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Over the past eleven years, the Lux Aeterna Publishing site has become a complex network of seven separate web-sites with several hundred interconnected pages. The complexity has had a tendency to increase, in common with the developments in the phenomena  covered on these sites, and my understanding of it all.  The related primary phenomena of meaningful coincidences, often linking strangely to large scale disasters around the world, psychic communication proving life after death and finally apparent  external inspiration show an orchestration that can only logically be attributed to external intelligent design.    These primary phenomena, meaningful coincidence, psychic communication and inspiration,  lead on to secondary phenomena such as prophecy, destiny and their implications for the existence of God.

I do not have the time to even begin to re-organise the various sites into a simpler whole, more easily traversed by the visitor. And even if I did, it would tend to destroy the coherence of the various sites as they came to be built at particular times. In any case, different visitors are looking for different things.  So this page is a contents guide to the various sites.  All I have been able to do to update the results of our research is to add further sub-domains to include fresh developments, progress made over the past few years.  I have tried to improve some of the site cross-referencing though.  But it should be noted that none of the new material contradicts the old.  It merely serves to sometimes refine it, sometimes amplify it and usually reinforce it.  Above all, everything continues to confirm the soundness of our original basic hypotheses.

So I have added The Eye of Ra site to look more closely at the ‘Curse of the Pharaohs’ and also the real nature of Akhenaten’s revelations. For it was a revelation as much as a revolution. Funny – without the vowels, as in Egyptian hieroglyphics, - both words are essentially the same – rvltn and even with most of the vowels, they are too – rev.l.tion...... ( Never did get to  finish The Eye of Ra  - overtaken by more End times Herald elements and the Codes of Fate.  Now that site is more relevant than ever, linking so strongly to the Second Coming.  But remember, the Eye of Ra, the real one is always there watching every unwise move each makes...4th February 2015 1:44pm)  An idea came to me at this point.  It led to my creating two new pages, The Eye of Ra and The Jupiter Theme.   Inspiration, God's inspiration,  is real and precisely timed. (4/2/15 2:56pm )

And there has been the repeated insistence on the validity of the Apocalypse Codes now, to the times in which we live. Its repeated emphasis around my trip to the Frankfurt Book Fair in 2007 was so powerfully suggestive of external intelligent design. So I have added another sub-domain, The End Times Herald  which I will update as time permits, as more messages flow in from the Source about the End, man’s end, for the time is not far off.   The Burma cyclone and the China earthquake of May 2008 both contain the tell-tale signature codes of Apocalypse sequence events. The many events of 2010 and 2011, so many with Apocalypse Codes,  suggest that events are accelerating as The End approaches.  Since 2007  the signs have been pointing to the End coming between Christmas 2014 and Easter 2015.....  That date has not changed through 2009, 2010, 2011... Only the codes indicating the time left change, as the clock counts down...  The signs come in real time sent by the Source who is programming the End...

Of necessity, there is an inherent complexity.  In the midst of signs about one thing, in flow signs about another, emphasising the interconnectedness of it all.  The Burma cyclone Nardis and its subsequent tidal wave crossed over precisely with the confirmation codes for The Diagrams of Truth and both of these in turn were woven into a period when the main signals have been concerned with Egypt and the truth of Akhenaten's revelation.   It is almost as though the signals come from several transmitters and that, on occasion, the signals mix together on one day. There is one strong signal, one theme over weeks.  Another example from March 2008 was how the official deception around the Diana inquest was suddenly interrupted by an End Times theme sequence thrown into the middle of the  inquest signals.  But the purpose of it all is to call attention.  I have added other pages looking more at  God, Signs and Codes

Perhaps 30% of the British believe Princess Diana was murdered.  It would seem that they are correct.  The manifold and complex web if interconnected meaningful coincidences between 9th February and 9th April 2008 proved quite conclusively that she was. But do 30% of the British also believe that the End of the World is near? That seems unlikely, except perhaps amongst the old and the poor in Britain who see first hand the terrible decay which has taken place in British society, thanks largely to Thatcher and Blair. And now we have Brown No 5 with his 229 both ways, the End Times either side of the chasm.  Thus it was that the signs showed me on 18th and 19th July 2005, beside the Firth of Forth. And whether it’s Obama or Clinton, the choice is 2297 or 507, the Apocalypse or the End of the World. Thus spoke Pennsylvania in April 2008

The rainbow theme is used to echo God's covenant.  He has had enough of man.  The Enigma Codes of Fate are his final warning that He is real.  The End really is nigh.  ( 4th February 2015 1:40pm)

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Our main site examines the phenomena of meaningful coincidence and the conclusions which can be drawn from experiences of meaningful coincidence in respect of prophecy, destiny and life after death. The phenomenon of inspiration causing a writer to inadvertently describe the future is illustrated through Morgan Robertson, the Titan and the Titanic. Accounts are given of communication from beyond the grave from the spirit of Akhenaten's daughter and Ankhsoun Pa Aten, Mary Magdalene, the Duke of Windsor, and Princess Diana.  Examples of a prophetic knowledge of the future through coded communication are given in connection with the Lockerbie air disaster, the World Trade Centre attack and the Columbia shuttle disaster. Another example is a  thought-provoking correlation between the Lockerbie air disaster and another air disaster seven years later in New Zealand with Ansett Flight 703.  Go to Site

This site looks at inspiration in all three of Dan Brown's novels, Angels and Demons, The da Vinci Code and The Lost Symbol.  It illustrates in depth the parallels between Dan Brown’s fictional story in The da Vinci Code of codes and symbols and the real Alpha and Omega Codes – codes and symbols used by a real  God in the real world to convey real truth to mankind.  Brown postulates the survival of the bones of Mary Magdalen.  Our research suggests the survival of something more important, hjer soul.  But he is right about one thing.  The church is wrong, especially the Catholic church.  It is indeed a case of So dark the con of man.  This site introduces the idea of God as the Sentinel of Eternity  Go to site

This site illustrates the precise patterns in space and time connecting four major world events – the Lockerbie air disaster, the Mecca tunnel disaster, the 9-11 World Trade Centre attack and the Columbia Shuttle disaster. It uses hymn tunes also to illustrate the reality of God’s inspiration in hymns and also the existence of prophetic knowledge of the future, in particular of 9-11, nine years in advance. It shows also the precision of God’s inspiration in a 1973 novel by Arthur C. Clarke and the detailed connection to the  events of 11th September 2001.  Go to site

This questions how we can know whether God exists. It uses the examples of the English Floods of July 2007 to further illustrate precise prophetic knowledge of the future. And there is Oxford University with the End Times link in its coat-of-arms, with the Seven Seals of the Last.   Go to site

So many things have happened during 2007-8 to confirm the validity of my hypotheses. Chance cannot possibly be the real explanation for our manifold weird experiences. Perhaps that is exactly what they are - Weird or in Old English, wyrd meaning 'supernatural', or 'concerned with fate or destiny'.  Why were the 2297 Codes so strong around my trip to the Frankfurt Book Fair in October 2007?  The attack on the US Echelon spy base in New Zealand in April 2008 was another indicator as to whose side God is not on.  Then there was the signature proof of The Diagrams of Truth which came on  May 3rd, Code 503.  Was it just chance that the Burma typhoon and storm surge came on the very same day. Or was that intended as another element in the proof that these codes are real?  By Enigma Day,  May 9th - Code 509, the official death toll stood at 22980…. Another clearly signed apocalyptic event – from the Bay of Bengal – to Burma – with same code book as the Sumatra Tidal Wave….and the Kashmir Earthquake. The development of that Code book is explained in our book The Railway Codes.  Go to site

But the clock ticks on.  I have convinced only one person in the world.  And she was always a key part of the work , in life for 23 years and now Jenny's death is a key part of the proof that I am right.  I understand so much more about Spiritualism than any Spiritualist medium.  I doubt anyone else in the world is convinced of my codes.  No one is willing to put in the effort to understand it all.  No one who matters says 'This is right...and here's a Noddy's guide to it all.'  Yet events seem to be accelerating.  Since early in 2011, I have taken to referring to the Alpha and Omega codes as Cassandra puzzles.  Cassandra was always right with her prophecies, but she was never believed.  

My codes have predicted and/or cross-referenced a rapidly growing number of significant world events during 2010 and 2011. In many of these events there has been a strong emphasis on the codes for the forthcoming End Of The World. Some of these events are intricately cross connected, to each other and to earlier events which had been significant in the Alpha and Omega codes.  The Christchurch, NZ earthquake No2, the Big One 0n 22nd February, 2011 was intricately cross linked to the Japanese triple disaster which came just 17 days later.  Both of those disasters convey the link to The Second Coming.  Japan also carries a 3 in 1 link now echoed back in New Zealand by the 3rd Christchurch earthquake which has signed the death warrant for both of its Cathedrals, Anglican and Catholic.  Is it because the priests continue to deny God? It is as though these events have been chosen to convey powerful messages for those who choose to recognise the codes which God has taught me to read over the past 25 years. See The Chosen Ones  or  No More Earthquakes for Christchurch or  Japan Truly Apocalyptic

The Airbus Codes

This site explores the strange prophetic signs which preceded the Air New Zealand Airbus crash at Perpignan, France in November 2008.  It is strangely cross-connected with both the Erebus (1979) and  Lockerbie (1988) air disasters, raising many questions about destiny and design.  Then came the second Airbus crash on New York's Hudson River, just six weeks later echoing the warning given by the first Airbus crash.... viz... On death all are judged... according to their deeds...weighed on the Balance of Eternity... just as it says in the last book of the Bible, the Book of the Revelation  of St John the Divine  Ch 20, v12.  There is no reference to Jesus saving, only one of God Judging...a message precisely repeated by the New York 'miracle'.

Then came the very powerfully prophetic signs predicting the crash of the third Airbus, Air France 447 on 1st June 2009, interwoven with great precision around the theme of inspiration in the film Knowing.  It also cross-connected to Jenny's death, but nothing like as strongly as did the crash of the fourth Yemeni Airbus IY 626, on 30th June.  It is all incredibly strong evidence for the existence of God.  There is no other explanation which fits all the facts. Go to Site


The Codes of Fate

The Codes of Fate is the latest update to these sites covering events in 2012 and 2013  The proof of destiny and that we are  best actors on a stage is becoming overwhelming 


The Doomsday Enigmas

The coincidences and the signs become ever stronger that the End of the World is approaching fast.    The Voice becomes ever more adamant.  But who cares?  Virtually no one it seems  !!  Almost everyone is too busy, too greedy, too lazy, too corrupt, too promiscuous or too perverted to care.   Permutate any combination of these character descriptions...Of course there are also the just too plain evil  !!!   2014-2015.

The Curse of the Pharaohs is explained and the warnings made clear to the successors of Lord Carnarvon, such as Zahi Hawass. How is it that Egyptologists have got it all so wrong? Not one of them understands the basic tenet of Akhenaten’s revelations. Amun-Ra was a corruption of Ra….The coincidences surrounding the writing of this page were very powerful indeed, confirmation that Akhenaten was right. Go to site  (yet to be published )

These sites represent just the tip of the iceberg, as it were. The detail is in the fourteen books in various stages of completion, put together over 22 years.  You can look at outlines of our books here

The Diagrams of Truth
This book shows the hidden codes behind four major disasters. It also develops the detailed argument as to why 9-11 was the Hammer of God for America. It also traces the warnings of death and judgement, even for the highest, with the death of New Zealand’s Maori Queen in August 2006. Again, it is the same code book as for the Sumatra, Kashmir and Burma disasters. And it explains the signs in the heavens, the warning men should have taken for the collision of Schumaker-Levy-9 with Jupiter.
     This book is the first part of a series intended to prove that there really is a Source of Intelligence beyond space and time that chooses to interact with this world according His purposes. The series represents scientific proof of the existence of God. Diagrams of Truth is Part I of Fragments of an Outer Mind.

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