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Brian's Story

Until 1984, I was a conventional scientist. I did a chemistry degree at Oxford in 1969 and then took my D.Phil in 1972 in the borderline area between chemistry and physics, studying the interaction of light and matter to discern details of atomic structure.

In 1973, I began work as an analytical chemist in the water industry but I was soon carrying out more research, in a variety of areas now in the borders between chemistry, biology and engineering. By 1977, I had moved into sewage works management, where I remained until 1984.

In that year, my wife began an affair with another man and the events surrounding my discovery of that caused me to begin to question the adequacy of conventional science to explain everything which we can experience in the real world of space and time.

The break-up of my marriage was curiously timed so as to cause me to meet a Spiritualist medium who told me things about my wife's affair, things that rationally he seemed to have had no way of knowing.  Within a few weeks my 'safe' job of 12 years vanished in a water authority reorganisation, carried out by my only real friend who happened to be my boss.  So within a month exit wife, friend and job.....and children.... I took to investigating Spiritualism.  It seemed a new opening when suddenly my conventional life lay in ruins.  Was there something here I could trust when everyone and everything else had failed me?  It turned out the answer was yes -  but the road was far from easy.

I left the water authority and took another job in London.  But later , with hindsight, it was clear that it had all been 'orchestrated....just not by me.  I had to be in the right place at the right time.  My long dormant interest in Egypt was reawakened and I met Jenny, through her Egyptian painting business, in London.  She very soon become my second wife.  And that was just the beginning......

I continue to use science, principally chemistry, biology and engineering, in my professional life in waste water treatment, but I am now also aware of a higher level of Intelligence which appears to choose to interact with me daily.

But, then the difference between me and others is that I listen.   I heed.   Perhaps that is why the strength of the interaction is so great with me, why the frequency strength and significance of our coincidences is so astonishing.

Could I really be creating these coincidences just with my own mind?  How do I create a car chassis plate and cause a jumbo jet to crash -  at all -  let alone at exactly the right time and place to fit the code on the chassis plate?  It is just not possible.  But something orchestrated it.  See Lockerbie and 557.

I register the curious coincidences, but the Designer of them, the Orchestrator, is elsewhere. Thomas Hardy expressed it so very well in his poem on the loss of the Titanic in ' The Convergence of the Twain ' . In this poem he eloquently describes the liner taking shape in the shipyard whilst almost half a world away the iceberg is forming. The two elements of the tragedy gradually develop as the poem progresses

       ' Till the Spinner of the Years said " Now!" ' the time of impact came

That is exactly how it feels when, suddenly, I am confronted with a dramatic coincidence that echoes once again a very clear message. It is as though Something has been setting up a train of events.

The title for this section is intended to be a pun as trains  have been important in my life in many ways and there is a wonderful old 1949 Ealing Studios film  entitled 'Train of Events' which has been significant in the 'Destiny Codes'  on the occasions when it was shown  on television in England in 1988 and in New Zealand in December 2002.  And my 'railway' book Predestination actually traces the thread of railways over more than 50 years through my life, providing striking proof of both destiny and external intelligent design,

For much more detail of the gradual development of my research, strongly suggestive as it is of destiny and external Intelligent Design see An Odyssey in Paraphysics


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