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Today, 28th December 2006, The New Zealand Herald has its daily Numbers in the News dedicated to the 2004 Boxing Day Tidal Wave.  The first figure is 229361 dead [At this point I felt I should quote the precise words. I went up to the house to get the paper..... more coincidences, more proof of my thesis.... The time on the cooker clock was 5.57 and on my watch 12.12pm.  It is indeed all a matter of codes and inspiration and proof God not only does exist, but actively chooses both to communicate with mankind and also to influence events.]  Our first detailed prophecy code was 557 before the Lockerbie air disaster.

The numbers column states 229361 Toll of the dead and missing. That is most appropriate given that 26th December 2004 is the T=0 start time for the final countdown to the End of the World, the event first indicated to us in November 1988 as being code 229.  This morning's coincidence code was but one. There were others linking to the Princess Diana assassination code on 24th December... But this morning's Numbers column was a very powerful sign.  Let the skeptics scoff. After all no one knows the exact number, save One. For  God does. But the appearance of that particular number today is also most significant. For the date as the Americans write it is 12.28.06.  122806 has within it the Dewey decimal library book classification system code 228, for the last book of both the Bible and the New Testament, which is The Revelation of St John the Divine.  In the French Bible that book is called Apocalypse.  Dewey was the librarian at Amherst college when he got his sudden inspiration. It came during Sunday service in the college chapel in May 1873.  A later alumnus of Amherst college also showed a penchant for codes, one Dan Brown.... It is all connected in The Alpha and Omega Codes.   The time noted above relates to the Dewey decimal book for books on the existence of God including proofs is 212.1.  But many of the disaster events in these codes revolve around New York.  The communication code for New York, the dialling code, is 1-212......  There is so much evidence of communication from an external source of intelligence. 

To understand why Code 229 is important in connection with the Apocalypse, see The Seventh Sign


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