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My internet career began on 21st December 1998, the tenth anniversary of Lockerbie. It was a few months after Jenny’s father had bought her a new computer. Digicom Computers, the supplier, offered a free internet connection and a free web page training course. I could choose Telecom’s Xtra or I could choose the small Auckland company, Titan. I hate big companies, so I chose Titan and I found Frank Wigg very helpful. He chose Saturn's moon, Titan as the name for his company and used as his web page image a view of Saturn from Titan.

When I went to finally connect , various things conspired to make it 21st December. I had already done the website training course where I began to learn Front
Page.   It  was rather a struggle because I was not even familiar with Windows.  I’d left it all to Jenny to learn Windows 95 which she used in her office jobs. I was only familiar with DOS and the Amstrad PCW on CP/M.   I do not exactly rush to embrace the latest that technology has to offer.

The first time I accessed the internet, I looked at The Daily Telegraph. Living in New Zealand, we miss the variety and depth!! of the English newspapers. Jenny began to read through it. Lo and behold, she found an article about RAF Chicksands and the Priory Ghost!!

So, is it all destiny? After all, in 2006 came the strongest Saturn links yet, with the parallels between the Final Frontiers of death and space, the inspiration in Arthur C. Clarke’s novels, especially 2001, A Space Odyssey with the link to Iapet
us, and Titan in Imperial Earth with its link to Imperial America. And only days ago in the NZ Herald came the first pictures of Iapetus, to mark the 6th anniversary of 9/11. And also came the links to remember the House of God.

It was as Jenny was typing this web page on 14th September, 9-14-7, that something drew her eye to the time on her computer. She stopped mid-word and did a Print Screen. She saw the time at 9.46 pm. 946 is the Code for The Hammer of God. The word she was halfway through typing was Koes – Koestler. It’s all about meaningful coincidence.

I began my first and last course of lectures  at the University of Auckland
on 4th March 1999. The night before, Jenny and I sitting in our chapel library had felt very depressed and discussed why people commit suicide. Not long after that discussion, I discovered what had led to that intense feeling of depression. It was the exact anniversary of Koestler’s death. He was terminally ill and he and his wife and committed suicide together on 3rd March, 1983. It was to be just the first of many incredibly powerful meaningful coincidences that were to occur during that series of lectures.

Now here was another Koestler link, a live one
. Jenny’s 946, the Hammer of God was being linked to 914. It seems clear that the next Hammer of God for America will be 914. Was it not intended to be a further confirmation code that the Dorset Disaster will come at ‘a time known only unto God’, but for a reason clear to all who choose to think, all who have a shred of morality.

Was Jenny’s eye not drawn to the time on her computer as she typed this addition
al ‘Titan’ page , as part of God’s plan, yet more evidence of God’s inspiration, His reality in our lives?

Meaningful coincidences are sent to illumine us – in accord with my old University crest Dominus illuminatio mea. That’s why I was meant to go to Oxford, and
those words on the book are replete with The Seven Seals of the Last. Doubtless that is why I have been led into genuine psychical research, as Code 584 indicated. The Helium Alpha line at 584 Ångstroms, was the energy source for my photoelectron spectroscopy studies for my D.Phil at Oxford between 1969 and 1972.  But that energy code gave the time coordinate when my psychical research was to begin, 5/84, May 1984  It was on the 12th to be precise, on my 37th birthday.  But I did not see this cross connection until August 2006, a  very long time later. I dated the start of my research as the earthquake in my life which occurred on 17th October, 1984, when inspiration caused me to ‘see the light’ over the infidelity of the woman who was then my wife….. But it was the events of 12th May 1984 that triggered her behaviour, or at lest removed an constraining element.  10.40.16/9/7

The purpose of Meaningful Coincidence can be summed up in two words – Fiat Lux, Let there be light, on the affairs of men, on their motives, their actions, on the world which lies beyond the grave and in the heavens themselves.
Fiat Lux - Let there be light. And there was light. Remember the collision of comet Shoemaker-Levy-9 with Jupiter in July 1994, and there was the closest approach of Mars in 60,000 years in August 2003. Then there was the Great Comet of January 2007 and there was the rainbow which came at 5.57 pm on the 6th anniversary of 9-11, confirming the Chicksands Prophecy Codes. Lockerbie had indeed come to America, as the Hammer of God.

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