and named Rumer.  It is an unremarkable date, you might think, until you realise that it is the 229th day of the leap year 1988 when the film was released.   Don't forget that the baby's father, Bruce Willis, died to save the world in the 1999 film Armageddon.  It must run in the blood.  What a giving family.  Or perhaps the patterns are just there to make a few thinking people wonder, about inspiration, destiny and the existence of God.

Can it possibly really be all just chance?  Or is it all intended to be part of the evidence of intelligent design?

PS  Dictation finished, 17th January 2004, 9.36.00 am
I noticed the time as I inserted 2293 card image into this page for the first time. It was 1229am on 19th January 2004, 13 years to the day since getting the card. I had intended to finish this page this morning, but other changes took too long. Then it came to me to revise the Enigma Web Log site, so I spent the afternoon and evening doing that. So I ended up doing this page now. Perhaps I was meant to. Finishing it like this  echoes the theme that 'The Seventh Sign' has a relevance to

19th January 2004, 0044am

This was not the first link to the end of the world in our research, but it was the most dramatic.  The first concrete link came for me in July 1985, when my psychical research was in its infancy.  I moved into a company flat at No. 507A Kings Road in Chelsea, for a fairly brief sojourn.  The area is called World's End. At the time the phrase had no significance for me.  But is it another indication of destiny, kismet?  The name of the Local Pub is appropriately enough the World's End.  On my return for a visit to Chelsea in 1992, I noticed that the address of the World's End pub is No. 458 King's Road .  Those of you whose brains have not atrophied from over-reliance on i-pods and cell-phones, or suffered from modern theories of education, will be able to divide 458 by 2 and see that the result is 229.   And code 2229 linking into Dan Brown's novel Angels and Demons, and the physicist trying to prove the existence of God, was very prominent in my final return visit to Chelsea in March 2006.  But there was an even stranger coincidence across the street from the World's End pub...........  It is all powerful evidence of inspiration, destiny and Intelligent Design.

For more strange coincidences re Code 229,  and the End Times, see More Timely Evidence.  It discusses the strange recurrence of that code in connection with the Sumatra Tidal Wave of 26th December, 2004.   For many death came On the Beach, just as at the start of The Seventh Sign.  That film began on Christmas Day.  In that part of the world, it was still Christmas Day in 2004, when the Tidal wave struck in Sumatra, on the morning of the feast of St Stephen.  The death toll was of truly biblical proportions.

16th September 2007, 5.47pm

Incidentally, the Victorian painter John Martin painted a huge canvas portraying The Great Day of His Wrath.  That painting, together with his vision of The Last Judgement was brought to my attention one day in the Tate Gallery in London in March 1991.

 16/09/2007 18:57:42  The computer clock showed 5.57pm after I added that last paragraph, so I inserted the Date & Time.  The idea came that I should link interested readers to another element in the World's End theme.  Why Front Page adds an hour I do not know.  Code 742 is the 3rd World's End Code.

I added the reference to weird today 3rd June 2008, itself very much a destiny day. A fortnight ago Jenny went to look for a book with the title Positively Wyrd.   It was very weird what happened next...  The 229 links keep emerging as well as evidence of destiny and design.... more....

For the  229 and Seventh Sign warnings of May 2008, see the Burma Cyclone Nardis and China Szechuan earthquake  on The End Times Herald .  Much more detail will appear in our book The Crystal Spheres, deo volente.  The Apocalypse codes continue to multiply.

See also The Thread of 229 over two decades on The End Times Herald

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