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Why the Cassandra Codes

Why We Call Our Coincidence Prophecies The Cassandra Codes

According to ancient Greek mythology , Cassandra was the daughter of Priam, King of Troy.  She was a beautiful woman and Apollo desired her.  So in order to win her, he bestowed upon her the gift of prophecy.  But in the end Cassandra rejected himBut Apollo could not take back his gift so he amended it instead.  Although Cassandra would still be able to see the future, although her prophecies would always be correct, no one henceforth would ever believe her.  And so it came to pass.

Woodcut illustration of Cassandra's prophecy of the fall of Troy (at left) and her death (at right), from an incunable German translation by Heinrich Steinhöwel of Giovanni Boccaccio's De mulieribus claris, printed by Johann Zainer at Ulm ca. 1474.

Images and caption above from  Wikipedia  Cassandra.

Image top right is The Wooden Horse by Motte

Image on the bottom right  is   Cassandra by Evelyn De Morgan (1898, London)

I originally read the story in various books .  Pears  Cyclopedia has an excellent section on Classical Mythology.

Had the Trojans heeded Cassandra, they would never have fallen for the Greek trick of the wooden horse.  Cassandra  warned the Trojans.  No one listened.  For her pains, when the Greeks sacked Troy, she was carried off by Agamemnon as his mistress.  But on his return home to Greece,  Cassandra warned Agamemnon that she sensed blood  and she refused to go into his house with him. He didn’t listen. The blood was his.  Agamemnon ignored Cassandra, went into his house and was promptly killed by his wife Clytemnestra and her lover, Aegisthus.    Then Clytemnestra came out and killed Cassandra. 

And we too were 'given' prophecies....... of disasters..... Our prophecy codes really began with Lockerbie in December, 1988, and then the experience was repeated in Egypt in June 1990.  Elements around us, in our lives, almost by 'outside design', seemed to prophetically link our personal experiences into key elements of forthcoming disasters, almost like our being given pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. It was as though Something was saying “Here are some clues as to what is to come – pieces as if part of a jigsaw puzzle. I give you these so that you might know that I know exactly what is to come. I have the full picture, which soon you will recognise as world events unfold.”

It was sometime late in 2010 that my attention was drawn to the myth of Cassandra. It all fitted so beautifully. The coincidence prophecy codes had given jigsaw pieces predicting over 50 disasters in the course of 25 years. They had always been right. And no one had ever believed them;  so I started to call the prophecy elements of the codes the Cassandra jigsaw puzzles. I did not realise it, but I was about to be given the Cassandra puzzle pieces for one of the most amazing coincidences yet. (4:46:23pm 21.02.13)

My puzzle pieces are always right, always predict the future correctly, but over a quarter of a century, not a single soul has ever believed them, just as it was with Cassandra, bar one.

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